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Vivianne of Vivianne

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Vivianne of Vivianne by John Hiroshi
I still remember this episode vividly. This actually happened last year. I got a call from Vivianne, a verrrry good friend of mine. Actually, she's an ex-GF who still maintain good relationship and regular contact with me. Vivianne said "Hiroshi, please come here and keep me accompanied. I'm kind of lonely here". I asked her : "Where are you Viv?". She said "In a small medical clinic". She gave me the address, and I get there quickly. So I met Vivianne, and we had a chat. Turns out that she's having some gynecological problem and she had to stay at this clinic for a couple days. Because these kind of problem is considered as an embarrasing thing in our country, she decided not to tell anyone but me. Why me? Because she trusted me a lot. We've been through a lot together and our breakup was a clean one. She had spent a day on the clinic and began to feel kinda lonely, so she invited me to chat with her. Well, anyway, our chat last hours.

I was sitting on a chair, and she's lying down on a bed. She's quite well-to-do, so she got this first class room where she's the only person in there. She even got her own toilet. Ah, we talked about many things, and somehow the conversation drifted to the times when we were together. The memories of our past sexual encounters begin to fill the room. Suddenly Viv said "Wow Hiroshi, you got an erection!". I looked down, touch my groin and said "Well..guess so!". I tried to cover it but Viv just smiled and said "Too bad I am not in the right condition to perform. And I also cannot give you a blowjob or a handjob, because the nurses will be here any minute". I just bite my lips and said, OK, I think I gotta hang in there. Then we chat for another hour until Viv's eyes brightened and she said "Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you go to the toilet?". "What's about the toilet?" I said. "Silly boy, there is a hole in the toilet's door. You can peek the room using the hole". "And so?". "And so, you can go to the toilet, jack off, while I show you my breasts from..here!". While saying that, Vivianne begin to unbutton her T-shirt, revealing a verrry nice pair of 34C breasts. Vivianne has a mysterious beauty on her. She has dark complexion, slim body and very attractive. I think a pair of 34C breasts on a very slim, Kate Moss type body will turn on almost everyone! My raging hard-on become more intense, I decided to try it her way. '

So I go to the toilet, and sure enough, there is a hole on the door where I can peek through the room... and watching Vivianne playing with her tits. She has this uncanny way of playing with it. She looks as if she's doing her regular breast-check, but in a sexxxxxay way! Actually one of the nurses did show up while I'm on the toilet, but she wasn't suspicious at all because the way Viv caressed her breasts really looked like she's checking it for lumps of something. After the nurse left, Viv began to tease me by looking at the direction of the toilet, and pinched her nipples hard, in such a way that made me jacked off like crazy! Then I heard her said "Hiroshi, please call me if you're about to come, will ya?". I grunted a "Yes", and as I felt it coming, I call her "Viv, come here!". Viv ran to the toilet, her beautiful breasts bounces up and down, then she opened the door. She pressed her body against mine, took over the "job", and hand-jobbing me with one of the best grip I've ever had. I came just seconds after, my cum splashed on the toilet cover and all over her hand. I felt like in heaven! Viv certainly ranked as one of the best handjobber I've ever had. Viv looked verrry happy when I came, and she gave me a deep kiss. Then we cleaned up everything and after another deep kiss, I had to go because I had to teach a class. Viv checked out the next day, so we didn't have to chance to do it again. Oh well, there always be some other time...



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