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Wanking While Working

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Beats whistling any time.


Anybody here ever masturbate at work? Lets hear about it! To be fair, here's my entry, all true:

During college I worked in convienece stores to make ends meet. I was leaving the job soon, to start a new position. It was a lazy Sunday evening. Sundays at that store were usually dead, but this night was especially slow. I had one customer around 7, then spent a bit restocking and cleaning. My next and as it turned out last customer came in about 9. I knew that my odds of getting anyone else between then and closing (11) were remote, so I spent the time reading the dirty magazines.

It took me all of five minutes to lock up, total out the register, and get anything else done. I slipped into the restroom taking one of the mags with me. While reading, I recalled one of my fantasies was to do it with a girl in the cooler. For those of you who don't know, behind the doors of those drink racks that go across the back of the store is a big refrigerator. Lots of cold storage for drinks, etc.

Well, I didn't have a girl, but figured what the hell I'd already quit, and besides you can't even see the cooler from the road. I went into the back room, shut the door, and removed all my clothes. I then went into the cooler, naked. Chilly, but the cold air felt very erotic on my skin.

I started by rubbing my dick against varous surfaces. Against the smooth glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. Next, I propped my ass on a stack of beer, spread my legs and proceeded to stroke myself. The cool air was invigorating, and the kinkiness of the situation was getting to me. I changed strokes, using the palm of my hand to rub my dick against my stomach. I spit on my hand and dick several times, to keep it from getting too chafed in the cool air. My stroking was having it's desired affect. As my balls tightened, I arched my back and stroked even faster. Hot, steaming cum erupted from the end of my dick, landing on my chest and stomach. I could see the steam rising from it in the cold air. Satisfied, I cleaned up in the back room before having a leisurely drive home.


I was working late one evening. Not too bad, about six or so. I had spent a while talking to my girlfriend on the phone, having "oral sex". She was at home, with her vibrator on her clit, fingers on her tit, and her telling me all about it as she enjoyed several orgasms. As you might expect, this got me pretty hard.

At her urging, I decided to relieve myself. My office was near the warehouse loading dock. As they had all left for the day, I knew I could go the restrooms back there and not be disturbed. I entered the bathroom, and went into one of the stalls.

I slipped off my shirt, and hung it on the hook. I then pulled my pants down, and began stroking my cock. My movements combined with the memory of my girlfriends recent orgasm had my nuts boiling. Moments later I unleashed a load of cum all over the toilet! A quick clean up, then I returned to my office to call my girlfriend and let her know what I'd done. Turned on, she proceeded to give herself another orgasm while I listened.


One last story of hot mutual in the workplace. My girlfriend and I worked together. One afternoon she was in my office, and we were making out. It was a little after five, most folks had left but there were still a few hanging around. Fortunately, this was in the days before cubicles, when most of us had our own office.

I had her up against the door, and we were hot and heavy. My left hand had slipped up her blouse, and worked a tit free of her bra. My right had slid down the front of her panty hose, and was massaging her vagina. She had worked one of her hands down the front of my pants, and was fondling my dick. Our tongues meanwhile were dancing in each others mouths, swapping lots of spit.

I told her I needed her badly, and started to slide down her hose. She stopped me, asking what if we get caught??

"Trust me" I said, and pulled her hose and panties completely off. "Step back in your shoes. Then if someone knocks, all we have to do is drop your skirt and slide my dick back in my pants." I dropped her undergarments in my desk drawer.

We resumed our positions, only now she had freed my hard dick from my pants. My fingers danced across her clitorus and worked their way in and out of her very wet cunt. I pulled her blouse up, and popped a tit into my mouth. This put her over the edge, she bent over kissing my head as she squirted hot juices all over my hand, down her legs and onto the carpet! When she came, she CAME! (No wonder I later married her!)

After she recovered, she grabbed my dick and started tugging at it frantically. "Now it's your turn, big boy! Time for you to shoot your hot load!"

Her fingers felt good, but her movements were rather erratic. I knew I wouldn't come with out some steadier stroking, so I moved her hands away and started stroking myself. "Hold your skirt up!" I commanded.

She bundled up her skirt in her hand, giving me a nice shot of her fuzzy pussy. Her other hand held her blouse up, playing with her tits. "Oh yes baby, shoot your hot cum all over my cunt! C'mon big boy, spurt your load all over my pussy. Oh yess" she groaned, as my dick erupted. My hot jism splattered all over her hairy mound. We both stared at her sexy vagina as my cum rolled down her hair. She then moved her hand off her tits and began rubbing the semen into her crotch. Her other hand reached out, and scooped up the last of my cum that was dripping off the end of my softening dick. This she wiped on her thighs, then stuffed my dick back in my pants. "Oooh", she said, "I'm gonna leave on helluva puddle on my carseat!"


A follow up to the above story, the next day she came to retrieve her pantyhose from my desk drawer. She told me when she got into her car, she hiked her skirt way up so it wouldn't get dripped on. Thus, her naked ass and crotch were sliding over the cool vinyl of her cars seat. She leaked and dripped all the way home, getting her even more wet and turned on.

When she got back to her apartment, she literally ran into the house and ripped off her clothes. Grabbing her vibrator, she rubbed it all over her cum soaked pussy giving herself another massive orgasm plus several little ones. She was so wet she had to take a shower. She wound up shaving her pussy because she had so much trouble getting my dried cum out of her pubic hair.

After her shower, she put baby oil on it to help smooth any razor burn, and she said damn if it didn't feel so good and slick she wound up fingering herself to another small but satisfying orgasm. She spent the rest of the night running around her apartment naked (usually she just wore a t-shirt and nothing else anyway). Before she went to bed, she wound up fingering herself to one more really good cum while watching her newly shaved cunt in her mirror.

OK, so technically she didn't do this part at work, but she did tell me about it the next day while I was at work so it sort of counts as Wanking While Working.



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