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Unexpected Pleasure

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A break from a long car journey provides some unexpected light relief.


It was the bank holiday weekend when we at last had a couple of sunny days and I got to have one of the most erotic experiences I've had for a long time. I had been driving around all day and was tired, thirsty and needed to stretch my legs. I turned off the motorway to a car park I know near to the M25. I didn't park in the main car park near the cafe but travelled to the lower car park. I had never walked from here before but it was a lovely day and I just wanted some fresh air and a chance to clear my head. As I parked and prepared to stretch my legs a silver SUV parked beside me. In the passenger seat next to me was a man and as he got out I hardly noticed him other than he was about fifty years old, bald, tattoos and a large belly. However, the woman with him was striking. She looked in her late thirties, had on a black summer dress, had long dark curly hair, a very attractive face and a fantastic figure that caught my eye. I watched them walk towards the footpath that seem to lead into the woodland and noticed she was carrying a blanket.

I got out of the car and followed them aimlessly, not really paying attention walking ahead of me until I noticed a younger guy, maybe thirty following them. along the meandering path that led through the woods. He was acting strangely and as I walked further along the path I could see him hesitating and stopping along the way until I passed him and thought he seemed to be watching the couple as they walked ahead of me. The countryside then opened up to some heathland with sandy paths, tall wiry grass and sporadic groups of conifers and smaller green leaf trees. After some minutes the couple turned off another path and I walked along a different way that ran parallel to them. I lost sight of them and the man and didn't see anybody for a good ten minutes and realised that I had lost my bearings when looking around about 50 metres from where I stood I could just make out the upper part of the woman in some trees and she was now topless.

Stunned I dropped back behind some small trees before taking a furtive look and there she was, her fantastic round breasts clearly visible. I looked around and couldn't see anyone. I looked back to where she had been and she had disappeared. I was in two minds what to do but then I saw the man she had been with look around before they walked into a small wooded area off the main pathway. My interest was too great for me and so I carefully made my way around the tree line until I stood in the trees next to the path where I had last seen them. Knowing the direction they had walked I made a loop around the trees until I could just see her bending over before disappearing behind a large tree that had fallen down and was obviously providing them cover to lay behind. It was the perfect spot and if you didn't know they were there you could pass within six feet and not see them. I edged closer and then jumped back as the younger guy suddenly appeared not twenty feet in front of me, hidden behind some bushes, he was clearly looking into the couples hidden spot and I got the impression he was wanking himself. He didn't see me so I took another detour as I was fascinated to know what he was looking at.

The ground appears quite open on the heathland but the other beauty of this area is that you can walk through the young trees and tall grass and find little hollows of ground and once you are kneeling or laying down you become invisible from view from the pathways that intersperse the heath. This was clearly ideal for the couple but also afforded me ample cover to make my way ever nearer to their spot without being seen. I was now only twenty feet from where the couple must be laying and as I looked around some bushes that hid me from view there was the younger guy standing over the couple as they lay on the blanket stroking an extremely large cock that must have been about 7.5 inches in length if not more, a distinctive downward curve and a very large swollen mushroom made his cock look even bigger. He looked up, saw me, hesitated and then carried on as if I wasn't there. I stepped nearer and when about six feet away I could clearly see the couple, both naked. The woman on her back, legs slightly open, her breasts firm and round as the older guy sat propped on one elbow, his fat cock semi erect. She seemed to be smiling and within a minute I saw the younger guy arch back before shooting a large amount of cum in a thick stream in front of him before her pulled up his jeans, zipped up, turned and left walking back through the bushes. The bald man now looked at me, greeted me with a nod and as he didn't appear hostile I stepped forward and stood at the bottom of the blanket and asked if they minded if I sat on the fallen tree. He told me to feel free and we struck up a conversation. I explained I hadn't walked here before and asked if they did this often but they told me it was their first time. They just wanted to sun bathe naked and when I mentioned about the guy they told me they had seen him watching, realised he was wanking and let him carry on. The conversation soon moved on and as we talked he leaned over and started to slide his fingers along her very beautiful tight pussy. I felt my cock harden and as if sensing this he asked if I wanted to wank off. I didn't hesitate and pulling down my jeans I knelt as he feet and started to stroke my hardness, feeling the precum already on my fingers and using it to lubricate my cock head. Her pussy was now glistening, her lips inflamed as she leaned across her and slowly fed his very fat cock into her mouth. I could feel I was going to cum and after a minute he stopped, leant down, pulled open her pussy lips and fingered her as she leaned forward and watched me. I couldn't take my eyes of her. Her lips were now wet and as she looked me in the eyes I leant forward and shot one of the biggest loads in a long time all over the bottom of the blanket and between my legs.

I got up and after some more pleasantries I got up, dressed and left. I've been back several times since in the off chance I may see them again but no such luck. However, I've had some other fun but thats for another day.



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