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Water Jets in the Pool

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I'm glad people have enjoyed my other public stories so here's another one. This is the time I masturbated in the swimming pool.
I wasn't particularly horny when I got there, it just happened. I went there with my younger sister. We went into the changing room and we changed into our swimming costumes, they were both one piece, not bikinis. We then went into the pool. It was empty except for us so were able to mess around as much as we wanted. We swam around and splashed each other for at least half an hour. Then more people started to come in so we had to stop the splashing to avoid splashing other people. We decided to do a race by doing a lap of the pool. To start off we held onto the edge of the pool and then kicked off the wall. We got into the position to kick off the wall and I then noticed the jet. There was a jet of water right next to my pussy. It felt great but I didn't want to just sit there while my sister did a lap so I focused on our race, counted down and we kicked off. After that my sister said that she wanted to go do a couple more laps. I said I was too tired but I would wait at the edge for her to finish. I knew exactly where I wanted to wait so headed straight to the water jets at the side. I placed myself so my pussy was directly in front of it. I then adjusted myself so it was hitting my clit and the sensation was amazing. I tried not to act to suspicious as they were other people around me. I put my hand down and moved the swimsuit part that was covering my pussy to the side so that my clit was much more exposed to the jet. This made the feelings stronger and I couldn't help but let out a small moan. I bit my lip to avoid letting any more out. I didn't want to be caught. I looked around and saw my sister and two other people swimming in the pool and no one was giving the slightest bit of attention to me. So I closed my eyes and let myself focus in the moment. It wasn't long before I had a great orgasm and I couldn't help but move my hips slightly as I did. I let go of the piece of swimsuit I was holding and it moved back into place over my pussy. I turned around and saw everyone still swimming on the other side of the pool and not looking at me. I swam over to my sister and told her that it was time to go. So we left the pool, showered, got changed and left. I'm sure that she has no idea what I did there and if she did she's never mentioned it to me. As usual please comment because I love reading them.



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