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Vacation Fun

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My first submission since I have became a mod Hope it is not too long


We live in the northeast and we had an historically bad winter - My company had a early spring shutdown so we took advantage and went to a warm Caribbean beach. Stepping off the plane and feeling 85 degree temps was refreshing - We stayed at a large resort that had 2 sections - One with families and one was restricted to adults - Our kids are grown so we took advantage of the adults only to get some quiet time at the beach and the pool. Although we had access to both sides of the resort.

We are quite active for our age (so I think) We got up and went to the fitness center Got a nice work out and had breakfast and got ready for the beach. We walked out on the section of the beach that was near our room and as one normally does we checked out the people on the beach. As we walked along we couldn't -or I couldn't help but notice there was a topless woman 15 feet to my right - I told me wife "there you go - you can go topless here" I don't think she heard me but further away form the family section she started to notice the topless women were more frequent - I knew I was going to like this beach.

We got some lounge chairs under some palm trees - how nice -and I began to take inventory of the women here. There was about 20 women within 75 feet of us and I would guess 10 of them were topless. We could tell most of them were European (Spanish, French or German) and my wife teased me "are you getting a hard-on?" I told her "No I am not getting a hard-on because I have no way of being with these girls, however I do find it very exciting." After a few minutes and a few glances We went on with our morning not really bringing the subject up again.
We love to swim and as we walked to the water we have no choice but to walk right next to the girls, and I must admit it was a little unnerving the first time a group of 3 Spanish speaking topless girls came in and swam right next to up us - I tried to make small talk but there was a language barrier- but they smiled and swam next to us.

After lunch we came back along the beach through the family section where there were no topless girl (well maybe 1) but again as we got to our section the frequency was much higher until we got to our spot where ,like I said it, was bout 50/50. That started our conversation again.She said" does that turn you on? Some of those girls have just little nubs Oh that girl has a nice figure " She pointed out a nice looking French woman . I agreed. She was very interested on what I liked and I said again "It really is exciting but no I don't have an erection" We laughed After a while it was very natural to be in that environment -

"Now if I did it..that would be a show" she said - "Go ahead" - "No fucking way" was her response

When we got back to our room the first thing we did was shed your clothes to shower - I took our suits and put them on our balcony naked and taking my time to ensure that they would be dry for the next day - "Someone might see you" she said - "What do I care? I'll never see these people again and I doubt anyone cares " She is in the shower as I start to shave before dinner and she notices that my cock starts to grow as I peek at her freshly tan nude body "thinking of those topless girls?"

"NO I love what I am seeing now". She, even after 27 years and 2 kids, has great full breasts and a nice figure with all the exercise she does with a trimmed not shaven bush. No wonder I get hard every time I see nude.
"I am sure they inspired you" she said as we share the shower and her hand makes it way to my cock stroking it until it gets nice and hard. She grabs some more conditioner (better lubricant than shampoo IMO) A few more stokes and she tilts my dick towards her tits and I and coming all over them. That relieved some of the days built up tension.

The next day followed a same pattern Work out breakfast we actually dipped in the pool before heading for the beach. As we walked towards our same spot we did come across a younger man about 25 who was sunbathing in a tight speedo that caught my wife's attention. You could clearly see the outline of his penis- "Finally one for you" I said "Not bad"she said When we got to our spot we had new guests from the day before however again the rate of topless women was about 50/50. This time next to us was a young gorgeous German couple probably in their mid 20's He was a truly fit handsome guy and she was a tall stunning blond slim figure and before too long we got a chance to see her beautiful tanned breasts. We both had eye candy today -She would put her top on when she went into the water but it would quickly come off when she went back to her lounge chair.

My wife turned over to sun her back and she lowered her top down and asked me to apply suntan lotion on her back an the back of her legs - She didn't want any tan lines on her back. After a few minutes she called over "Well . ." She turned over and she was topless to the world. "Unbelievable! Wow you look great" was all i could say. "It feels so great" she said "So natural"
"You need some sun tan lotion" I warned
"Spray some on me " So I did I rub a little in on her tits but not to excite her or me! -
"Are my nipples hard?" she asked - I think she was getting a little turned on too
"No they are not" in fact the warm sun made her areolas and nipples quite flat.

She laid out the topless for about 1/2 hour before we headed for lunch - "I NEVER thought I would do that! but it is SO comfortable not wearing a top. " " Well if you asked me if I was getting a hard on from those other women NO but you I really had to control myself outside" She knew I liked it.
After lunch we went back and we went in the water when we came out I didn't push the issue but a few minutes went by and she said "I am going to do it again - Did anyone stare the first time?" "They might have looked but no way did I see any one stare because look around half the women are topless too"

Now she was really comfortable and as I said to get to the water people would have to walk close by. I knew she felt the presence of the first person to walk close by, as she covered up a bit but by the time the handsome German couple came by not a flinch to cover up and I am sure that German man got a nice look at my wife's breasts close up and while we relaxed. She went for about another 1/2 hour and covered up - "No sunburn" No problem That was very exciting to me and to her too because when we got back to the hotel room We went over the day's events and she kept on saying how comfortable and natural she felt - I just kept on saying how beautiful she looked and how sexy it was and soon we were embracing and soon had great fuck as you know vacation sex is some of the best sex but add on the element of sexiness being at the beach well it was great - I don't think the two of us came so hard in a while!
The next morning I woke up with a nice erections and she noticed this and took her night gown off and slowly worked my cock - I just let her milk me until it was time to blow my load- " I really turned you on at the beach " she said "You have no idea what you did to me yesterday " "It was very freeing to me " she said
The next and final day was basically the same - The German couple was still there this time however we brought our cameras to take some pictures of our last vacation day - I did promise that I would not take any of her topless - That would be between us - Although I did sneak a picture of my German friend and the 3 Spanish women on my phone for keepsake -
Unfortunately, the food at this resort sucked and we will not be back there - I suggested a clothing optional place next time - Perhaps but hopefully it will be a place that allows topless sunbathing - but the sexual confidence this trip has given my wife was profound - She now sleeps topless almost every night and I now sleep completely nude - when I get up in the morning I do not put any clothes on and make my coffee naked -and if we didn't have a morning run at it usually with a hard on - before my shower and shave -
She also shaved almost all of her pubic hair off after talking to my daughter about it - She says she feels cleaner - And given our sleeping arrangements we have been having more sex - so it was a great vacation for us with long term benefits> I suggest bring you wife to a topless beach you never know . . .Now I do about my wife and I LOVE it



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