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Watching a Friend

Posted by: Age: 15 then, 24 now Posted on: 2 comments
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I accidentally came across one of my friends masturbating...


I was 15 the first time I ever saw another person masturbating. It was summertime, and I decided to ride my bike over to my 15-year-old friend Bobby's house so we could hang out. I didn't call him ahead of time like I normally would have done, but I assumed he'd be home.

It was a warm day, and the half-mile bike ride to Bobby's house already had me sweating as I pulled into the driveway. The garage was empty (both his parents were at work), and I was about to knock on the front door when I stopped myself and decided to go right to his bedroom window, which was something I had done before.

Bobby's bedroom was in the basement of the house, and could be accessed by a fairly small window at ground level on the outside of the home. Countless times in the past I had arrived at the window and knocked, after which Bobby would unlatch the window and slide it open, allowing me to scoot through and drop down into his bedroom.

So I left my bike in the driveway and walked around to the back of the house where the window was. I crouched down and reached to tap on the glass when what I saw in the room caused me to freeze.

Bobby was on the floor facing away from me, but I could see his reflection in a tall mirror on the opposite wall. He was completely naked and leaning back with his legs folded underneath him. His hand was methodically, lovingly stroking his hard cock. I had never thought of my friend in a sexual way, but the sight of him tenderly working his shaft - and the expression of bliss on his face - demanded my attention. I felt I should turn away, but I didn't. Seeing anyone on the verge of an orgasm could be a turn-on for me, and in this case, what Bobby was doing had me quickly getting hard.

Bobby's cock was glistening, either the result of precum or some other unseen lube, and as he jacked his shaft with one hand, he brought his free hand up to pinch one of his nipples, something that struck me as odd (I've never derived any real enjoyment from my own nipples), but which seemed to do the trick for Bobby. The hand on his cock began to pump faster, and his face took on the familiar, almost pained expression of somebody readying for a rapidly-approaching orgasm. For the first time since I had known him, he looked different, older... like an adult.

He leaned back even further so that his torso faced up towards the ceiling. Then he started to cum, his load shooting quite a distance, streaking across his chest and dripping onto one of his nipples, which his other hand was still tweaking. His eyes were closed, but he was grinning, now, and was suddenly again recognizable as the fun-loving boy I knew. His hand began to slow and gently milk the rest of the cum out of his dick.

I finally turned away, my own rock-hard cock straining against the confines of my shorts. I was no longer thinking rationally - I moved away from Bobby's window and quickly made my way to the side of the house, which was lined with bushes and a couple of trees. I unzipped my shorts and pushed them - and my underwear - to my ankles. Then I sat down in the grass, the blades tickling my bare ass, and studied my hard length for a moment.

I was leaking a good bit of precum, so I worked that into the head and shaft of my cock and began to frantically jack myself off, wanting nothing more than to give myself an orgasm as fast as possible. I was in a mostly secluded spot amongst the bushes and trees, but somebody really looking for me from the road could have probably spotted me, so that fueled my desire to cum fast, in addition to the fact that I was just really turned on and didn't want to waste any time getting myself to that wonderful, glorious pleasure.

I was working quickly, my hand rhythmically jerking my shaft up and down as fast as I could go. A few beads of sweat dripped from my brow onto the head of my cock as I felt my muscles tense. The orgasm was about to hit me, and within the next several strokes I was cumming hard. My load shot a few inches into the air and landed on the grass between my legs. It was a terrific orgasm, powerful and draining, and it sent a deep shiver through my whole body.

After I rode out the pleasure, I took a few deep breaths and moved to stand, careful to avoid my cum on the grass as I pushed myself up from the ground. I pulled up my pants and tucked away my cock. I wiped my sweat-covered forehead, ran a hand through my hair, and - after one more glance down at my load in the blades of grass - I went back around to the front of the house. I knocked on the front door, and in a few moments, Bobby (now dressed but still flushed from his activities) greeted me. We began to plan our exploits for the day, and he had no idea that we'd both had awesome, hard orgasms within minutes of each other.



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