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We like It in the Bath Tub

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Oh man... this was so hot


My boyfriend had been hitting on my best friend the previous night, and it had driven me up the wall. I was so angry! Furious! I got a ride home with a different guy friend and cried and screamed all the way home. I couldn't understand what was with my boyfriend... I swore to myself to break it off with him the next day, I had to, he was torturing my emotions...

The next day.

He held my hand and asked me what was wrong. I tried to explain but I kept stuttering. His eyes are so blue... he makes everything so difficult to explain when he's being so nice. He's like two different people sometimes...

Before you know it I'm playing with his hair while we are sitting on the couch, 'Why do you always treat me so shitty? Make me feel like I'm used all the time?'

'It's not like that dear not at all! You know I'm not like that-I wouldn't be here talking to you now at 9 am if it wasn't like that.'

Exhausted from arguing and a sleepless night... we decide to go take a nap. Keeping in mind we've decided we are to remain friends, and only friends, we spoon respectfully. He doesn't dare try to kiss me.

Fuck it. skip this shit.

It gets hot... We start making out. At first we are just rubbing noses the way eskimos' kiss, and his tongue is just lightly flickering against my lips. I can't help myself. He holds me so closely and I feel so safe. We want each other so badly, I am emotionless, barren, looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

As we kiss harder and harder the temperature rises in my panties and I imagine his tounge kissing me so deeply is kissing me other places as well... He sits up, takes his shirt off with his lanky tennis arms throws it on my dresser. Laying back down beside me he strokes my face... we go at it again, fucking through our clothes. I can hardly breathe he is sucking off my face so hard.

We move from my futon to the bathroom. I strip down and I lie in on the bottom of the cold bath tub. I spread my legs beneath the faucet and he turns on the water for me. Hot, then cold, then luke warm. Perfect. I'm so turned on and the water splashing down on my lower abdomen feels so good. Then he slips his pants off. His big dick is so hard and erect, I let out a deep breath...

He steps into the bathroom and sits on my stomach, straddling me. Then by pushing down on my shoulders he slides me down the tub, closer to the pouring water. It hits me straight on the clit and the sex begins...

The water is so powerful I can hardly take it, but he sits on me forcefully holding me pleasurably/painfully in place. He squeezes my breasts and kiss me deeply. The water splashes on the inside of my thighs and fills the tub about an inch. The back of my head becomes wet and as I twist my head side to side and breathe deeply with pleasure, the sides of my face also become dripping wet.

His blue eyes are entranced in my own, and through this connection we are attached, from eye to eye. The most powerful unbreakable connection. His lips smile wide as I twist and groan beneath him and he begins to wack off on my stomach.

The water pressure is now alarming on my clit, as its forceful pressure rubs it side to side I can hardly take it. My body ceases shaking and all my muscles tense up.. I arch my shoulders on the hard bath tub and he wacks off faster... we cum at the same time. He finishes gasping but I go on, for minutes. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

I kick the side of the bath tub as hard as possible. I can't take it anymore! We're done. He's lying on top of me, holding my face, looking into my eyes.

The next day he left for New York.

Who knows what will happen next.



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