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Walls Are Thinner Than You Think

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This story took place about month ago, while I was staying at a hotel in downtown Ottawa, ON. I, along with the rest of my ski team had travelled there for the Eastern Canadian Ski Championships, and were spending three nights. The second night we stayed there, however, proved to be a somewhat unusual one.

The day itself passed by as usual, we arrived at the ski centre in the early morning, watched some of the racing, skied our course for the following day, and then returned to the hotel with the rest of the day remaining to do as we pleased. We walked around the downtown area for a little while, ate supper and returned to our rooms for the night. I was staying in a room with two of my teammates and surprisingly enough, we each got our own bed this time around. We usually end up four in a room with two beds, so we end up sharing beds most of the time. All of us are good friends on the team, and we don't mind sharing beds, but we prefer to have our own. Needless to say, we were all happy to have a bed to ourselves this weekend (this also played greatly to my advantage later that night).

When we got back to our rooms after supper, we decided to head straight to bed because we had to get up early the next morning. Just before I'm about to turn in, one of my teammates (we'll call him O) tosses me a bottle of A535 muscle ointment.

I immediately ask 'What do you want me to do with this? I feel fine.'

To which he nonchalantly replies, 'Put some of it on your dick.'

Now, I probably questioned him as to why I should do this, but shortly after, for some inexplicable reason I decide to drop my pants and rub this ointment on my genitals. I guess I assumed it would be the normal cooling sensation that muscle ointment generally gives, but to my surprise and more so dismay it more of a burning, or scorching, or the sensation of a thousand Suns exploding in my pants type feeling. Naturally I try to 'cool it off', so here I am, running around the hotel room waving my penis around in an attempt to counteract the burning. Meanwhile, my buddy O is having the time of his life, literally rolling on the floor laughing while watching me prance around the hotel room trying to do anything I can to stop the burning. After about five minutes the feeling starts to subside and my other teammate, D, returns to the room. As assumed, he questioned what the hell was going on, we explained it, he laughed, called me a dumb-ass, and got into bed. After this escapade, O and I turned in for the night too.

Lying in bed, the feeling in my genitals now fully returns, and I realize that I am fairly aroused. To put the situation into perspective, I am focused on sex 99% of the time, regardless of the situation. Anyway, I digress, I lie there in my bed, growing more needy by the second, but decide to leave it for another time, as my friend D is sleeping just a meter or two to my left. Trying to fall asleep though, I hear something that I can not ignore.

I must first inform you, we are staying on the ninth floor of your average hotel. The average hotel does not have very thick walls, or ceilings or floors for that matter, therefore, it is very likely that anyone nearby will be able to hear what you are doing.

I hear, in the room below a sound I have heard many times before, though usually not in actuality. The moans of a couple having sex. Initially I try to ignore it and fall asleep, but the harder I try, the louder the moans seem to get. I decide to give in and relieve the tension that has been building. Having been lying there for a while, listening to the show, I am fairly aroused to begin with. As quietly as possible I slip my right hand over my groin, and begin to rub over my boxers. I lift my left hand to raise the sheets, and minimize the rustling, hoping not to be caught by my friends. The couple in the adjacent room encourages me as my tempo increases. It is not long before I feel that familiar feeling of release building, my body tenses and wave of relief washed over me. No sound escapes my mouth as by body pulsates, and I release into my boxers. I relax, slowly and quietly remove my boxers and toss them on the far side of my bed (to be hidden in the morning).

I now try to fall asleep when suddenly my 'sleeping' teammate says, 'You gonna say something?'

I immediately panic, not saying anything, and worried that he overheard my 'fun-time'.

Luckily for me he continues by saying, 'Aren't you gonna make a joke about all that noise coming from the other room?'

I am instantly relieved that I was not caught, mumble something inaudible in return, and roll over in satisfaction, knowing that I got away with it, and that I can now sleep peacefully.



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