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Watching a Movie With a Friend

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So when this story happened, I was staying at a friends house for a week. It was during the holidays, so we got to stay up late and wake up late too.

The guy who I was staying with, let's call him John, had been friends with me for awhile. We were never really close friends, so we never spoke about girls and jacking off and porn, or anything like that.

Anyway, so John had a cool game room at his house, with a TV, ping-pong table etc. We decided we would sleep in here for the night and watch a movie or two on the plasma.

So we put on a movie and got into our sleeping bags. We were both sleeping on matresses on the floor, in our sleeping bags.

The movie was really crap, but it had a lot of sex and nudity in it. It was really making me horny, and by the looks of it, I wasn't the only one. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a faint movement in Johns sleeping bag above where his dick should be. I am straight, but this turned me on even more.

I pulled down my boxers in my sleeping bag, slowly but loudly enough to let John hear, and I started jacking off too. My dick was throbbing. John started making it more obvious what he was doing. I could see his fist visciously pumping under his sleeping bag. I started moving it faster, moaning quietly. He started to make noises too.

I decided to be bold. I pulled down my sleeping bag, revealing my cock to John, as I fist pumped away. He stopped wanking for a few seconds and then pulled his down too. It was the first time I had seen his cock, it was longer than mine, but thinner. He had a lot of pubic hair, I think more than mine.

Out of nowhere he reached over and grabbed my dick, I almost came right there. I reached over and gripped his warm throbbing cock in my hand.

I rolled closer to John... Turned him around and started thrusting up between his butt cheeks. He moaned and pushed into me, he reached over and stroking my ass. My dick was almost bursting.

He turned around and put his dick against mine. Fisting them in unison. I reached over and found his butthole.. I slowly let my finger circle it.. And then down the line towards his balls. He obviously couldn't hold it anymore and he shot three thick ropes of cum onto our chests.

He wiped some off of me and carried on stroking my cock. I pushed his hand away and continued as he now slid his lubed up finger up and down my butthole. This felt so good! I had never experienced this before!

I shot two thick ropes onto my chest and sighed in relief. We then proceeded to clean ourselves up.

This opened up a lot of doors for our friendship and it wasn't the last time we did this. We've already done this quite a few times since. We even did it again the next morning.



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