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Watching Myself Orgasm

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A fun recollection of the first time I caught myself in the mirror while in the mood and watched myself orgasm.


I think of this from time to time and like to relive it as well. The first time I caught myself in the mirror while in the mood to masturbate I was taken back.  The entire experience is one I shall not forget. Typically my self pleasuring took place in my room, the living room when no one was home, the bathroom, occasionally in my back yard, and sometimes random places. During this period of my sexual journey I had learned to make my orgasms very pleasing. At that point in my life I had never seen porn, any type of dirty magazine, nor had I had any conversations about sexuality other than what we learned in class at school. Which was to say the least…very forgettable! 

On this particular occasion I felt an incredible urge to play and make myself cum…The kind of urge I couldn't fight off. I gave in and headed to my room so I could get some private time. Upon entry to my room I had a full length mirror to the left beside a lamp. I always used the mirror in the mornings to inspect my outfits from head to toe. As I walked by it I noticed the look in my eyes….this stopped me dead in my tracks. I had never seen myself horny before!  I almost didn't recognize myself. It occurred to me to watch myself play. I wondered what it would look like. I had never done it to myself standing up before let alone in the mirror, but that day I tried something different. 

It was just me…my mirror…and my thoughts…I began to shed my clothing onto the floor beneath me. I stood there looking at my body. My face was dipped down a bit and my eyes were like daggers in the mirror staring back into my soul. I had never seen this look on my face before. That alone escalated my arousal to the limit. My green eyes peering back at me…challenging me to proceed…

My hands found their way down to the core of my being. I stepped to the side to make space between my legs. I felt my outer lips part slightly as I did this. It tickled a bit and the feeling of air hitting my clit was arousing. Using my fingers I spread myself and could see my clit exposed and standing out. Just seeing this captivated me and took me to another plane of existence. I was really loving this…seeing myself as if I were not me but someone else performing this sexual act. I didn't know what was going to happen next as I allowed the moments to unfold before my eyes. 

My titties were proud and standing erect…I noticed this as I was playing with my outer lips, pulling them apart then pushing them back back together as if I were playing peekaboo with my clitoris. I loved looking at my hips undulate in the mirror as I played…I caught my face in the mirror. I was in awe of the way my mouth was slightly open as my breathing deepened. The look in my eyes was getting more and more predator like. My hair was swung over and I could see it hanging across my eye. I loved looking at myself through my hair. The lamp light was beautiful on my skin and cast a slight shadow to my left. The moment began to take over…

I started rubbing my clit for all she was worth…around and around up and down. I knew my rhythm and I knew it well. I had spent much time perfecting it…but this was the first time standing up…My knees began to bend and straighten without effort as my climax grew. My eyes seemed to go a darker shade of green and my mouth was now changing shapes as I brought myself closer to orgasm. I was so very delighted in all these things I was witnessing that I had never known I did when I masturbated. I was thrilled and beyond filled with wonderment. And it made me ever so much more horny.

The moment had come…As I reached the point where my orgasm began I could not continue standing on my own. The wall behind me aided my body and held me up and I started to collapse down to the floor…I was shaking so much I almost stopped…but I could not stop…not now. It was so good…so strong…and so erotic to watch myself hit the floor and begin to orgasm. 

I shook as I watched my face and heard my breath while I orgasmed. It was amazing. It were as if I was transformed into something else I had never seen before. After my orgasm subsided I continued to look at myself in the mirror as I regained my self. My body leaning on the wall, my naked butt on the floor, and my legs were bent. My hands were limp in my lap. My eyes went back to my normal look and my mouth was back to its normal position. I remember wondering if this was normal…did all my friends do this type of thing. I never ever would ask them. But from that day on…mirrors were my friend. And still are. 

I enjoy all the elements involved in sexuality. I love the discovery and rediscovery of the excitement and beauty of the act and how each sense enhances the experience. In this case it was highly visual. Which was new to me at that time. And SO fun to have my first exposure to porn be to watch myself! LOL.  In past I have played with many types of senses, elements and combinations thereof. I love to vary the senses to experience the different sensations. So many things are coming to my mind...hehehe



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