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Unexpected Results From 13-Year-Old

Posted by: Age: 15 at the time Posted on: 9 comments
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A 13-year-old neighbor kid and I got to talking about masturbation. He kept insisting he knew what it was, but in my 15-year-old wisdom, I was pretty sure he didn't really know. 15-year-olds know when 13-year-olds are bluffing, at least sometimes.


I was getting hornier by the minute. I was becoming really attracted to the idea of doing something sexual with this kid. Oh, I don't mean butt-fucking or even kissing. Those activities would have horrified me, I think. But I wanted to get hard with him. I wanted him to see my boner, and I wanted to see his. I had a tuft of hair around my 5-1/2" inch, almost full-grown dick, but no hair on my balls, on my legs or under my arms yet. I was pretty sure he was as bald as a tree toad, but wanted to see for myself.

Finally, I told him if he knew what it was to masturbate, then it was time for me to show him the finer points of the activity.

He went for it! To my utter delight, as my heart skipped a beat, he said "OK!"

Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do at the time, nowhere secret where we could play. But that Friday night, my parents were going to a temple service, and taking my older sister with them. I was allowed to stay home. So I invited Keith over. They left around 6:30, and he was due to arrive at 7pm. 7:15 rolled around, and no Keith. I hadn't yet learned what it would be to be stood up by girls - that lesson was to come later, for sure - but I was feeling pretty terrible about Keith not showing up. Like, it was probably too much for him. He had to chicken out. Then, bang, at 7:08pm, there he was on my doorstep.

We put his bike behind my house, and went inside. I figured I'd have to work out some elaborate and tricky plan to get him out of his clothes. I wasn't even fully sure he understood what I was hoping for - to see him naked and maybe even play with his dick, his balls, his asshole. Oh, that would be a delight, if I could see his asshole. But first things first. Even though for the past two days I had been imagining thin moment, I still didn't have a plan. We played Nintendo for a few minutes, but you could see neither of us was engrossed in it.

Finally, Keith suggested strip poker. He suggested it to me! Why hadn't I thought of that. It was perfect.

We came up with a simplified version to hurry things along. We'd each draw a single card. Which ever card was lower had to take off an item of clothing.

In a few minutes, after a bunch of joking and jostling around, I was down to my underpants, and he still had on his T-shirt, underpants, and shorts.

I lost another round, and so I lost my underwear. Even though I had dreamed about this moment for a while, I was initially reluctant to show him my 'stuff' first. But, I did. I pulled off my underwear, and he stared hard at my soft dick. You'd think I'd be erect, but my heart was beating fast, I was actually shaking a little bit, and my penis was totally soft.

Almost as if by instinct, he reached out, and touched the tip of my circumcised cock. I kind of thrust forward, silently letting him know that was not only OK, but very good. And in his delicate touch with his thumb and fingers kind of playing with the head of my cock, I started to harden up. He reached with his other hand and felt my balls. He kind of hefted them, and said one word that I think summed up his thoughts nicely, "Huge!"

I laughed. He laughed. Then, without duly waiting for the game to take its natural course, he just shucked off his last three items of clothing, revealing a standing straight up little 3-inch, totally hairless penis. Already fully head. I knew this meant one thing: He was as into our upcoming sexual play as I was.

I'll skip ahead, not boring you with details about how we tentatively touched each other, how I gingerly pulled his uncircumcised foreskin back and looked with great intensity at the small, shiny head of his cock, and how we experimented just a bit with sucking each other. He had no idea about teeth, and he was kind of scraping me. I tried telling him to pull his teeth back, but he didn't quite get it.

I got up the courage to tell him I wanted to see his butthole. He complied, flipping over on the bed and getting up on his hands and knees with his butt cheeks spread wide. I looked, and was totally in heaven. It was pretty much pink, but with a touch of brown that faded into the milky white smooth skin of his butt cheeks. I noticed a slight red shiny crease that led a couple inches up above his asshole marking the separation of his butt cheeks. I loved seeing that. I liked the radial lines of slight wrinkles arrayed an inch out from the butthole proper. I just touched his asshole with my fingertip, which he seemed to find delightful. I smelled my finger, and it was not what I would have expected. It wasn't 'shitty' at all. It was sweet. A very attractive smell. I didn't know it at the time, but I'd grow to love that smell, from men and women.

That evening, we didn't get into penetrating fingers into each others asses, but that was indeed to come later. Keith and I played many times into the future, until I went away to college.

But that night did have a surprise ending. I had him laying face up on my bed, and was starting to stroke his rock hard little penis in earnest. He told me he could cum, but I doubted it. I didn't believe kids that young could cum, but I was planning to find out, one way or the other. Being only 15 at the time, I really didn't know what to expect, and barely remembered my first ejaculations a couple of years earlier.

My own first time, I was sitting on a toilet, holding my foreskin in a sort of light pinch between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and stroking it up and down. Suddenly, it felt even better than average, and I felt like I couldn't stop. Then, my first-ever orgasmic waves hit me. It was delightful, but scary too. I swore I wouldn't do that again, but of course, you know I did. The very next day, and every day since. Sometimes many times. At first, I thought it had to be exactly the same way. So for the first few weeks, it was always thumb and forefinger of each hand, until I figured it wasn't the grip but the stimulation that did the trick.

Well this night with Keith, I was moving his foreskin up and down and he said, "I'm gonna pee."

I said, "No, you're gunna cum."

He said, "I don't think so."

You could tell he was going into the throes of orgasm. He was in bliss, and bucking his hips entirely off the bed. Then it happened. Something started coming out. A clear liquid. But way too much of it. A good couple of ounces streamed out before I had the presence of mind to pinch his glans shut. I couldn't think what else to do. I didn't want urine all over my bed.

He was like, "Ow, ow ow!"

I said, "I know." but of course I didn't know. I had never had my piss slit squeezed closed while urinating. I found out later, it can really hurt. Your body is designed to make sure you piss when you have to, and will start some really hard contractions to squirt that piss out. You really feel the pressure in the part of your urethra just behind where it is being pinched closed. Some of Keith's urine continued to spurt out, so I squeezed harder.

While still holding his penis pinched really hard, I got him off the bed and walked him to the bathroom across the hall. As we walked, I was kind of hunched in front of him, squeezing his dick. In a moment, we arrived at the toilet, and I finally let go. A super-strong stream of urine hit the water with a big splash. After the initial super high-pressure gush, his urination became normal until his bladder was empty.

Without saying much, we put on our clothes. I walked out back with him to his bike, and he went home. I went back inside, and did my best to dry my bedspread which had an ounce or more of urine soaking in. I was worried I'd have some kind of excuse-making to do to my parents if they discovered the wet spot in the bed. But fortunately, I got it cleaned up and pretty much dried before they got home. I also jerked off, of course, and it was a crashingly intense orgasm!

The next day, when we got some privacy after school, Keith and I talked about what happened. I apologized for the way things went. He apologized back to me for making a mess. We were still friends after that weird experience.

A week later, we had an opportunity to try again, as my parents were going to temple again. He came over that evening, and we stripped our clothes off right away. No strip poker, no fanfare at all. He was gorgeous as he had been the week before. He seemed to be attracted to me also. I came prepared. I had a big salad bowl, a roll of paper towels, a roll of toilet paper, a plastic sheet, and had pulled my bedspread back.

But no urine this time. After goofing around for a while, totally naked, and totally boned up of course, we started to play in earnest. He had me face up on the bed and was jerking me off, and this time, I had my ejaculation. He exclaimed that he had no idea that it would come out like that, or shoot that far.

From my adult experience, I look back on it with amazement, that I stayed hard after cumming. These days, I usually need a good fifteen minutes before I can be sexually active again. Then I had him on the bed, and started wanking him. He was loving it, but nothing came out. No urine, to be sure, but no sperm either. However, I'm pretty sure he had an orgasm. He sure seemed to love it, and squirmed delightfully.

The next week, I wanted to know about whether he had an orgasm, so I stuck a finger in his butt while I jerked him off. He loved that, and I could feel his orgasmic contractions. Yes, he could have orgasms! I hadn't really been sure about that.

Afterward, he had me get on all fours, and stuck a finger in my butt. We still had to learn the finesse of it. He pushed his finger in right away, without lube. That felt, well, intense! But I loved it anyway, and as he kept his finger in my butt, he jerked me off, and I came hard into a bunch of paper towels he had placed under me. As I came, I could feel my asshole squeezing rhythmically against his finger, which only intensified the feeling.

Time went on. He never urinated again. I never did figure out what that was about. Perhaps some kind of nervousness with early adolescent horniness caused an involuntary peeing reaction. But one day, a clear drop of something did come out. I wasn't sure whether it was pee or cum, so I dipped a finger in the little drip on his belly, and it was thicker than urine. It was a lot like pre-cum.

More time went on, and he started growing hair, and cumming for real.

And, that, is the end of my story.



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