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Truth or Dare With Sister And Female Cousin

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Ok, first let me start out by saying this is about more of a game than anything else, but it's still a lot of fun.
My cousin K slept over my house like 3 or 4 years ago and she was going to stay in my room along with my 2 younger sisters and I. K is 3 years younger than I am and one of my sisters is 1 year younger than me and the other is 4 years younger than me. Anyway - we were sent to bed by my Mom around 8:30 (she's real strict), and most of us decided that we were not tired yet (my younger sister the one 1 year younger than me decided to go right to sleep cause she was tired).
K suggested that we play truth or dare, and my other sister and I said sure. When we started, It was just little dares like turn on the radio really loud so your parents can hear for 5 seconds than turn it off, or little truths like have you ever been kissed, etc.. Then K decided that it should get a little more interesting, and when she asked me 'truth or dare' I unknowingly said dare, and she dared me to flash her and my sister (from the waist up) for 10 seconds, and because it was bedtime, we had no bras on - but determined not to back down, I did it. The game went to just dares from then on, I was I little reluctant at first but eventually we got going, with flashing your pussy for 20 seconds - spread eagle, to doing a strip dance for everyone, to fondling another one of the girls' boobs, but they never got much past that. However, we had a lot of fun that night. So I of course was thinking about it for days and decided to come up with a list of dares so that next time K slept over we wouldn't have to spend so much time thinking them up.
It became this thing that I thought about all the time, different dares people should do, etc- and from then on we played dare every time K came over for like 2 years or so, then we all kind of moved on, from there: but it's still a fun bunch of dares ** see below** for any of you girls to play with your friends, all I have are all female ones though - sorry guys - enjoy - I have a lot of great memories from it
Supplies needed: lots of cotton swabs, lubricant, latex gloves, tweezers, ice cubes, a fan, an electric toothbrush, a few beach towels, a vibrator (clitoral or vaginal either works), a stopwatch, a sturdy table on which a person can lay or a bed with no rails on the sides that is not up against any walls, a camera, tampons (with and without applicators)
Preparation: before the event - get the supplies together and set up either a sturdy table or bed both need to be away from all walls (so that people can have access to all sides), line the table with a beach towel or two to cover it, and warm the lubricant if possible
1 Female needed for the following dares:
1. Flash everyone here from the waist up (no bra) for 20 seconds 2. Flash everyone here from the waist down (no underwear) for 10 seconds *(legs closed) 3. Do a strip dance and end up with no clothes or underwear on the dance should last for about 45 seconds-1 min (*don't open your legs and let everyone see inside) 4. Take off all of your clothes and pose in a provocative position (legs closed), for 2 pictures (fake or real) 5. Take off all of your clothes, lay down on the table or bed, and bend your knees, and allow everyone to see the inside of your genital area, (*no touching) for 30 seconds 6. With no clothes on - get on your hands and knees on the table and allow one person to open your butt cheeks and see your rectum for 15 seconds (no touching) 7. With no clothes on get into the same position as #5 and pluck 3 of your own pubic hairs (if you have them) with the tweezers 8. With no clothes on get into the same position as #5 and insert 2 ice cubes into your vagina and keep your legs open while they completely melt inside of you (*no touching yourself and don't let other people touch you while they are melting) 9. With no clothes on get onto the table or bed and you have 5 minutes to masturbate yourself to orgasm at least once, with no help from anyone else, and you may use the vibrator if you wish, if you do not succeed, you must play the rest of the game with absolutely no clothes on 10. Start out completely clothed and pretend that you are hosting a video teaching young girls about their sexual parts. Of course, you have to model, so eventually you will end up completely naked, you must point out your breasts, nipples, pubic hair (if you have it), clitoris, urethra (where the urine comes out), vagina, lips around your vagina, and anus. The video should be approximately 7 minutes long. 11. Start out completely clothed and pretend that you are hosting a video teaching girls about getting their period (helps if you have yours - but not necessary), start out telling girls that it's normal, and just like in the last video (#10), you have to give a demonstration, so get completely naked, and show the girls your genitals, and then instruct them in the insertion of a tampon with and without an applicator, and if you have your period, stick your finger in your vagina and then pull It out and show your audience your period blood. Be very kind - remember you're talking to young girls - your video should be about 6 minutes long. 12. Start out completely clothed and pretend you are hosting a video teaching young girls about masturbation. Start out by telling them that it is normal and everyone does it - etc- then get completely naked and begin masturbating yourself showing the girls your different techniques. You must come to orgasm at least 2 times with the help of a vibrator if necessary. Your video should be about 10 minutes long or until you have 2 orgasms whichever comes last. **NO HELP FROM ANYONE ELSE!
Dares for 2 females: (these are my favorites) 1. One woman takes off her shirt and bra only and the other must lick and fondle her breasts for 1 minute. They then switch roles. 2. Play find the spot: one woman is completely naked, while the other has to find the sexually oriented spot that the naked one is thinking of on the naked one's body, the naked one guides the 'finder' by saying yes or no, the 'finder' can touch anywhere and once they have found the right spot, they must pleasure that spot with fingers only for 30 seconds. The two women then switch roles. 3. One woman takes her shirt and bra off while the other is the radiologist who is performing the mammogram. The woman with the exposed breasts is having a ‘mammogram' (which are pretty painful) so the ‘radiologists' must squeeze and pull and tug on the exposed woman's breasts (don't cause too much discomfort) for 3 minutes. They then switch roles. 4. One woman must lie down on the table or bed completely naked while the other is the ‘masseuse'. The masseuse must give an entirely sexual massage to the naked one for 8 minutes, giving them at least 1 orgasm with out licking them or giving them a blow-job, the masseuse can use lubricant on their hands to help things out and they may also use the vibrator if necessary. They then switch roles. 5. ****THIS IS MY FAVORITE EVER**** It's long but it's a lot of fun for both women (and their audience) if they are in the right frame of mind.
One woman is the doctor and the other is the patient - of course the doctor is a gynecologist (with some odd practices J)
The patient must lie down completely naked on the bed or table. The patient must act completely professional, as does the doctor, if you are not professional it ruins the dare.
The doctor comes in and says hello to the patient and then begins examining the patients' breasts. The doctor should move them in a circular fashion, pinch the nipples, and thoroughly examine them before continuing on. This part should last for about 4 minutes.
The doctor then begins pressing firmly but not to hurt the patient on the patient's really-lower abdomen, if the doctor wants they can ask the patient to cough, etc- This part should last for 1 minute or so.
The doctor should then proceed to the end of the table or bed and ask the patient to bend their knees and let their legs fall all the way out to their sides. The patient should then slide all the way down to the end of the table so their butt cheeks are right near the doctor. The doctor should have a seat on a stool or chair if possible.
The doctor should then begin by putting latex gloves on and then begin examining the outside of the woman's genitals (clitoris, outer vagina, urethra, lips, etc-) the doctor should poke and pinch and pull apart (without causing too much discomfort) and feel around for any ‘abnormalities'.
The doctor should then put lubricant on their index and middle fingers of their dominant hand and insert them into the patient's vagina carefully. The doctor should move their fingers around while pressing firmly (but not to hurt the patient) on the patient's lower abdomen.
The doctor should then remove their fingers from the vagina and lubricate a cotton swab and insert that carefully into the vagina and swirl it around – pretending to be doing a pap smear.
The next ‘test' is for vaginal capacity. The doctor should lubricate 15-20 cotton swabs and insert them 2 at a time into the vagina carefully and push them all the way in, and then when the vagina is close to full, insert one at a time, insert until you can't insert any more and then count them.
Remove 4 of the cotton swabs in the patient's vagina and then ask the patient to bear down and push the cotton swabs out, like their having a baby or a big poop. This tests for pelvic muscle strength. If the patient can do it all the way, move onto the next paragraph, if not – keep going. Remove a few more of the cotton swabs from the patient's vagina and ask them to try again, if it works – move on to the next paragraph, if not – keep reading. Ask the patient to turn over onto their stomach and lubricate a new cotton swab. Then ask the patient to take a deep breath and insert the cotton swab into the patient's rectum slowly, about an inch to an inch and a half. Then ask the patient to bear down like they are having a bowel movement. If the cotton swab moves, move on – if not – continue anyway.
This part of the exam tests the patient's sexual response. With the patient lying down on their back, moisten the end corner of a bath towel with cold water, and then take the electric toothbrush and place the head of it directly on the wet corner of the towel, and place the wet corner of the towel on the side of the patient's clitoris (not directly on it to start). Turn on the electric toothbrush and move it in a very small circular motion or in a very small up and down direction. Then after 15 seconds or so, remove the toothbrush and if the patient's clitoral area has increased in its redness, that means that the patient has a good sexual response – so move onto the next paragraph. If not, place the toothbrush on the patient's clitoral hood (right above the clitoris) and turn it back on for 30 seconds then remove it – if the redness has increased – move on to the next paragraph if not – place the towel and toothbrush directly onto the patient's clitoris (lift up the clitoral hood and place it on, then turn on the toothbrush and move it in either small circular motions or up and down both with varying degrees of pressure. After 30 seconds, remove the toothbrush and if the area has gotten redder, go to the next paragraph if not put the toothbrush back directly on the clitoris and turn it on, move it in small movements, vary pressure, and ask the patient to ‘suck-in' their pelvic muscles as much as they can. Do this for 45 seconds – if the patient orgasms go 2 paragraphs ahead, if they don't orgasm – but the redness has increased, go to the next paragraph. If not – use the vibrator to bring the person to orgasm in any way that you can (no licking), use as much time as you need, and then go 2 paragraphs ahead.
To test the patient's ability to orgasm, use the toothbrush in the towel and place it directly on the patient's clitoris. And before you turn it on explain to the patient that as they feel an orgasm coming on, ‘suck-in' their pelvic muscles as much as they can, resist every urge they might have to touch themselves, they may moan if they want, and don't fight the urge to orgasm. Then turn the toothbrush on and move it in either a small circular motion or a small up and down motion – varying pressure for both. Keep doing this and continue to do this all the way through the patient's orgasm, when the patient begins to orgasm, insert 1 lubricated finger into the patient's vagina and make a ‘come-here' signal with your finger to hit the patient's G-spot. Continue to do this until the patient comes down from their orgasm.
The final test is a rectal/vaginal function test. For this test, the patient should turn over onto their stomach, and without bending their knees spread their legs some (not necessary for them to be open all the way). The doctor should lubricate 14 cotton swabs and ask the patient to take a deep breath and relax their muscles. The doctor should then begin by slowly inserting 1 cotton swab into the patient's rectum and guide it in until there is only about ½ a centimeter-1 centimeter left out. The doctor should then swirl the cotton swab inside the patient for approximately 30 seconds (make sure the patient keeps their muscles relaxed). The doctor should then insert another cotton swab into the rectum slowly and push it in until only about ½ centimeter to a centimeter is left outside of the rectum. The doctor should then swirl the 2 cotton swabs at the same time inside the patient's rectum for about 30 seconds making sure the patient keeps their muscles relaxed. The doctor should then insert 2 cotton swabs at a time into the patient's vagina and pushing them in until there is only ½ centimeter left out, the doctor should continue inserting cotton swabs until 10 cotton swabs are in the patient's vagina. The doctor should remind the patient to keep their muscles relaxed through all of this. The doctor should then ask the patient to tense up their muscles and the doctor should then try to pull out both the rectal and vaginal cotton swabs at the same time, if the doctor is unsuccessful – the patient has good muscle strength and the exam is over. If not the exam is over anyway.
HAVE FUN LADIES! (It's really fun to make up your own too)!



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