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'Twas A Good Day

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'Twas A Good Day by Anonymous
As a teenager, I was never really sexually active. Most of the time it was just playin'around with girls that I knew from school, friends of my sister. Back about 10 years ago,when I was 16, I had an encounter with a girl that I would never forget.

Every day after school, my best friend George and I would walk back to his house and doour homework before my mom came to pick me up. Most of the time I would get pretty hornyand have to go to the bathroom to rub myself, just from the long day at school that leftmost of us guys longing for a nice orgasm. It was also pretty quiet in the house, too.Occasionally George's younger sister Michelle would be home. But even if she was, shewould be on the phone minding her own business anyway, so it didn't bother us or make uslose concentration on our work.

One day I was told by George to go to his house after school and wait for him becausehe had a hockey practice and wouldn't be home until about 4:00. Well, that was fine. I gotthe big house to myself, my mother wouldn't be swinging by to pick me up until about 6:30or so, and that still left an hour and a half for me to visit with George. Best of all, noone was going to be home, and that meant that I could masturbate without any distractions.

So I made my way to his house about a block from the school, unpacked my stuff, and gotto my homework. I was working for about twenty minutes, and suddenly I had this reallyuncomfortable boner. I needed to cum badly, and I thought about it and realized it wouldbe rude to masturbate on their couch, so I walked up to the bathroom. I noticed that thedoor was closed, and that didn't even seem to phase me really. I just opened up the doorreally fast with my hand on my prick and......oops!! The minute I walked in, there wasMichelle, sitting on the top of the toilet with her legs spread eagle and her fingersexploring her moist vagina. I couldn't even say "I'm sorry". She was startled atthe first sight of me, but for some reason I just left the door open and kept looking ather. She looked at my mountain in my pants, and then looked up at me saying, "are youthrough yet? Can't I get some fucking privacy??" I opened my mouth and nothing cameout. I just slammed the door and ran down the stairs. I was so horny right then I could'veexploded.

I began to bang my penis up and down and kept thinking of that sight. God, just towatch a 14 year-old girl masturbate was too much! And my best friend's sister?! Well, thatjust sent me over the edge and I beat it harder. I was just about to cum when a hand camearound me and grabbed my stiff dick. "You're doing it all wrong" she said as shestroked it up and down in a very pleasant manner. "You have to do nice and slow, justlike we girls do." I stuttered out the words while she was buffing my meat"I-I-I'm s-o-r-r" She just said, "Oh? You mean you didn't like what yousaw? I like what I see." She just kept rubbing me from behind and then jumped overthe back of the couch and sat on me. She was completely nude and ready for anything. Ididn't want to fuck her, cuz she was too young, but instead I rubbed my shaft against herclit and fingered her pussy a bit. She started screaming so loud I thought she'd break awindow. She then took my hand away from her vagina and said, "I came. Now you haveto." That was no problem. I just heard her say the words and I shot my load. When Icleaned up, she went upstairs and I followed her for more action.

I was cleaned up and ready to roll at 4:00 when George came home, and Michelle and Iwe're so back to normal George would never have known. My mother picked me up at 6:30 andeverything was good. I saw michelle in school until I was a senior and then I graduated. Inever saw her again, but all through those years we kept winking at each other in thehalls.....remembering that it really was a good day.



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