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Ultimate Edging

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Something I 'discovered' a few years ago.


I've been reading stories on Solo Touch for years, and have sometimes masturbated to them. It's time that I returned the favor. So this is a true story of a technique I 'discovered' a few years ago. Initially I thought I was the only one who figured this out; but since, I've happily read of others who've discovered it in the 'Techniques' section of this site (see links above).

First, a little background. I'm 24, Asian, and my cock is about 5' to 5.5' (5.75' on a great day) uncircumcised. Like many, I wish it were bigger, but it's still within the 'average' range so I guess it's alright. I masturbate with my foreskin maybe 90% of the time. Yeah, it was a bit awkward growing up in the Midwest US being uncut, but whatever, growing up is awkward.

Anyway, one of the things I really like about being uncut is the versatility. See, I rarely use any lube when I masturbate with my foreskin and I love to play and tease the sensitive tip of my foreskin. However, I sometimes-out of curiosity-wonder what it'd be like if I were circumcised and had to use lube. At first I'd just hold my foreskin back with one hand and stroke with the other, using lube. Then I read online about 'How to feel circumcised' by keeping one's foreskin taped back using surgical paper tape. I've found my 'circumcised method.' In general, the circumcised method is mostly a novelty; orgasms don't tend to be as intense but getting there sure is different and still plenty pleasurable!

Using this method, I don't need to hold my foreskin back. It freed up both hands for stroking. Also, since my foreskin's kinda long and I tape it to the base of my penis, almost all of the exposed skin on my shaft ends up being my inner foreskin-only the most sensitive parts of my penis (glans, frenulum, and inner foreskin) are exposed and available for stimulation.

Now (sorry for the long exposition), this was when I discovered my version of 'ultimate edging' similar to the techniques linked above. The first time was by accident. I was edging with the 'stop & go' technique with the circumcised method, and I suddenly got close to orgasm sooner than I wanted. I abruptly stopped but as soon as I took my hands off, I felt a few contractions and saw some cum spurt out. I thought I had orgasmed since I came a little, but I was still hard. So after a few seconds, I scooped up my cum and began stroking again, using my cum as lube. Cum, hands down, makes THE best lube. Within a couple minutes, I had a full orgasm that was quite strong. I've found my solution to the somewhat less intense orgasms that the circumcised method usually gives me.

Since then I've practiced to perfect and push the limits of this particular technique, to get multiple 'rounds' of mini-orgasms and mini-ejaculations. To get the best effect,I abstain from wanking for at least 3 days to build up the cum. I then tape back my foreskin like above and go. Sometimes I'd use some lube to get started but often I don't. (A few times, after not wanking for 5+ days, I accidentally came just from the tension in my skin when pulling my foreskin all the way back and taping it, thus aborting this whole technique prematurely).

For the first few minutes, I just rub and massage my cock-feeling the tightness that I'm unaccustomed to, rubbing the frenulum, massaging the bare glans, lightly touching my now sensitive shaft. Although I rarely pre-cum, I'm so turned on by this point that there's almost always just a couple drops that I rub into my frenulum and glans. Before I know it, I feel it coming.

I've come to realize that there are 3 phases before actually cumming. Phase 1 is where you feel like you're getting close, but if you back off usually nothing happens. Phase 2 is just before you cum, but if you back off some cum will still usually shoot/dribble out and you'll feel some contractions, like a mini-orgasm. And Phase 3 is full-on orgasm and ejaculation. So I've pushed myself to the edges and back off in Phase 2.

So after rubbing some pre-cum into my frenulum and glans, I feel it coming. I abruptly take my hand off my cock and try to relax all my muscles. Then it comes-I feel it working up through my cock and out the tip, one huge warm spurt that reaches all the way to my neck, and sometimes my face! My cock throbs a couple times, dribbling out a little more. What shoots out is all clear and doesn't quite have the consistency of cum, so it must be all the pre-cum I've accumulated over the past few days.

After waiting several long agonizing seconds, I scoop up my pre-cum from my chest and stomach and lube up my cock. I milk the remaining pre-cum out. Rather than going soft, I find my cock even harder and more sensitive. I rub the slippery pre-cum all over and begin slowly and lightly stroking. It feels sooo good. I change my stroking, taking a pause to just play with the frenulum to cool down or twist the glans as if opening a bottle, sighing at the sensitivity and pleasure it gives me.

Soon, within mere minutes, I feel myself get close again! I take my hand off and let it go. This time warm white cum shoots out onto my stomach. My cock twitches, wanting me to finish it, but I still have more rounds to go. After maybe 10-15 sec, I scoop up my cum and smear it over my cock with my other hand. Sometimes I have so much cum by this point that I even rub it on my balls. My cock is even harder and more sensitive. By now, the glans and shaft are blazing red, begging to just finally orgasm.

With my non-dominant stroking hand, I stroke my cock up and down slowly, making sure to touch every inch of it. Sometimes I'll use both hands and stroke different parts of my cock at the same time, or focus on the super-sensitive glans and frenulum.

In just another few minutes, I get close yet again! I take my hands off. I feel my cock twitch and pump, even though I'm concentrating on relaxing those muscles. Like before, I feel the cum slowly work up my cock and spurt out a little, not as much or as far as before but still substantial. My cock feels as if it's about to burst and break the tape. It's so sensitive now that even blowing on it, covered in cum-lube, makes me shiver. I let it settle for a bit longer now, as just touching it could set me off.

By now my entire penis is so sensitive that I must tread carefully. With my cum-covered hands, I lightly touch and massage my cock, paying attention to the glans and the frenulum. Like above, I get close again and back off a couple more times. Holding off the final orgasm is agonizing and takes every bit of self-control.

After a few rounds (assuming I don't accidentally go over the edge), I just can't stand it anymore and even the lightly touch sets me over the edge. I grasp my cock and stroke furiously to orgasm. I wonder if there's anything left to come out; sometimes a tiny bit of cum dribbles out, but more often than not, the orgasm is dry. I continue to stroke, slower now, beyond spent and basking in the hyper-sensitivity of my penis. There is cum all over me-on my neck (and sometimes face), my chest, my stomach, my hands, my thighs, my balls, and of course my super slippery penis. It's unbelievable how much cum I had in me after just a few days and being turned on so much!

Usually I can make it to at least three rounds, with six rounds of mini-orgasms being my record. I'm so turned on that all this usually happens in the span of 15-20 minutes. For the future, I hope to slow things down and draw it out even longer, to half an hour or so at least. This techniques requires a lot of practice, concentration, and self-control, and isn't something that can be done every day (as you really should hold off for a few days to build things up). But it's well worth it. I've done variations of this technique with my foreskin, but I still think this 'original' one feels the best-the sum of all the mini-orgasms can be so much more than any single orgasm.

I'm hard just thinking and writing this!



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