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Watching My Aunt

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This story happened a number of years ago. We've always kept it a secret but I'd like to share it with you now.

My family and I would always travel to the lake to visit my aunt and her family. I've always found her to be a beautiful woman. She was older, mature looking, but what a body she had. Her skin was a beautiful bronze color. We'd usually visit in the summer and none of us were shy about walking around not wearing very much. I can remember an early time when I was about to go for a swim and all I had on was a tight pair of swim trunks. I was alone with my aunt in the kitchen and all she had on was a little bikini. That was the first time I noticed her. I just stood there eyeing every inch of her. When she turned at me I quickly realized I had a massive hard on which she glanced at. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled and walked away. I was sure she had seen and thought I'd be in trouble. It never was brought up though and since then I think we had something between us.

It was awkward for me whenever we'd pass. I found I couldn't look at her I was so embarrassed. The next day we met again in the kitchen before a swim. She was smiley as always, and things seemed normal. I thought maybe she hadn't seen. We were talking and just then she gave me a hug, and when we pulled away her hand grazed my dick. She smiled and walked away.

That was the last time I had seen her. Now it was a few years later when I was 19, and we were on our way once again. I was excited and reluctant at the same time. I wanted to see her, but knew I'd be timid around her. We got there and sat around the table and talked for awhile. I let everyone else do most of the talking, I was too busy again sneeking looks at my aunt who again had little on. She had a tight bikini top and short shorts, the rest was mine for the looking. I gazed over her long neck, her semi large breasts that were practically popping out. Her firm stomach and smooth legs, long all the way down to her feet which were bare, one sitting up on the chair. She was lightly twirling it which was not helping me with my large foot fetish. My cock was throbbing.

Later that night before bed I knew I had to crank one out. After a day of watching my aunt I was ready to explode. I layed down and got under the covers. I pulled my shorts down and starting rubbing my hard cock, it felt so good. Just then I heard the shower start. I didn't know who would still be up at this hour. I pulled my pants up and quietly walked to my door and peaked out. I looked in the bathroom and my jaw about dropped. There was aunt, standing in her underwear. The bathroom door was wide open and straight across from my room. She turned slightly and I jumped hitting the wall. I was hating myself, she had to have heard that and would surely shut the door now. I glanced back out and to my surprise she didn't. She instead started undoing her bra. I was in awe. I watched as her perky breasts fell out. My heart was racing.

She then slid out of her panties, revealing all of her glory. She was completly shaved, she was completely nude, she was right in front of me. She stood there a minute, and leaned back against the sink, stretching her legs out, and I thought, is she putting on a show? What's going on? This is crazy. But I couldn't look away, I kept watching, my hand found it's way in my pants. I slowly moved it on my rock hard dick, watching as she stood naked. She moved her hands up and started feeling her breasts, this was like a dream, a crazy dream I never imagined happening. No way I thought, is she gonna.. start masturbating? She was squeezing her breasts pretty good now, I thought she was checking for lumps at first. I saw her eyes close and her head lean back, and sure enough, a hand found its way down to her pussy. My eyes were locked. My aunt was naked and masturbating right in front of me. All I could do was watch and keep jerking, no way could I stop, I was about to blow everywhere when she suddenly stopped and looked in my direction.

I fiercely jumped back again and stood there silent. Oh no, I thought, she heard me for sure. I jumped in bed and faked being asleep, my heart was racing. I heard her walk in, it was skipping beats now. She turned on the light, 'Rob'? she said. I heard her walk up to the bed. I didn't move, my eyes were squeezed shut. She stood there, and I squinted out at her, only until I saw, she was still naked. My eyes jumped open. 'Sorry', I claimed. It was all I could think to say. Just then she pulled off the blanket, and stupid me, I had forgot to pull my pants up. Now my dick was staring right at her, I was frozen. Her hand slid down my stomach and cupped my balls. I couldn't move, but my dick sure did, it became erect in no time. She moved her hand up to my throbbing shaft, and slowly started to move up, and down, up and down, going a little faster. This was beyond my wildest dreams, my aunt was naked and jerking me off. Her hand felt firm, and cool. Her skin felt so good, I had never felt someone elses hand on my dick before. I watched her naked body, her boobs bouncing slightly as her hand moved faster. I knew I was gonna loose it. She kept going and in no time I clinched and watched as my cum started shooting out, I moaned as my orgasm came, shot after shot, I flooded her hand with loads of hot thick cum. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had. I laid there panting. She looked at her hand which was covered and smiled. 'I couldn't let you go to bed without finishing'. I smiled. She rubbed my cum into her breasts and walked out. 'Night', she said. I then heard her take a shower.

It was the most erotic event of my life. I see her all the time, it's not awkward and I don't regret it at all. It's just our dirty secret. I'd love to do it again, but she has never brought it up, and I can't bring myself too either. I guess it was meant to be a one time thing. I still remember it completly, and I jack to it all the time. Hope you enjoyed.



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