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Unexpected Fun With Coworker

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I'm in sales and I travel a lot. Recently a young lady from our headquarters made a trip with me. She is in marketing and she wanted feedback from customers. We have a business relationship and that's all. Our company has policies about sexual harrassment and I am always the perfect gentleman around all my female coworkers.

This was a three day business trip with two nights spent in hotels. I had pulled a muscle in my back over the previous weekend and I was miserable. Driving the car for long periods was Hell. She knew I was in pain and really uncomfortable. The second day as we were driving and I was squirming trying to find a comfortable position, she told me she would be happy to give me a massage when we checked in ... but she joked saying 'and that's all!' Of course, I chuckled at that statement along with her.

After checking into the hotel she told me to come on over to her room whenever I was caught up with paperwork and company email. So, after about an hour I went to her room. She told me to lay face down on her bed and she started giving me a great backrub. Laying there on my stomach I couldn't help thinking about how good it was feeling and how great she looks. She is 30. Now and then she would lean down close to my cheek and ask if it felt good. Every time she did that her breasts rubbed against my back. I found myself with a full blown rigid hard-on as I laid on my stomach. After about 30 minutes I knew she would soon be stopping because her hands were surely getting tired. My hard-on would not go down though. Finally, she said 'that's enough!'

What was I to do? I was hard as Hell laying on her bed face down. I couldn't just lay there forever. I decided what the Hell ... and I slowly rolled over onto my back. I had a gigantic tent in my pants. My dick was throbbing hard! I just laid there looking into her eyes. She saw my big tent and said 'oh my ... you DID enjoy that massage!' Our eyes were locked on each other. I didn't say a word. She looked down at my lap again and stared at it. This was really turning me on.

She reached out and placed her palm against my dick and applied pressure and rubbed it from it's base to the tip and back down, then she looked at me in the eyes again. The she slowly rubbed it up and down again, then she gripped it through my pants. I finally said 'Oh yeah ... massage that good too ...' It felt wonderful. I finally said 'let me make this easier for you ..' and I unbuckled and unzipped and slipped my pants and underwear down to just above my knees and I laid back with my head on the pillow. She took my dick and slowly jacked it asking me if it felt good. It was feeling wonderful! She told me how nice my dick was and joked about how FIRED we would be if this ever got back to our company. Of course, I promised to never tell. As she jacked me I asked her if she wanted to take some of her clothes off too but she said no. I closed my eyes as she slowly jacked me, occasionally gently moving my hips as if I were fucking. She liked that. I felt the huge feeling of an impending orgasm coming and I told her I was about to cum. She stroked me harder and faster until I shot off all over my stomach. She just said 'Wow.' She went to the bathroom and brought me a washcloth to clean up with. after wiping clean, I just laid there talking to her for about a half hour letting her continually look at my dick. I finally came to the conclusion nothing else was going to happen so I stood up and buckled and zipped up. Darn. I really wanted to see her naked but it didn't happen. She did give me a nice kiss before leaving her room, and we again promised to never tell a soul about what happened.

By the way ... she is MARRIED too! I am single.

It was a wonderful, sexy handjob and I loved it.



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