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Watching Games with the Guys

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Another story from a client.


We have a neighborhood tradition. On Sunday afternoons, five or six of us guys will get together at Kevin's house. He's done well for himself, owning several apartment buildings, so his house has a big living room with lots of furniture. Oddly, he has no children. Before we arrive, he turns up the heat, so it is almost uncomfortably warm in there.

Most of us arrive just before the game starts, typically with about three of us finding places on on his main sofa facing the screen, then the other guys will be in a recliner or on one of the other sofas.

Just like guys all across America, once things get going, whether it's football, basketball, or even something weird, like tennis, we're jerring, cheering, and carrying on. We argue about the calls until the replays prove some of us wrong. We're up, we're down, we sip a beer or two, eat some chips. From time to time, Kevin's wife will drift in to refill a pretzel bowl or bring some more beers. Totally normal, except we happen to have removed all our clothes a few minutes after the game started. Ostensibly because it is 'too warm' in the room.

Around 45 minutes in, someone will start kind of idly touching himself. Or, maybe someone will develop an erection, which he'll make no attempt to hide. Sometimes, I'm the guy that starts things off. I like to gently and sort of mindlessly pull on my scrotum at the beginning.

The other guys will catch on, and for the rest of the game, we'll be nursing erections, staying just short of ejaculating. I think you call it edging. We've all become quite good at it.

After the game ends, we typically let loose. Kevin's wife, Cindy, gets really mad at us if we get cum on the furniture or the carpet, but otherwise, she is totally cool with the whole thing. It's kind of amazing when you think about it. Kevin tells us she's very straight-laced. She only likes sex occasionally, and only with the lights out, and only in certain positions. Basically, I'd say she just doesn't like sex. So, Kevin started jerking off with guys to take the edge off his horniness. When Cindy caught him wanking with a guy in front of a basketball game on the TV one time several years ago, she didn't freak out. In fact, she was relieved that he had another outlet. She encouraged what we have today, which is all of us guys getting together on Sundays.

When you think about it, it does seem so weird that she comes in, fully clothed, bringing snacks and what-not, without any evidence that she cares about what is going on. Personally, I wish she'd participate with us.

My wife vaguely knew what was going on at Kevin's house and generally supported it. A couple of weeks ago, she finally got curious, and asked me for details. Somehow, I was a bit reluctant and embarrassed to tell her, so I unfolded the story slowly. Half way she started to glow, and by the time it was over, she was totally horny. At that point, we did some things I can't talk about on SoloTouch.

But here's the cool part. Janet, my wife, is not only a good-looker, but she's always had an adventurous streak. She told me she'd like to hire a babysitter and attend a Sunday gathering along with me. I'm sure all the guys would love that. I know I will. I hope she was serious about it, and that she'll carry it through. Knowing Janet, it's a done deal! Oh, I'm so looking forward to that!



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