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Watching The Neighbor

Posted by: Age: 15 then Posted on: 12 comments
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That same Saturday, my neighbor walked in on me jerking off and cumming all over my chest. I go out about 9 o'clock at night to take our garbage can to the curb for pick up the next morning. Our garbage was stored on the front side of our property, which happened to be across from our neighbor's window. It was dark out and as I approached the window. I could see the lights were off, but there was a TV on. I had noticed in the past that the blind even when closed had 2 parts of the vinyl blind. That was broken off, so you could see in. 

Just as I look over and see the flickering light, I hear what sounds like sexual noises from a porn. I couldn't believe it. In my mind, I was so turned on thinking that Angela caught me jerking off today and decided to watch porn and masturbate. I had never really thought about going over to the window. Or even looking in besides, seeing a couple of things months ago. I couldn't resist tonight. I creep over to the window, which was protected. By a large shrub in their front yard. I look in through the broken blinds and can see Angela taking off her towel from a shower. 


I have always found her attractive. And at this point at 15 years old, have only ever seen my mom, naked in front of me. I watch as she takes the towel off of her body. And begins to dry her hair. As she does this, she reveals her incredible looking breast. Having no clue of breast size, they were at least a handful, each with half dollar size areolas and thick hard nipples. I then look at her pussy area and see a neatly trimmed, black short haired landing strip. On the TV was a girl. Having sex doggy style and moaning. Once Angela got done drying her hair, she laid on her bed. She leaned over to the drawer next to her and pulled out a blue dildo. At this point I was so hard and horny from seeing her I couldn't help it. I dropped my basketball shorts and underwear to the ground. 



She started fast forwarding the movie to a point where it went to a black screen and she hit play. Seconds in the screen got fuzzy and then went to what looked liked a recorded video on what I'm assuming was a VHS tape. I couldn't believe what I saw next. It was a video of her and her husband Brian in their bedroom. It looked like to me. The recorder was on a tripod because Brian fixed The view towards the bed and walked over to where. Angela was sitting on the bed naked. By the time he got to her, I could tell his cock was hard, he stood in front of her and  Angela started jerking his cock and giving him head. At this point, my cock was throbbing hard and I was jerking away. Honestly. I didn't know what was hotter, the video of her having sex or her laying in bed playing with herself.



In the video when she starts taking Brian's cock in her mouth. I look over at Angela laying in the bed. And she is sucking on the blue dildo, I'm assuming she was imagining she was doing it like she was in the video. After a couple minutes of sucking and Brian groping her breast, he leans her down and begins eating her pussy. At this point, Angela takes the dildo out of her mouth and lays it on the bed. And begins rubbing her hands across her spread open legs and fingering her pussy. By now I have pre cum pouring out everywhere. I stop jerking so that I don't cum too early and miss anything else. 



I stand by the window, my heart pounding out of my chest while I watch both the video and Angela. I can hear her moaning from the video volume. And then I see what looks like her body pulsing up in the air, and the video got really loud with her moaning. I look over an Angela gets onto her knees. I look at the movie and in the movie, she also gets on her knees and Brian with his hard cock In hand begins to penetrate her from behind. I look back at Angela on the bed and she is in doggy style, pushing the dildo into her pussy. At some point, she leans the dildo onto her pillow and starts riding both the pillow and the dildo, as she gets fucked, doggy style in the video.



I couldn't help it at this point I grab my hard pre-cum soaked cock and start jerking again. In the video I can tell Brian is getting close, because he is pounding her real hard and fast. I look over at Angela in bed, and she has now rolled over and is on her back, pounding herself with her dildo.  She is basically fully nude, facing me, fucking her pussy hard as I am pounding my cock. Just then I look at the movie playing. And she is on her knees in front of the bed with Brian jerking his cock in front of her face. She is holding her breast like a shelf and her mouth is open underneath him. In the movie, he ends up shooting his load all over her face and breasts. I'm so close at this point I look over watching Angela waiting for her to come so I can come with her. 



She starts pulsating her body and moaning heavily. I know she's close and so am I. The movie itself goes blank with a white screen, so her body is illuminated in bed. I can't take it anymore and just before I explode, Angela moans out my name and says come all over me. I'm not sure if it was my mind, body or soul, but in that moment I exploded harder than I ever had all over the house and my feet and my underwear.  I knew I had just had an orgasm 4 hours before that, but somehow I had more cum in that moment then I did that day. I had nothing to clean up with. I wiped my hands all over the wall. Pull my shorts up and watched Angela use the towel. She dried off with to wipe her pussy. I hurried up and put the garbage by the curb and ran into the house to take a shower. 

At 15 years old, this was the best day of my life and honestly looking back. It still may have been one of the best days of my life.




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