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Unexpected Show

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I grew up in the outskirts of a larger city in Europe. I have one brother who is 3 years older than me. And this story is about him exploring his sexuality as I could witness it one time.

We had this room in the basement, which was a play/TV room. But hardly anybody ever used it. I went down there when I wanted to be alone for whatever reason.

I remember one day when I was 10 years old having a fight about something stupid with my mother. I didn't get my way and disappeared into the basement room. We had an old wooden toy box down there, which was mostly empty. My brother had used it in earlier years to test his toy tools. He had almost managed to make a Swiss cheese out of it with his drills. Because I was so mad at my mother I decided for some reason to hide in this box and cry.

I don't know how long I was sitting there just sobbing and being mad at the world, when I heard somebody come down the stairs to the basement. I figured it was my mother looking for me. I quietly positioned myself so I could look out of one hole in the box to see who was there. To my surprise it was actually my brother. He turned the bright light on and I decided to scare him by jumping out of the box in an unexpected moment. Like he would have done to me if he had the chance. I watched him sit down on the sofa right next to the toy box and I expected him to turn the TV on, but he didn't. He just sat there for a few seconds. I decided to wait and see what he was up to before jumping out of the box.

After a while he sat back on the sofa so he was almost laying on it. He spread his legs and started stroking his inner thighs through is jeans. This intrigued me since I had never seen him do anything like this before. He ran his hands up and down his thighs and finally rested them for a while near his crotch. After a few moments of lying like this he got up and undressed completely naked. I couldn't believe my eyes. Even though I had seen him naked before we both had become quite a bit shy about letting the other one see our privates in recent years. I noticed that his penis had become bigger than I remembered it and it I could see a few pubic hair on the side of his scrotum. His scrotum was actually the part that fascinated me most. It was hanging lower than his penis and I could see the shape of two bean-sized testicles. His penis was not completely flaccid. It curved downward and seemed to be rising up. It got also longer by the second and I could see it jumping a little with his heard beat. I couldn't believe this show. But I also realized that I would basically be dead if he knew I was watching him. So I gave my plan to scare him up.

After a minute or so his penis was completely erect. He had sat down on the sofa again. This time he had sat with his legs on the arm rests, his legs dangling down the side of the sofa, spreading them apart as far as he possibly could. He leaned back down resting his head and upper back on the backrest. His penis rested on his belly. His crotch was facing straight at me, maybe 2 foot from where I was hiding.

He started touching himself right next to his scrotum. With one hand he went up to his boy nipples, which also looked erect. I noticed how has scrotum moved even without him touching it. It seemed like the testicles were moving around in their sack. After a while of stroking his body he grabbed his penis with two fingers of his right hand pushing it up so it stood vertically up. With two fingers on his left hand he started pulling his foreskin back, revealing a purplish looking glans. His foreskin stayed in the back position without him holding it and he started to rub the head of his glans with his left index finger. He seemed to enjoy that a lot as he started moaning softly. I noticed that his scrotum had gotten a lot tighter. It was pulling his testicles so close to his body that the testicles themselves were not visible anymore. Every once in a while I saw a drop of clear liquid oozing out of his penis tip and he used it to lubricate his glans. He kept moving his index finger around his gland slowly and very careful. He didn't need to support his penis with his right hand anymore as it was now standing up straight without any help. Instead he started stroking his scrotum with his right hand. I could see that he was in total extacy. I doubt he would have even noticed me at this stage if I had made any noise but I didn't move even though my legs were starting to hurt.

His moans were getting louder but he kept his slow speed, only slightly touching is glans. After what must have been 10 or 15 minutes he all of a sudden got still, he stopped all movement. Then his body tensed up his penis got even harder and a little longer and it started jumping buy itself. First one jump then nothing for a second or so, then another jump and another. My brother was breathing very hard and I saw more of the clear liquid oozing out of his penis. It ran down the penis shaft onto is scrotum. I was fascinated by that and knew that this must be semen, which I had learned is being produced in a man's testicles.

Did this mean my brother was a man now?

His penis continued to twitch and more of the clear stuff came out. After about 10 seconds he started to relax back down onto the sofa. His penis was still twitching but in more irregular intervals now. I also noticed that it was getting a little softer again.

My brother rested like this for a few minutes with his eyes closed. Then he lifted his head and scooped up his semen with his right hand and rubbed it into his penis. He formed a fist around it and started moving up and down. After a few minutes of this I noticed that his penis got very hard again. He started moaning and breathing very fast. Then he tensed up like I saw before. He let loose of his penis, which again twitched but this time only a few drops of semen, came out. And then he fell back on the sofa where he remained still for quite a while. I actually thought he had fallen asleep. His penis had become softer but it was still decent size. Then he moved his legs down off the sofa armrests and slid down the sofa, his crotch even closer to my position. His scrotum was now long and relaxed again and he played with his testicles for a while before he grabbed his cloths to get dressed again.

I couldn't wait for him to leave since my legs were burning like fire by now. After he got dressed he left the room and I could hear him going up the stairs. I waited a few more minutes before I climbed out of my hiding place. It took a while before the blood in my legs started circulating but after a few minutes I also made my way upstairs and into my room. I had to think about what I had just witnessed.

When I saw my brother again later that day he looked at me with a broad grin: 'Hope the toy box is not too uncomfortable.'



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