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Watched on Sanibel Island, FL

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A few years back, Gwen and I were on Sanibel Island. I walked up the beach toward the area were all the trees used to be. It was known as an area to go nude. I was walking along a part of the beach that seemed deserted, so I slipped my trunks off and continued walking. I started playing with my cock and soon was pumping a nice, full erection. All of a sudden, about 50 feet aheard of me, up on a ledge along the beach, this 30-someting lady pops up from a towel! She had been laying there, and I couldn't see her before. She got a full view of naked me and my masturbation!

I don't believe in exposing myself to people who don't want to watch. I also didn't want to get arrested! I ducked behind a nearby beach bush and slipped my shorts back on. My cock was still buldging, but oh well. I walked on past her and said hello. She smiled back and said 'hi'. She had on a pink bikini. I walked maybe about 150 feet down the beach, to where the tree-line started. Erosion was causing the trees to fall into the Gulf, and there were spaces on the beach between them to put a towel and have a relatively protected area to nude sunbathe. I turned around and noticed the woman had taken off her top. I figured she was there for the same reason I was, so I tossed down my towel, stripped my shorts off, and sat down on the hard packed sand (it was low tide).

I stretched my legs out in front of me. My penis, which was still half-erect, began to stuffen fully in the warm of the Florida sun. I turned and looked up toward the woman. She was stitting there looking at me, with a slight smile on her face. Did she want to watch? I casually reached down and touched my cock, my fingers tracing the underside and the head. It felt so good!

I glanced her way again, and she seemed intrigued. I got bold and put my full fist around my penis and started pumping. I LOVE TO MASTURBATE, and I love being watched! I looked back to her and she was tilting her head, still smiling. I looked at her nude breasts soaking up the warmth. I wondered if she was getting wet.

Soon I exploded in a solo-love orgasm, the sperm shooting up and landing all over my hand, my arm all over my crotch and legs. It was so good! I wiped my hand off on my towel and collapsed on my back. After a moment, I raised myself up on my hands and looked over at the woman. She was smiling, and gave me a little wave! I smiled and waved back! She then quickly put on her top, gathered her towel and disappeared! I put on my shorts and got out of there, just in case she changed her mind and decided she was offended and wanted to call the cops!

But it was a very erotic masturbation session, and I'm glad the lady enjoyed it. I know I did!



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