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Video Taping a Couple

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Do love reading the stories here as I jackoff to start my day.


About two years ago I was living in an nudist campground with some other people.

There was one couple I will call Bill and Dorine that I became quite friendly with. They were younger than I am, she was in here early forties and him in his late fifties while I was early sixties at the time.

We did the normal talking about sex and me living alone I would always make mention that my favorite play mate at the time was my right hand.

Well Dorine was very much into the computer as I was and one day she and I were talking about how we sometimes chat on line with others and of course the subject came up of not only chatting but playing on line. She made mention that she had a certain instant message program and I told her I had the same one and we exchanged screen names and vowed to hook up later that day and put each other on our pal lists.

Later I was on the net and was playing in a video chat area I go into that is strictly for adults and of course I was naked and displaying my jackingoff procedures to the person on the other end of the web who was doing the same thing. As things were warming up good between the two of us I got an IM notice from Dorine wanting to add me to her pal list and of course do some chatting.

Needless to say I already had a raging hardon and when she came on the camera was pointing straight down at my cock and when I OK'd her as a pal that was the first shot she got. Me being quite an exhibitionist I did excuse myself for allowing the first pic of me being of my hard cock and she just laughed and said she enjoyed the show. Being true nudists erections are not allowed in the open and if one does happen to come up you are expected to cover it up with a towel or what ever is handy at the time. When she mentioned she enjoyed seeing me hard that opened the door for me to go even further in our chat.

I took myself in hand and showed her how I liked to J/O and she in turn sat back spread her legs and started rubbing her clit. She said that her and her hubby were looking for someone they could be open in front of and do some serious sex play while being video taped. Needless I told her that the three of us should get together and discuss this further and when Bill came home from work the two of them showed up on my door step.

She and I told Bill how the two of us had done some masturbating on the webcam for each other and he got a raging hardon.

The three of us did some serious masturbating on my web camera that evening and showed off for quiet a few men on the other end. It was so awsome having one woman jacking off two men and the two men fingering her for the camera. I had one hell of an intense cum that evening and the three of us made vows to do it more.

We kept up this kind of masturbating play for about six months then I moved from that area. Even after moving the three of us kept in touch and did some serious masturbating on our webcams. Sometimes it would be just Bill and I sometimes Dorine and I and sometimes the three of us would get into masturbating. It was so much fun having folks that were into it as much as Iam. Talk about safe sex..LOL

The two of them very seldom come on line anymore as they have gotten into more real time play but I do admit I had some great times and do miss their companionship on cam a lot.

I did video tape a great time of her masturbating for Bill and I as he knelt on the bed next to her jackingoff and rubbing his cock on her titties. I was just watching this part of the video tape and got a raging boner and thought I would share this story with all of you, my extended family on solotouch. I hope someone out there enjoys it as much as I did sharing.

Right now I am going to rewind the tape and go have a good cum remembering those fun times I had with the two of them. Who knows I might even put on my favorite chat program and join someone else while I have their video on in the background. Cumming with someone on cam isn't as good as being there in person but have to admit it does come in second.

Bye for now



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