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Undercover Freak

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Hi everyone... First off, I'd like to say that I'm an 18 year old city girl who's been doin' it for about 6 years. I found this site a couple years ago, by accident, but what a nice accident it was. A little about me... I have hazel eyes, dark blonde hair, a nice big c cup, and a firm big ass, which I absolutely love... And I like to be spanked= ). Oh ya, and I'm a virgin, by choice. But I DO have a very perverted personality, naturally. I've always been a very, how shall I put it... horny girl. *wink* Ever since I was in elementary school, I remember getting tingly 'down there' whenever I heard or saw anything sexual in nature. And even at 8 or 9, I liked hearing kinky stories. At night, as I was trying to go to sleep, I'd think of sexy things that got me hot, and I'd fall asleep that way.

I found out how to 'do myself' when I was 12, and had first gotten the internet. I was playing around with it, and came across one of those 'Dr. Whoever' websites that gave out sex advice. I read one of the postings, and it was from a woman asking Dr. Whoever advice on how to get herself off. The reply was something like, get in the bathtub, turn the faucet on and get under it with your legs spread wide. I felt all hot and bothered after reading that, and decided to take the Dr.'s advice. I think I tried it a few times before I got it, probably because I had a big ass even as a kid, and it got in the way... Anyway, I did it, and I got this incredible feeling throughout my entire body. It was like a wave of pleasure that started from my pussy, and traveled all over, making me shiver and twitch for a minute or two. I also remember thinking, WOW now THAT'S gotta be one of the best feelings in the world! And how great, I could do it to myself! The first time I tried it with my hand was in my room, with my door closed, while watching one of those fuzzy porn channels on tv. Hey, I was a kid, I had no other resources... The bad part is, I have virtually NO privacy whatsoever, and was constantly walked in on, always by my mother. I don't know if she knew what I was doing, but who cares... I think I caught her once too, a couple years later. As I was saying, I did it for the first time with my hand, and while my orgasm wasn't as powerful as with the water, it somehow just felt better. So I started doing it that way more often, usually in the bathroom.

I've always kept this part of me private, and most people think I'm just another girl with just an average sex drive or whatever... if only they knew how wrong they really are. There's only one person that I've ever talked to about this, and that's one of my guy friends. Actually, I don't know what he was to me. He's one of those "I can't commit to anything, but I can't admit it" type of guys. His relationships, jobs, etc. usually lasted about 5 seconds. So surprise to me when we ended up being friends for years. During those years, we flirted, but never did anything... my choice of course. It got to the point where we couldn't talk to each other without feeling horny, and since I didn't want just a friend to be that way with me, I guess it was inevitable that we'd drift apart. I care about him a lot and it irritates me that he couldn't admit that I meant something to him. It was obvious to others, but not to us, I guess. Oh well, life has to go on, right? Little does he know that his big tall bod and hot ass are still the subject of many of my fantasies. = )

I think people that do themselves, as I like to call it, are just great! And the ones that actually talk about it freely? That's really incredible, and I give them props. The secrecy and the fact that it's still kind of taboo and risque is pretty sad. But I know as the years go by, people will open up more, and accept it as something really amazing. This site, I think, shows just what I'm talking about. It really is a great thing (both the site, and masturbation = ) What better way is there to spend some of your free time, whether its alone or with your significant other? Wow, what a great feeling! I may be a virgin, and a good girl, but I'll always be a nasty chick at heart...



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