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Watching My Sister

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My sister, who is two years older than me, has always been a quiet girl. However, when she is alone in her room, she is a different kind of girl. When I was thirteen, and she was fifteen, I hatched a very intricate idea. Since she had one of those laptop computers with a built in camera, I was going to try and record her to see what she was doing.

My sister was always beautiful. She had a nice body figure, a nice ass, and nice small, but perfect breasts. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to spy on her.

I always knew my way around computers, so I thought this would be pretty easy. One day before she got home from school, I set up the camera to record. I hid the video and streamed it to one of her files so she would not be able to see it. But, as I began the recording, I noticed that there was a green light beside the camera that showed the camera was recording. I found a small needle and easily poked that out so she would not know the difference.

The way my sister's room was set was her computer and desk faced the door, so whenever she sat down she could see the door. There were also no locks on our bedroom doors, so we had to try and keep things to a minimum.

She returned home about fifteen minutes later. I went about my own business for the rest of my day. Then, when it was late at night and my sister was downstairs, I went into her room, stopped the recording, opened the file, and sent it to me. Once I sent it, I deleted it off of her computer, and then headed back to my room.

As I returned to my room, I began to watch the film, which was nine hours long. Most of it was black because the computer was not on or closed. I forwarded the move to where she opened the computer. I saw her doing something on the computer, but then she left again. I was getting anxious because I really wanted to see something.

She later came back to her computer some two hours later. She looked like she was browsing the web. I could only see from her stomach up, so there was not really anything I could see. She was wearing a tank top and some jeans. I was staring at her face; completely unknowing that I was there.

She was still there, but then she did something different. I saw her stand up, and pull her pants down to her thighs. I immediately began to get excited and hard. Then she sat back down, and I could see her right shoulder and arm begin to move. It was sort of a Beautiful Agony thing if you have ever seen those films. This was very interesting and I was becoming very horny. She continued to do this. Every once in a while I would see her face would squint up. She was really cute and I could not believe what I was seeing. Occasionally her other hand would go down her shirt and touch her breasts, but unfortunately I was unable to see anything. Then, I saw her start squirming in her chair, her mouth was open, and her chest was rising fast. There was sound, and I could faintly hear her breathing. She was very quiet and trying not to get caught.

I knew she had her orgasm and I was harder than I had ever been before. She stood up again; I could see her vagina now! It was shaved, tight, and cute. She grabbed a tissue and wiped her juices off, and then pulled her pants back up. She sat back at her computer for a while, and then left again.

I was really hard and needed to get rid of that fast. I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and began to jerk off as fast as I could. It did not take long; after about two minutes I came all over my chest. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.

Ten years later, I still cherish those videos I caught of my sister masturbating. She still has no idea what I did. It was well worth it.



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