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Wanking at Work for a Mature Chinese

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true story that feeds my fantasies


When I was 23 I worked in Hong Kong as a consultant. Already highly sexed, I was constantly turned on by the Asian women on the streets, in my office, everywhere. I visited massage parlours a lot and enjoyed hand jobs from little Asian hands.

One week I had an assignment to work at a client's office....a lawyer who wanted some specialist advice. She turned out to be a middle aged Chinese lady, about 50, quite plain looking, well dressed, well manicured, polite..... She had a soft smile and voice and somehow the whole package was a big turn on for me. I had a hard on within minutes.

She sat me at a desk that I could use for researching some documents and she sat on a nearby sofa and discussed the work. As she did so, she crossed her legs and her skirt rose up a bit, just allowing the top of one of her stockings to come into view. She saw me looking and smiled.

My hand reached under the desk and unzipped my trousers....I am sure she noticed and crossed her legs again, this time revealing both stockings. She suggested that maybe it would be easier to talk if I joined her on the sofa. Awkwardly, I moved out from behind the desk and walked over to join her-I sat down, placing my hands over my lap, trying to cover my raging hard on.

She was staring at my crotch and then my face. She went to the door and locked it, turned to me and said 'I think it should take you about one hour to review those documents for me. If you show me what you are hiding there I will pay you for 5 hours. Then she sat down again, this time pulling her skirt up high as she sat down, revealing both stockings, a frilly garter belt and a pair of blue silk panties. I was shocked but on auto-pilot.

She smiled again and I moved my hands away from my crotch. She looked inquisitively at my lap and I stood to take off my trousers, then my underpants. My eight inch cock was almost vertical, my swollen balls hanging like hard two eggs underneath.

She drew her breath in surprise. She was spellbound and said 'Touch it..I want to see you do it'. So I started to wank, staring at her watching me. She spread her legs and started to rub her cunt through her panties, which had a dark wet patch appearing. I was lost in lust, as she started to whimper. The she slid her panties down and, holding them out to me said 'Use these to catch your mess'. When she said 'mess' it turned me on so much, making me feel really dirty.

So I wrapped the panties around my cock and continued to wank, as she spread her legs and slid her fingers in and out of her cunt. I had never seen such a sight. This smart, sophisticated lady had the hairiest cunt I had ever seen, and her thick, dark labia were swollen and open, revealing a bright pink vagina, now dripping wet.

It didn't take me long to exploding point. My balls felt like baloons about to burst-I knew there would be a torrent of spunk. I told her I was about to come and she beckoned me closer, pulling her skirt up higher as she opened her cunt up towards me. This wanton display sent me over the top. Still wanking furiously with her panties I aimed my cock stright towards her and let go.

It was a sight to see. I had never come so much with so much force. The first three spurts shot straight up to her face and hair, leaving trails down her blouse and over her skirt. I managed to spray the rest all over her hairy cunt and stockinged thighs. Normally I get a good 8 spurts out but this time there were about 12, followed by 4 smaller globs. She was a complete mess and now looked like a cheap slut-it was wonderful.

She immediately asked for her panties back and managed to slip them back on before continuing to rub her sperm soaked cunt through the wet material with one hand, the other mopping up my semen and feeding herself as she reached her orgasm. She then smiled. Amazingly, she went to a cupboard, reached in and pulled out a light coat which she put on. She said she had an appointment and would be back in about one hour to see how I was progressing.

70 minutes later she returned and took off her coat to reveal a new office suit. She sat on the sofa, asked how I had got on and proceeded to pull up her legs to show the same panties and stockings, now stained with the remains of my spunk shower. Her crotch was already dark and wet...my cock was alread rock hard and ready to go again!



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