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Wanking In My Uncles Speedo

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I found my uncles speedo collection and jerked off in them


From the age of 12 I developed a fetish for swimwear and briefs.  I was always interested in what other men wore, and it seemed such a taboo.  I hadnít acknowledged I was gay, and was very curious at this point.  I knew my behaviour was risky and became flustered after each experience, and denied I was gay while I jerked off to the memories and fantasies.

My first experience was with my uncle's speedo. I was about 13.  He often wore a black and white bikini style speedo when we swam together.  When he was flaccid, he was quite small and his penis tented when his speedo was wet. When I was really young, I remember he got stung by a blue bottle at the beach and had quietly pissed himself to stop the sting.  Pee bubbled from the front of the black pouch and down his leg.  I was young enough that staring at it was OK. That memory stuck with me forever.  As a teen I jerked off many times to the thought of wearing speedos together and checking each other out.  

Every time I visited his house, I waited for an opportunity to go through his underwear drawer.  He wore standard bikini briefs, 75-80cm size.  It was the smallest mens size, and his body was much bigger than mine, but his underwear fit me. I imagined how uncomfortable he was in such small underwear, and it provided ample material for me to think about as I wanked. Iíd seen and worn his old black and white speedo many times.  When I tried it on, it felt so comfortable, the fabric was very old but it felt comfy against my balls and shaft.  The liner was a white mesh material that seemed to fray over time. I loved the spongey feeling as I fondled myself. It was my favourite item of swimwear to wear, but I was always careful not to leave a stain and always to fold it as I had found it.

One day a new blue one, size 90-95 showed up. Of course I tried it on. The blue one was much bigger, and the fabric was wider in the waist, and the new style of lycra fabric hid the outline of my penis.  I couldnít help myself and stuffed tissues down the front to catch my cum. I had just finished rubbing myself in the speedo when I heard him heading towards his room.  As I was cumming I pulled my shorts on and lay on the floor, facing down, reading a car magazine.  I was lucky it wasnít upside down.  The whole time I held my breath as I felt my face turn bright red and hot. After a while he eventually left, but in that time semen had soaked through the tissues and speedo, leaving a large stain on my shorts.  I tried to clean his speedo as best I could, using wet tissues and a hand towel, and stuffed it back where I found it.  I spent the rest of the day trying to sit in the sun, or with my teeshirt covering my crotch.

The next time I saw him wearing it, there was still the faint outline of my cumstain on the front of the blue fabric.  He didnít seem to notice, but I had to run and hide until he had jumped in the pool, and all the evidence of my sneaky wank was washed away.

After that, I never went through his underwear again, the shame of what happened outweighed the thrill.  But I have fond memories of exploring my sexuality with his swimwear.



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