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Wanking Is Best

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Masturbation is where it's at.


The most fun you can have is jacking off. Nothing gets better. Girls can get old fat and ugly but you will always have your hand to stroke with. The very best orgasms I've ever had are while jacking off. I love to jerk off. Do it most every day.

Even together and jerking off I'll jerk off, not on their face, but either on their tits, or pussy. I have them hold their pussy open for me and I shoot the jism on their clits and pussy lips and beaver hair.

Sometimes while titty fucking them I'll shoot it on their chins.

When I was young I could shoot cum a good six feet across the room. There are only a few porn stars that can shoot as much cum as I can. I've been jerking off so much that my system can shoot off a good quarter cup of semen in one orgasm. It takes four days to save it up, then all systems are go, I can shoot it all out.

The last time my doctor asked for a semen sample she was amazed at the amount of cum I can shoot.

She asked, 'All that from one? That can't be.' I said I'd show her but she said, 'I believe you, I believe you.'

I was telling her that I read a story on here that a gal said she worked at a fertility clinic and saw a guy shoot more than a cup. She said it was impossible but if she hadn't seen my volume she never would have believed that either.

Every time I see her we usually talk about that. A few days ago I went in for my annual check up and after doing a testicular exam she was telling me it was a common misconception that a guy stores his cum in his balls, even the prostate gland is not where it's stored. Something close to the prostate. I forgot what she called it.

Her talk was getting me a little excited and I asked her, like always with my jokes if she wanted to see. She laughed as her usual but then her tone changed. Something made me offer again, this time seriously.

She asked,'How long would it take?'

I guessed about five minutes, at least.

'I think... I have enough time...Go ahead.

Can't hurt to just watch. It would be for science.'

I started stroking my cock. She said 'Wait, let me put on a glove. I want to check your prostate, before and after.'

She did just that and I got back to it. She opened a drawer and brought out a packet of lube. 'Here, use this. It must hurt doing it dry like that.' She squeezed some out on my cock head.

With the change in feel I was shooting off before I knew it. I looked at her with a question in my eyes. 'Oh, oh. Here just do it here.' Pointing to the exam table.

I shot off a good eight or nine full squirts, two to three feet long ropes of cum across the white paper.

'Oh my. I... I didn't know it went that far. I've never seen that. That was a lot too. Does it always go so far?'

I told her when I was younger my record was a good six feet. My friend told me once he actually hit the ceiling, I didn't believe him, I thought he was just exaggerating.

She pulled the paper off and wrapped it up into a ball and threw it in the trash. Then pulled another sheet across and said 'Ok, time for the next check. I leaned over the table again for the second finger exam. She told me she felt a definite change from before, what ever gland or thing that was, it was a lot smaller and not nearly as firm.

'Well thank you for... for doing that for me. You're a good sport.' With that she took off her gloves and walked out. 'and, you shouldn't need to see me a for another two or three years. You are very healthy.'

I am quite healthy and I attribute it to keeping my pipes clean.



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