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Vacation Time

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My first time with another person


My folks ask me if I wanted to bring a friend on our vacation to the mountains. After some thought I said that I would like to ask Billy.

We drove all night to get to the camp ground and got there just in time for breakfast. While Dad, Billy and I set up the trailer and our cabin tent, Mom cooked our food over an open fire. We spent the rest of the day exploring and taking cat naps to catch up on our sleep.

Our first night went by normally as did the next day. The next night was different to be sure. When we went into our tent Billy took of his clothes and sat down on his sleeping bag. I was a little surprised, because last night he turned down the lantern before he undressed.

I said, "What's with you?"

He said he just want to let it air out. He urged me to get undressed too. I thought why not so I did. His cock was long and thin and was bent up along his belly.

I said, "Did you get hard watching me get undressed?"

"Yes," he said. "But it's not just you, any cock I see I get hard."

I said, "Oh yeah, just how many have you seen?" Sheepishly he admitted that I was the first person besides his brother that he has seen completely nude.

Then he said, "You got a nice one. I wish mine stuck straight out like that." "You ever play with yours?" He said.

I said, "Sure, don't you?"

"Yeah," he continued, as he started to stoke his long, thin cock. I watched him as he started to breathe a little quicker. He didn't have any hair in his pubic area or on his chest. Of course I did not either.

It did not take long until he shot streams of white cum out his cock; his first shot hit me in the face. I grabbed my T-shirt and wiped it off.

I looked back at his cock, which was still dripping cum and he said, "Watch what I can do." He lay on his back and put his legs up over his head. I was astonished as his cock came right up to his face. He then grabbed it with his right hand and pushed it down so it would go into his mouth.

He lapped up the come around his cock, and then he asked he to push down on his butt. I got up and did as he asked and his cock slid further in. Then he rolled back down onto his sleeping bag.

He asked me if I was going to jerk off.

I had never done it with someone watching but my cock was really hurting it was so hard. I started a slow, smooth jerk and he jumped up and said let me do it. He pushed me onto my back and started stroking my shaft. I didn't have time to protest and as it felt so good I just let him go at it.

He cupped my ball and rolled them in his hand. He continued to stoke me and I laid my head back and closed my eyes. My cock was throbbing so I had to grit my teeth to keep from making any noise. Then it suddenly very warm and wet, I looked up and he was sucking me. As his mouth rose and fell in rapid fashion his hand followed just as quick. Soon I felt that familiar feeling way down in my balls. I told him I was going to come in case he wanted to pull off. But he kept on sucking, when I came, 5 or 6 shots he swallowed every drop.

The rest of the trip we jerked off everyday and sucked each other at night.

The night before we left we talked about going home and made plans to get together with some of our other friends and have a camp out in our back yards.



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