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Visiting Paula to Shave Her

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My friend with benefits called me every once in awhile, even when she was dating someone else, for services that I could render to her. Of course, I always enjoyed myself immensely.


My phone rang in the early evening, “Hello, what are you up to tonight? Do you have plans?” Paula’s voice was a welcome sound because she usually called when she was feeling the need for special time together. We had dated briefly about a year before. Our first date was a blind date and we met a bar and ended up in the back seat of her Ram crew cab truck making out then back at her home having sex really quickly. She had an amazing capacity to orgasm from intercourse with me and loved my penis. However, other than sex, we didn’t have enough in common or enough interest in one another to continue a dating relationship but friends with benefits was really perfect for us. As a single guy, it was a welcome phone call because I figured that I’d be going over for just such wonderful sex.

“I’m dating someone new,” Paula announced and my hopes sank a bit. Paula sometimes wouldn’t have sex with me when she was dating and just called for advice. “But he wants to see what I am like if I am shaved, you know, down there. Didn’t you say that you knew how to do that like from shaving your wife when you were married?” My hopes rose. After telling her that I had indeed shaved my wife many times and had also done it for a girlfriend, Paula asked if I could come over and help her since she had a date with him on Friday night and wanted to surprise him. I collected a new razor and all the other things I needed and went right over.

When I got to her apartment, she was dressed in a long robe and gave me a wonderful hug. I could feel her large breasts pressing my chest through the robe and her long, curly, brown hair smelled great as I pressed my face next to hers. Next, she gave me a really long, deep kiss and thanked me for coming over. We discussed the logistics of shaving her and agreed that on her couch would be best. We retrieved a bunch of towels to cover the space up with and I poured a large bowl of hot water. After setting it all up at the couch, she took off her robe to reveal a very tight, thin white tshirt that strained over her erect nipples and big breasts and a pair of blue satin bikini panties. She pulled them off and stood there in front of me with her thick Italian bush in all it’s glory. Paula told me that I could take off my clothes, too, so that I didn’t have to get shaving cream and stuff all over them. I didn’t have to be asked twice and soon I was standing there naked with my cock getting hard.

Paula embraced me, “You are always so reliable for me.” My cock was pressed tightly to her belly and I could feel her pubes pressing against my clean shaven groin. My mind flashed back to the night we first made love and I had enjoyed the difference in her look because of all that pretty hair.

I positioned her carefully on the couch, pillows behind her but laying way back with her head up so she could see, one leg down and the other up on the couch so she was spread wide open. I knelt down in front of her, between her fit, sexy legs just like a servant for her. First, I ran my fingers over her hairy lips and fluffed up the thick curls while also getting a feel that excited me. Then, I took out my beard trimmer and used it to carefully mow down all the curls and to tease her with the vibrations. She made several sounds of pleasure as I did this, especially when I was close to her clitoris. Very quickly, her very sexy, thick inner lips and her clitoris were showing in all their glory. She was getting wetter by the minute as I brushed off the hairs, very gently, from those fleshy lips that always felt so good in my mouth. I spread the lips and looked at her warm moist opening, wishing I could just start licking. “Are you feeling OK?” I asked her. She nodded and then quietly said it all felt really good so far. She made me promise to be careful with the razor.

I slowly put on the shaving cream, making sure to make it sensual and arousing for her. She looked down at me, too, and asked me if I found this arousing. I put my clean hand around my very hard, precum leaking penis and told her I think she would be able to judge that for herself from the obvious evidence. She just smiled and stared at my penis. I continued to work on her, now with the razor very carefully, and got all the hair from between her legs, her butt cheeks, and off her very upper inner thighs. As I did so, I made sure that my hand always played surreptitiously with her inner lips and clitoris so she got more and more excited. I was basically masturbating her as I moved the skin around to shave. Soon, she was smooth and bare and I used a warm cloth to gently remove all the leftover shaving  cream and then patted her dry with one of the towels. Now, her formerly hidden lips were on glorious display and her clitoris was so hard that it was sticking out of the fleshy hood all by itself.

“All done, sweetie. Is there anything else you need from me?” I asked her with a wry smile and my fingers resting on her clit.

“You damn well know I need something more,” Paula growled. She lifted her legs and used her heels to pull my face down to her pussy. I used two fingers inside her very wet vagina and licked all around her smooth lips. I knew from making love to her before that fondling her g-spot would get her over the edge fast if I licked her clit but would drive her to sexual distraction without being able to fully cum if I didn’t lick it directly. I was masturbating her inside and teasing her around the wonderful smooth lips. Her heels and thighs grabbed onto me and pulled me in harder so my face was pressed tightly against her. I gave in and started on her clitoris with my tongue, going that medium fast speed with my tongue broad and flat against her clit, the way I knew she liked it, and within a minute Paula came against my face. Her pussy had great muscles and grabbed my fingers so hard. Sometimes she would want just one this way but that night she was needing more so I kept going. The second orgasm came within minutes, very wet, her hips shaking hard, thighs quivering, and then she pushed the heel of her hand against my forehead and forced my mouth off her pussy. “Oh holy fuck, stop, I’m so sensitive, oh my god,” she cried.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me up to hug her and hold her. She would rarely kiss me after I went down on her. That night she didn’t hesitate even though my face was so wet. The way I was kneeling on the floor and with her on the couch made it so as I moved up my penis came right up to her open vagina. I hesitated but as we kissed, she gasped into my mouth so I went further. The gasp turned into a long moan as I slid inside slowly. Then she broke the kiss. “Don’t, I can’t fuck you tonight, I’m seeing someone and don’t want to cheat on him,” she pleaded. I pulled out and instead slipped along the length of her vulva so my cock shaft was rested between them. She was so warm and wet. She held my face between her hands, “You know if you went inside me, I’d want to cum that way, and I couldn’t stop if I felt you all the way inside me. You feel too big, too good inside me.”

She told me to stand up in front of her. As she pulled her t-shirt over her head, I saw her big beautiful breasts for the first time that night. “I don’t want to get cum on my sleep shirt, babe,” she explained. Paula wiped my penis with the towel because I was sticky on the head and underside with her juices. Once I was clean, she stroked the shaft up and down with her hands, using both, stopping to squeeze it hard now and then, and leaning her head in to kiss the aching head. I leaked precum almost immediately because of the way she was squeezing and playing with me, a large clear bead of it oozing out of the slit. I knew that she did not like cum in her mouth and hoped that wouldn’t keep her from going down on me. Paula was really good at sucking my penis even if she wouldn’t let me finish in her mouth. Fortunately, she kissed the tip, getting the precum on her lips, then stuck her tongue out to her lips to lick and taste.

“You always taste so salty but actually not bad, like kind of good actually, a bit sweet even,” Paula said, then licked my penis head as she squeezed me again. She started licking right across the sensitive tip slit and moving her hands up and down, then changed to hold my balls with one hand and used her saliva to massage up and down the shaft as she sucked the head into her mouth. I loved the way she was suckling just the head, caressing it with her tongue, letting the saliva run out of her mouth to lubricate and look sexy. Her full lips looked especially good like that. She bobbed her head up and down now and then and after several minutes I was getting close, so I warned her. She took me out and jerked up and down a bit longer until the head swelled up and turned dark, then Paula rubbed my cockhead against her right cheek until I squirted against her face, the cum splashing off her cheek onto her hair, her ear, her chest. She kept rubbing me against her until I was finished then said, “You’re sperm is so hot when you cum, so much of it, damn.” She wiped her face and body with the towel. 

She stood up and I pulled her close and held her. She told me to get things cleaned up because she was going to go sleep since she was so wiped out from the orgasms and I watched as she padded off naked to the bedroom.. I turned off the lights before I left.



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