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Watching My Friend Cum

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My Teen Experiences PT.1 - Learning about ejaculating

When I was in my early teens I had come to enjoy playing with my penis fairly regularly. It felt great but I was clueless that there was actually a conclusion to jerking off, or how to make it happen. Keep in mind, this was in the early 80's and there was no Internet and VHS was something we were just hearing about.

One day when I was hanging out at my friend Joe's house, we were deep in the trees of his back yard. He rather abruptly said that he felt like stroking his cock, and did I feel like stroking mine too. We had been friends since first grade and had seen each other nude countless times, so I naturally said "sure, sounds good to me". I had never seen him hard before, so this was something new. Joe's penis was about 5 inches but had a very very large head and a thick patch of dark pubic hair.

As we were standing about six feet apart, I took my penis out of my pants and began stroking. I was surprised to realize that I was enjoying watching him stroke his cock, while he was watching mine. He asked me if I liked jerking off with a friend to which I responded yes, more than I would've expected. He complimented me on my cock which was a bit longer than his.

About 10 minutes into it I noticed thick clear fluid dripping from his penis and asked what it was. He said that meant he was almost ready to "get his cum out". I had no idea what he meant by that but kept my mouth shut and watched him jerk his cock at a faster pace. All of a sudden about 5 bursts of white fluid spurted out of his cock onto the ground in front of him as he shook a little and moaned. Again I had no idea what just happened but it looked great and he appeared to enjoy it.

I asked Joe what that was. He said "I just came and it felt really good". He then looked confused at me as it occurred to him, "you never have?" I replied no, never have, didn't even know about it. He asked what I did when I finished. I just said I stroked for a while till I was tired of it and that was it. He said "whoa, you don't know what you're missing". I asked him how to do it and he gave me some instruction, but it didn't help, it really isn't something you can teach. We went inside and continued to discuss it. I asked him how he knew about it and he said from his dad's magazines. He then handed me a few popular titles to take home telling me to practice with them. When I got home I started working on it that night. As usual, the stroking felt great, but no orgasm. Over the next couple of weeks I gave him progress reports at school. It was funny but even though we were best friends for years, all of a sudden we had a great new shared interest. He told me to relax and not think about it. Just to read the magazines and follow the signals my body was giving me.

Then one Sunday night I was sitting in bed looking at the books when I felt an unusual warm tingling in my penis and balls. I took a relaxed breath and went with the sensation and stroked a little faster. Suddenly it felt like my whole body was vibrating, and I swear my vision blurred, when thick white fluid began pumping from the head of my cock. My first ejaculation! I'll never forget how fantastic the sensation was and now understood why Joe enjoyed it so much. I didn't cum nearly as much he did, but it was a very happy start. I couldn't wait to tell Joe the next day. To be continued in PT.2



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