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Two Boys, One Condom

Posted by: Age: 13 at the time Posted on: 6 comments
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A fictional story inspired by a few other SoloTouch stories.


Me and my friend Scott were 13 when this happened. Before I begin, I want to take some time to describe how we looked at the time. Scott was white skinned, had sparkling blue eyes and long blonde hair combed in a mop. I am Asian, have brown eyes and at the time, short black spiky hair. We were both fairly lean with a bit of muscle from swimming and playing basketball. In terms of height, we were just under 5 feet tall. Girls described Scott as ''hot'', while I had heard a few describing me as ''cute''. We had been friends for many years, ever since he moved next door to me and my family. We attended the same school and were very close, with a lot of our other friends jokingly labeling us as a ''couple''.

Anyway, back to the story. One hot summer's day, I went over to Scott's house to play basketball in his backyard. We took our shirts off due to the heat and left them on a bench. We were only wearing our basketball shorts - Scott's were blue, mine were black - and our socks and shoes. We played basketball for over an hour. I was winning, but about ten minutes before we finished, Scott's 15-year-old sister, Alexa, came outside to watch us. She was wearing a red bikini top and black short shorts. She alternated between cheering for me and her brother. Her slim figure and almost naked body was distracting and Scott ended up scoring more than me. Oh well, she was pretty hot and gave me a nice view - so no harm done!

Scott and I were both dead tired from playing and from the heat, so we went inside to the kitchen. We sat down, cooled off and drank some water. Then we headed to Scott's room, as he said he wanted to show me something. Scott's room was quite small, but he managed to decorate it with an abundance of posters and sporting trophies. I sat down on Scott's bed, curious on what he had to show me. Scott looked at me with a sly grin and began to open the bottom shelf of his drawer. He reached inside and pulled out a small, silver square packet.

''Took this from my dad's wallet when he wasn't looking,' Scott said, still with his cheeky grin.

I had no idea what it was so I asked Scott, ''Dude, what is it?''

Scott quickly explained to me it was a condom, used by guys during sex to prevent girls getting pregnant. He was definitely more street-smart than I was. Scott then swiftly pulled off his basketball shorts to reveal his penis. It was soft and looked tiny. Only a few wisps of blonde pubic hair had started growing. Scott then ripped open the condom packaging to reveal a light blue, plasticy thing. He rolled it out with his fingers and I watched in awe as it stretched from a small blob to a 6 inch long, thin tube. I kept staring in fascination as Scott tried to put in onto his soft penis. After a few minutes he gave up, throwing the condom across the room in frustration. His penis - now semi erect - was still too small to fit inside the condom.

He sat down on the bed, next to me. ''Damn, I wish my dick was bigger!'' he said, partly upset, but partly in humour too. In an effort to cheer him up, I pulled down my own basketball shorts to reveal my penis to Scott - like his, it was quite small and only had a bit of thin, black pubic hair around it. Seeing my penis seemed to comfort Scott. I guess it was nice to know that there was someone else whose penis was of similar length to you. My penis, like Scott's was semi erect and I playfully leaned over Scott, slapping my penis across his.

''Woah, that felt cool,'' Scott said excitedly. I quickly agreed.

Soon, we were having a mini sword fight with our dicks, slapping and pressing against each other. After a few minutes of this playful slapping of dicks, we became fully hard. Our penises were both uncircumcised and reached 4 inches in length. At full erection, they pointed somewhere between straight out (perpendicular to our bodies) and straight up (pointing to the ceiling). We played for a few more minutes with our dicks in this state, adding a bit of wrestling to the mix. Now our basketball shorts were completely off, along with our socks and shoes - forgotten on the carpeted floor of Scott's room.

Suddenly, Scott had me pinned down on his bed, with his body almost on top of me. His left hand was tightly holding onto my right arm, and his right hand did the same to my left arm, His legs had locked my legs tightly together, like scissors unable to cut through something hard. I could feel Scott breathing hard as his face was only inches from mine. We both grinned at each other, then I started to glance down Scott's body. His nipples were hard, his stomach showing the faint outline of a six pack. I stopped when my gaze reached our penises. Our two small poles were almost touching - almost joining to form a larger dick...

In an instant, an idea appeared in my mind. I managed to break free of Scott's grip and went to the other side of the room to find the condom Scott had discarded earlier. I found it lying near the corner of the room and returned to Scott's bed. Scott looked annoyed, obviously still thinking about his earlier efforts at putting on the condom. Immediately, I told Scott to stand up next to his bed. I did the same, pushing my body directly against his so that our dicks met. 

''One of our dicks might not be able to fit into the condom, but both of ours can!'' I yelped.

Scott finally got the gist of what I was trying to do and helped me put the thin blue latex tube over both our dicks. Because our penises were fairly small, there was still a fair bit of the condom left unrolled at the base. The important thing though was that the combined width of our dicks could now fit into the condom. In fact, it was a bit of a tight squeeze - but I thought it was an awesome feeling for my penis to touch another boy's, trapped inside a thin tube. The feeling was electric and felt better than when we had our dick sword fight. Our little rods fused together, as if they were meant to be linked.

At this point, I think we were both so ecstatic that we couldn't speak. Instead, I used my right hand to cover the condom and started pumping up and down. Almost immediately, Scott tilted his head back and groaned - obviously enjoying himself! I continued pulling up and down at our joined penises within the condom. The soft skin of our penises touching each other and the latex material was a huge turn on - I could feel Scott's dick pulse along with mine. We were moments away from an orgasm, so I started to pull on the condom faster. Our breaths slowed, our hearts beat faster and faster, our bodies were starting to stiffen to prepare for our explosion.

Scott was about to erupt - I could see his head tilt back and his body tighten. To aid his orgasm, I reached for his balls with my left hand and tickled them. At this unexpected touch, Scott could hold it in no more - rope after rope of sticky white cum flew out of his dick and hit the top of the condom. Upon seeing the sight of the blue condom turning white, I started my own orgasm. My body stiffened like Scott's as we simultaneously shot our ropes of cum into the condom. By our fourth or fifth rope it was over, the tip of the condom completely filled up with nowhere to go.

The orgasm was so intense that we both fell to our knees, but still with our dicks joined together. After a short while, our penises began to un-erect themselves, leading small amounts of cum to flow around our dicks, out of the condom and onto our balls. We seemed stuck in that state - Scott and I, kneeling on the floor, joined at our dicks by a thin layer of latex. It was only after a minute or two that Scott spoke, ''That...was...amazing!''. I nodded, and at that point, our penises had become limp enough for the condom to fall off onto the carpet, leaving a trail of white liquid. We cleaned up with tissues and repeated our experiment the next day, with a new condom. Scott did the stroking that time, tickling both our balls during the process.

I later discovered that our first experience was only the second time Scott had masturbated, with his first time only a few days before. I had been doing it for months. Whatever the case, we had a lot more fun together in the years to come. It was nice to be introduced to mutual masturbation - by a condom.



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