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Watching a Movie

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I was staying at a friends house and his parents were out for a few hours so we went into his parents room to watch some porn. We had done this before so we stripped naked and started to watch the movie. By the second scene we were both hard and slowly jerking off. A scene then came on with two guys jerking off and a women telling them what to do. We decided to do what she said. First it was to play with ourselves. Then she had one guy start jerking off the other guy. My friend starts to move his hand and then he is jerking me off. I start to say something but it felt good. Then the women tells them to switch. I grab his dick and start to jerk him off. He tells me it fells good. I do it for a good two minutes and she tells them to suck each other off. I stop jerking him off and we watch the tv. My friend looks at me and I at him and we get into position. I look at the tv see what to do and put my friends dick in my mouth. I suck him and then I feel him sucking me off. I a few minutes I feel him cum inside my mouth and I then cum inside his. We both swallowed and look at each other. He laughs and tells me that was interesting.

We watch a few more scenes and then my friends ask if I wanted to take a shower with him. I say okay and we go into his room, strip and go into his shower. We wash ourselves and each other. We dry off and lay on his bed naked. He tells me having me suck his dick was amazing. I ask if he wants me to do it again. He says yes and then tells me he would do it to me to. I reach down and start to rub him and he gets harder and harder I then lay down between his legs and start to suck his dick. I suck his head, shaft and just under the pee opening. I know this is a sensitive spot for guys from the few blow jobs I have received. I then start to suck his balls and he moans. In a few minutes he tells me he is going to cum and I go faster. Soon I here him moan and he spurts into my mouth. I swallow it all and then keep him in my mouth until he shrinks up and slides out. My friend has a big smile on his face. He tells me that was better than the blow job he received last week. My friend looks down at my dick and sees how hard I am. He starts to stroke me and then plays with my balls. Then he takes my dick in his mouth and starts sucking. He does what I did to him and I am close in minutes. I start to buck and he deep throats me and soon I tell him I'm going to cum and he pulls me out and I cum in his mouth and n his face. We lay for a few minutes and look at each other. We laugh and say this was a one time thing. We never talked about it again.



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