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Trying To Control Thyself Is Hard!

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Hey guys, my name is Nathan and this is my first submission, all true, enjoy.

This occurred when I was 16 years old. I was still in high school dating a girl named Stephanie. We went to a Christian High School and during this time we not only had Sex Ed, but the school was also had special classes teaching abstinence, you know, save yourself for marriage, no sex...do the right thing in God's eyes, and while I believe that's a great message and more power to you if you could do that. I was a horny, real 16 year old dating this girl who I thought was incredibly attractive, and my hormones were shooting through the roof. At the time we were both virgins and did plan to be good teens, save yourself for marriage. So far we'd only kissed, made out and hugged, but nothing really else.   

We had gone out for about 8 months, spending as much as our free weekends together as we could, and she often came over to swim at my parents' house, wearing the hottest bikinis. As my name implies, I love wearing speedos now when swimming, but at this time I was not comfortable enough with my body, so I wore swim trunks.  Stephanie knew I loved seeing her in a swimsuit, often told her it was my favorite outfit to see her wearing, you could say I have a fetish for it. She understood and would often surprise me for my birthday with a photo of her wearing a bikini, saying, "Enjoy, I know you love looking at me in a swimsuit, so here you go!" Boy did I, but something I never told her was I secretly masturbated to them almost every night. I'd pull out the 7 or so pictures of her wearing nothing but swimsuits, lay them all over my bed and just jerk myself off several times. I couldn't get enough of her body.  Well I remember one day, I wanted to do more with her, so I asked her to come over again for a swim, which she happily did. She loved to tan and would look white, nearly pale in the winter, then bronze in the spring and summer. 

I kissed and hugged her when opened the front door, she was wearing a halter top and white cargo shorts, but underneath I could see she was wearing her favorite pink/ green striped bikini. She wore it nearly every time we swam. It looked super cute on her. I was sporting black swim trunks with white mountain top ranges on the bottom, they looked cool and she always said it was her favorite ones I wore.   "Hey Steph, my parents aren't home, we can go swim of course, but do you want to do something different tonight?" I said nervously, thinking we could break our usual routine. That consisted of swimming and tanning for a few hours, then come in, order a pizza and watch a movie together on the couch.  She agreed, asking what I had in mind.

Never once had she stopped me from making an advance on her, so I felt comfortable, leaning into her, kissing her deeply on the lips, and let my hands wander her body. This was new, usually I tried to keep my hands on her hips, occasionally would brush against her breast "accidentally", but this time I went for it, grabbing and groping her breast through her shirt and bikini top. She moaned in response, almost caught off guard, but didn't stop me. Instead her hands pressed against my chest, feeling it up, rubbing her fingers through my shirt, and lightly rubbed my nipple poking through. 

Both of us I think were waiting for this moment, we often teased each other about it. When it would happen, how would we do it? She told me she wanted me to make the first move, and then she would follow. She asked once how "big I was" which I knew meant my cock, so I said big. I wasn't long, but I found out much later on it was thicker than most boys my age, again "self conscious about my body".  


We got heated, both moaning as I grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed them through her shirt, and she reached down, grabbing my ass, grinding our bodies against each other. We were two horny teenagers dying to release all the pent-up sexual tension, so I grabbed her by the hand and led her to the couch in the living room. I pulled off her shirt, tossing it to the side, her breasts encased in her bikini top, and my breath was taken away. She looked amazing, but I wanted those shorts of hers off too. I reached down, but she stopped me, holding up her hand. "Nathan promise me you won't go too far with this. I don't want to go too far....but I also want to try new things."  I saw her glance down at the hard-on sporting in my shorts, pointing out towards her. 



"Of course," I said, "You tell me when to stop, and I will." I reassured her, which he nodded in agreement, and propped up her legs, knowing what I wanted to do.  I reached down, unbuttoning her shorts and pulled them up her legs, tossing them to the side. Now she only remained in her sexy bikini, and I in my swimming trunks. 



I climbed onto the couch next to her, laying right on my side, facing her. She smiled, knowing what I wanted. Her lips pressed against mine again, but her hand reached down and grabbed my cock through my trunks and started to jerk me off, up and down. Her eyes even widened at the feel of it in her hand. I think it was bigger than she had expected. My hand dipped down and caressed between her silky, smooth, tanned thighs, feeling the lower half of her nylon bikini bottoms, rubbing right into her crotch for the first time. Just like on the websites I visited, I poked with two fingers right on the bud and gently rubbed. This made her moan even more, like a wave of ecstasy shot through her. She nodded her head and kissed me more, her lips pressed hard against mine, inviting me to make that happen again. I obliged and thrusted my fingers harder against the nylon fabric of her bottoms, rubbing back and forth, while she did her best and jerking my erection hard up and down, quicker. This made me moan more, I wished she would take it out and do that more, but she didn't. We both weren't willing to take the next step, but I caressed her breasts, kissed her neck and eventually, nearly at the same time we moaned, my cum squirting into my shorts, a wet spot building her hand, but she didn't stop masturbating me. 



Our bodies rubbing against each other contorted, her arm came around my body and hugged me, resting her head against my shoulder, breathing more quickly. She patted my hand away from her crotch, signaling she was done, and she let go of my rod, resting her head on my chest as I laid on my back, and her body on top of mine. 



My hand wasn't done exploring and rested on her ass, gently rubbing and groping her. I don't think she minded it though. 



"That was great Nathan...I really want to do that again. Experiment more and see what we can do while still keeping our promise." She looked happy, and while we laid there on the couch, I felt her hand grab my shorts again, she felt me up a little more, but I had become flaccid. She didn't jerk it off again for the rest of the night. 



It wasn't our last time and I plan on writing a story about it, then more stories of when I wore speedos and masturbated in them. 



Stay tuned!




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