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Watching Yourself

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Watching Yourself
I found your site by searching for MASTURBATION. I loved reading all of the stories and got so hot reading all about how others pleasure themselves. I just had to relay my stories of how much I love masturbating and all of the different techiniques I've tried.
For a long time I used to keep track on a calendar of the number of times I got off. My record in one year was 468 times. During that year I masturbated more than 40 times in a month on 3 occassions, my record for one month being 48 times. I would like to tell everyone my favorite jerk off techniques.
I shave my balls, chest, and asshole. Sometimes I shave all of my pubic hair, but I normally leave a small patch that I keep nicely trimmed. I love to watch myself in the mirror as I jerk off. The visual of watching yourself and posing in front of mirrors really heightens the eroticism of self love. I like to use a mirror that came from an old dresser. It's pretty big and I can prop it up against the couch or the wall and kneel down on the floor and jerk off in front of it. It affords me a nice full view of myself as I play with myself. I like to get on my knees with my ass towards the mirror and look over my shoulder at my hot shaven asshole and balls. My balls get so tight and smooth when I'm aroused. When my cock starts leaking precum, I like to take it with my finger tip and lube up my asshole all nice and wet with it. I love to watch in the mirror as I lube around the sphincter while my ass cheeks are spread wide open.
I have an assortment of various toys that I like to use in my ass to masturbate. I have a couple of nice long candles; some anal beads; a couple of dongs; and I've of course tried all sorts of other various things you might find around the house. I have found that assplay is much more enjoyable with the proper preparation, and I personally love a cleansing enema. I purchased a rectal syringe which is simply a bulb that you fill with water and a tip that inserts into your rectum. I first have a bowel movement and then I fill up the bulb with warm sometimes soapy water. I bend over and insert the tip into my anus and gently squeeze the bulb to force a little water into my ass. I pull the tip out of my ass and sit down on the toilet and expel the water and any solids. I really love the feeling of water expelling out of my asshole as I push out and really work my sphincter to make sure everything's expelled and I'm clean. I then soap up my ass a bit and really clean in there with my finger. My shaven ass is so smooth and I love fingering myself this way.
By this time, I'm usually leaking all over the place. I leave my ass a little slick and lubed up and get my toys handy and go to the mirror to really get nasty. I watch myself as I insert the various toys into my shaven ass. I push against them as I insert them, sort of like I'm trying to shit. My sphincter is so hot to watch as I insert things into it. My favorite is to kneel down in front of the mirror and sort of sit back on my ankles affording me a real nice access to my cock. I can insert a long candle in my ass and sort of rock up and down a bit in a fucking motion to do myself. I will jerk off like this until I almost cum and then I'll stop and slow the pace down a bit to prolong my orgasm. I like to hike my ass way up in the air while on my knees with my head down. That way, when I pull the candle or toy quickly out of my ass, my asshole opens up really wide and sucks air into my rectum. I then push the toy back in fucking against it and pushing the air out of my ass too. When I've had enough teasing and want to get off, I push the candle as far in as I can and really squeeze tight on it as I kneel in front of the mirror on a towel. I cum so hard as I rock back and forth with the toy in my ass, fucking myself.
In the summer time, I have a very private back yard where I can sunbathe nude and play with the hose. I love the feel of the sun on my nakedness and on my shaven cock. I love to spray a little bit of water up my asshole, kneel down on all fours, and see how far I can spray the water out of my ass. My record was 15 feet!!!! It's not so hard. Depending on the arc of the expulsion, you'd be amazed how far you can spray!
I hope to write more about some of my wild masturbation experiences and see the mposted on your great site! -shaven guy



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