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Trying on Clothes

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I masturbated a lot growing up, and had my own bedroom. I often did it naked, looking in a mirror, noisily, etc. It didn't really matter if I made noise or took my clothes off. In my first year of college, I had to teach myself to very quietly get off without my two roommates hearing me, but got really bored with having a quiet wank every other night or so.

I started pushing my shirt up and baring first one breast and then two, under the covers. After a few days I started pushing the blanket down a bit as well. Exposing my breasts to the air and to the room excited me a bit more, and I was able to make discreet masturbation a bit more interesting without disturbing my roommates. I really started to get off on exposing my breasts.

Later that year I was clothes shopping in a discount clothing store and discovered the fitting room was the kind that had mirrors all around one large room that everyone had to use at once. I remember HATING that kind when I was a kid because I was shy about showing my body, but now I was a bit turned on at the thought of having other women see me undress. I tried on my shirt with one other woman there. She was trying on a pair of jeans. I didn't really have much interest in looking at her, but I masturbated over having changed in front of her that night.

A few days after that, I went back to the store wearing my nicest underwear and no bra under my clothes. I chose a few strapless dresses to try on and went down to the fitting room. This time there were 2 other students in there and a woman in her 30s. I kept myself looking nonchalant as I took off my shoes, unbuttoned my shirt and jeansm and took them off. Then I took my time getting the first dress off its hanger and trying it on. I carefully put my breasts into the top of the dress, admiring it from all angles in the mirrored wall. I did the same thing with the other dresses, each time standing naked except for my underwear while I carefully hung each dress back up and took the other one off its hanger. I even took care hanging the last dress up before I put my own clothes back on.

I spent all my time looking casual about it that I didn't look to see if the other women were watching - I just assumed they had been and that was enough to give me masturbation fantasies for the next few weeks. As I fingered myself I'd think back to trying on the clothes and being topless in public.

There was a designer clothing boutique further up the street - the kind of store I'd never be able to afford anything from. But I used to go in there and look because the stuff was REALLY nice - loads of $300 dresses in really weird designs for like...really artistic cocktail parties or something. This was New York - you know? I figured if I looked rich and eccentric enough, I could get away with almost anything.

And the saleswoman was hot.

I went in one day in no bra and an 'urban slumming' type outfit of khakis and a shirt. I was really friendly to the saleswoman and said I was looking for a unique party dress. I went straight for the most expensive rack and she was pretty psyched that the store might make a big sale. She started showing me all kinds of dresses. I chose three, including a long black silk one with a zip up the back.

When she showed me to the tiny fitting room I noticed it was just a little cubicle with a velvet curtain across a pole at the top. It didn't pull shut very well at all and I guessed the saleswoman had to just avert her eyes or something. I took off my top and slipped the dress on. Then I admired it with her for a bit, and slipped off my khakis to get a better idea of how it would look. I turned it down and selected one that buttoned all the way down, next. I left the curtain open about 8 inches while I stripped off and hung up the dress. The very attentive saleswoman (she was in her 20s and had a cool tribal tatoo and short hair) came by to take the dress before I'd tried on the next one so I just handed it to her, wearing just my panties, without batting an eye.

The buttondown dress was a lot of fun to put on. I kind of did a reverse striptease for myself in the mirror, even leaving a button undone at the top and peeking down my own cleavage. But if my game was going to continue I'd have to turn that one down as well. I was starting to get turned on in a big way and my nipples were really sticking out through the dress. It was dark brown but in a good way, and it looked shabby chic. The saleswoman agreed but I said I wanted to try on the next one so off she went. I started to unbutton the dress and had gotten down to my waist when I called her back. I stood there, the sides of my breasts visible through the opening at the front of the dress, and asked for the same dress in black. She asked me if I remembered where it had come from and I turned, pointing toward the back of the store. I could feel my right nipple brush the button placket and knew my right breast must be in the middle of the opening of the dress. I casually drew attention to my dress again by saying 'I think it's the design of this one I like,' and looking down at the skirt of it. The saleswoman's eye's met mine and then traveled down the dress. She couldn't miss my breast sticking out. She said she'd get me one in black, ever professional.

I went back into the fitting room with the curtain half open. I unbuttoned the rest of the dress and took it off, carefully hanging it up while just wearing my panties. I couldn't wait to try on the last one, which has a bodice that laced up the front. It was black velvet and really medieval looking with a fishtail hem. The front corset bit was the real deal - those laces held you in. I had to undo them to get the dress on, and then had to sort them out to get the front closed.

I grinned to myself as I pleaded ignorance and called the saleswoman back. She said the brown dress did come in black but not in a 10. I made a joke about liking this dress but having no idea how to fasten it. She laughed and said I was the first person brave enough to try it on. She came into the fitting room with me and begain to lace up the bottom laces near my waist. As she got higher she has to put her hand on the underside of the dress to guide the cord through each eyelet. Her arm or the fabric brushed my nipples each time. She made a joke about understanding why they had ladies in waiting back then but didn't seem to mind what she was doing. I felt my underwear get wet and knew I'd have to get myself off as soon as I got home. Luckily my dorm was only down the street.

As she got near the top of the dress, she said 'You have to position your breasts right in this dress or it won't flatter you at all.' Then she reached in and pulled my right breast up while she tightened the cords a bit, and pulled my left breast up and tightened a bit more. She did this a few more times until she was satisfied, and then turned me around to face the mirror. She told me I looked great. I spun around a few times, admiring myself in the dress. I found myself laughing at the over the top (literally) cleavage though, and I told her so. I said the dress was great but not really appropriate for the occasion I had in mind. She laughed as well and said it was a shame but it looked amazing. I told her I'd think about it if something else came up.

I undid the laces myself, stepped out of the dress and handed it to her, again totally casual. She took the dress. I guess she'd seen naked women in her boutique all the time. I put on my clothes again and wished I had more money because all the dresses had been gorgeous! When I got back to my dorm room, no one was in. I reinacted the entire episode in my mind while I fingered myself and stroked my clit to about 5 orgasms. That got me through the next year as well until I finally had my own room and could do what I wanted sexually. I often did and still do fantasise about what might have happened in either of those fitting rooms with some of those women, especially my saleswoman.



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