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Watched by Ellis

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Another true story from my wanking past that took place after the wanking sessions with my niece finished.


Watched by Ellis.

This is another true story that took place after I had stopped masturbating with my niece as already covered in my earlier submissions (watched by my niece, wanking with my niece and her friend, and another wank with my niece). My wife and I were friendly with a girl called Anita who was a rock chick and absolutely loved sex, we had many a good threesome with her, anyway through Anita I got to know her brother Ellis quite well and we started hanging out together and going to the local nightspots and such, he was 19 and about five foot seven medium build with thick curly hair, he also used to come around to my house and we would listen to music and drink together. He usually came round when my wife was on the night shift and we would sit up till quite late talking and towards the end of the night I would always put a porno video on for us to watch, he would go home and I would wank before bed and I assumed he was doing the same when he got in.

It turned out that he was, while watching a porno one night we were talking about sex and wanking and I said I love a good wank and usually have one after he had gone, how about you? He said yes I always wank when I get home from here but like you I love to wank all the time, he then admitted he was a virgin and was desperate for sex, his one aim was to get laid as soon as but for now he had to make do with wanking, I told him I had a great sex life but still wanked regularly as did my wife. All this talk of sex had given me an erection, I don't know if he had one but hoped he did. This conversation brought wanking into the open and set my mind on a course of more wanking fun with someone to watch or join in.

I had decided that I was going to ask if he would watch me wank in front of him and maybe join in the next time he came round to mine. It turned out to be quite a wait because of my wifes shift patterns but eventually the weekend came when he would be coming round after work. As usual we started off listening to music and watching music videos and then the porn would be put on, as I started the tape (one of my all time favorites 'Inside Marilyn') I asked him, do you mind if I have a wank? He replied, not at all its your house do what you like, I said are you sure? He said go for it, I stopped the tape stood up and went to the next room for some tissues and came back into the lounge sporting a good erection that was visible by the bulge in my jeans, he noticed this and said looks like you are ready to go, I said oh yeah and undid my jeans and pulled them and my pants down to my ankles, I sat down in the armchair and leant back to show him my hard seven and a half inch cut cock and tight shaved ballbag, he said fucking hell that's a big cock man, so I held it right at the base to show it in all its glory and said do you like that? He said yes that is impressive.

I said right down to business and started the tape again and then began stroking my hard cock then I gripped the shaft and slowly started to wank it, I looked across at Ellis and he was watching me intently, I said are you watching the film or me? He said I would rather watch you, ok then I said, I hope you enjoy the show. I started to wank my big cock in my usual way which is to pause every now and then to run a fingertip over my balls then up the underside to the frenulum and tickle it before I start to wank again, he commented on my technique and I said its something I have always done. I asked him if he was ok and told him to feel free to wank as well, he said he was fine but didn't want to join in, I kept on wanking and before long I was close to cumming so I stopped and started edging, he didn't have to ask what that was but commented that I must be ready to cum, I said yes I am right there I just feel like holding off for a bit, with him watching me I couldn't edge for long and I was oozing loads of pre cum ready to shoot, so I said here it comes and shot three big wads of cum all over my belly followed by some smaller ones and finally the last dribbles that ran down my hand all the time groaning with pleasure.

I looked at Ellis and smiled and he said nice cum shot you looked like you enjoyed that, I said yes I did, it was all the better because you were watching, I then licked the cum from my fingers as usual which brought another comment from him and I told him again it was something I had always done as I like the taste of my cum. I cleaned up the rest of my cum with the tissues and pulled my pants and jeans back up sat down and asked him if he had a hard on and did he enjoy watching me? He said yes he was hard and he did enjoy watching me although he felt that he shouldn't have, I told him I loved to wank with an audience and that he shouldn't feel bad about seeing another mans cock being wanked and why didn't he join in? he replied that much to his embarrassment his cock was only small and he felt intimidated by my monster as he put it. I told him I didn't care how big his cock was and if he wanted to wank he should have joined in and it wouldn't be a problem to me, he said thanks for that but its ok iam cool with just watching you.

Unsurprisingly this became a regular feature of our nights spent at mine, we would listen to music and then I would put the porn video on and wank my big cock as he watched, I think that secretly he was really turned on by it and although he never admitted that fact he did admit to enjoying a great wank when he got home each time. He was obviously getting into it more because after the third or fourth time I would sit on the sofa and he would come and sit next to me to get a better view, as a rule I would watch the film while I was wanking with occasional glances at him and he would watch me only, but towards the end of this arrangement I would put the film on but watch him as I wanked to enjoy his reaction to it, it was great sitting next to him and pumping my hard cock knowing he was watching every move and nuance I especially liked cumming my load while he watched, all during that time he refused to show his small cock to me and I even offered to let him wank me but to no avail as he was happy to just watch. As I say this went on for quite a few months until he finally found himself a girlfriend, on what turned out to be the last time he watched me wank he told me he had finally had sex with her and she also did not mind what size his cock was as she was teaching him the joy of sex. As I wanked for him I said I think you should join me for a last hurrah but he still refused, and as is always the way of these things I lost touch with him, I saw him around town with his girl a few times but it was never the same between us as he was getting what he always wanted, but it was fun at the time and great to relive it on Solo Touch.



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