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Water Park Peek

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When you’re around people in swimsuits, sometimes you can’t help yourself!

In the summer of my sixteenth year, I decided to go to a water park in my area to cool off. The park itself was fairly small, since it was located on the rooftop of a shopping mall, but it was still a really nice place. I entered the park around noon and planned to stay until the early evening. As soon as I went in, I was greeted with a view of dozens of people - all ages - in swimsuits. Of course, this made me very excited!

After I changed into my black swim shorts, I was ready to relax and swim in the pools and ride on the slides. It was a scorching day so this was the perfect place to be! Despite the hot weather, the water park wasn’t very crowded, so I started to notice the same people in the pools or using the slides that I was at. One of these people who struck my interest was a girl who had come to the park with her dad and younger brother.

She looked around 13, had a European appearance, cute-looking face, was tall, and had long brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She wore a long sleeved blue and black rash vest and light pink bikini bottoms. Her breasts had only just started to grow so there was only a small bump in her chest area, but I loved her pink briefs which showed the faint outline of her pussy. Every time we passed each other as we were walking around the park, I looked at those pink briefs and I even caught her staring at my own crotch once or twice!

My swim shorts were dark-coloured but they were very tight, so my package was clearly on show for those very close to me. On the occasions when I could feel myself getting a semi-erection, I would just hop into a pool and waited until it became flaccid again. However, the more time the girl spent in the water, the wetter her pink bikini bottoms became, showing her slit clearer and clearer each time I stared. This meant it was becoming more difficult to hide my hard-on.

At one point, I noticed she was repeatedly going onto a steep slide that led into small pool. I decided to sit in a chair close to the pool to see if I could get a nice view of her! As she got out of the pool and rushed back to the top of the slide, I mostly saw her cute butt and the fabric of swimsuit stuck to her butt crack. Slowly, I was getting fully hard, with my dick starting to strain against the waistband of my swimsuit. 

There was a moment when she got out of the pool and instead of rushing back to the slide, she stood a few feet in front of me, facing towards me, to adjust her swimsuit. When she pulled her pink briefs up, I was treated to a view of a very clear vagina slit and her suit was so wet down there that I could even see a small tuft of pubic hair! 

I couldn’t hold out any longer. Instinctively, I rushed to the closest bathroom. I went inside a stall and hurriedly closed and locked the door. I grabbed my tight swimsuit and pulled them down my legs to my ankles, sitting down on a toilet seat. My throbbing boner was now free and I took a moment to stare down at it, marveling at its rock hard state and purple head leaking pre-cum. Immediately, I grabbed it with my right hand and pumped away. 

I imagined the girl was in the stall with me. She was shirtless with her small boobs pointing at me. She was staring down at her wet pink bikini bottoms and she was pulling them down to reveal her pussy. I muttered to myself “pussy, pussy, pussy”, groaning. Within seconds I came and came onto my chest and stomach, the ropes of hot, wet, sticky semen flowing down my body.

I was breathing hard and shocked at the powerful nature of my orgasm. When I calmed down, I quickly cleaned up with toilet paper and went back outside. Within a few minutes, I walked past the girl again. This time she was definitely staring at my crotch, with my semi-erect dick clearly showing. 

She caught my eye and gave me a quick smile. I gave her an embarrassed grin back.



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