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Truth or Dare

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A group of us late one night in my room at Uni


It’s very late. There are three others in my room at Uni. Jane, who is in the year above me, Helen, a student in my year, me and a guy called Steve.

We’ve killed three bottles of wine between us and smoked something ‘interesting’. Now, well past midnight, the talk has moved from ‘have you ever’ to ‘truth or dare.’ Helen takes a ‘truth’. She is asked if she’s ever made out with another girl. She instant sharp “No!” Is followed by a blush and I know that even though she may not have done it, she’s certainly thought about it.

Steve goes next. He too take ‘truth’. “Is there anything you’ve never done with a girl sexually, but would like to.?” Steve takes his time thinking about this. I sense that he knows exactly what he wants to do, but he’s trying to form the sentence in an acceptable way. He coughs before saying “well, I’ve always fancied the idea of, Well, you know, anal sex.” The conversation goes on around this with Helen telling him that if he ever gets the chance, to do it very slowly and with plenty of lubrication. “There’s no such thing as too much lube.” Well, there speaks the voice of experience, I think!

Jane next. She takes dare. Steve, dares her to flash her pussy. Jane immediately stands up and lifts her skirt before pulling her panties down at the front. A nice little strip of hair and a pussy I could kiss to death!

More wine, More inconsequential chat before Helen says, “Hey, Becky. Your turn. Truth or dare?” I opt for dare, of course. Helen says “I dare you to masturbate to orgasm in front of us.”

Having someone watch me do that is at the very top of my wish list....and now three people will! Of course, I fluster a bit but I’m really up for it despite my protestations. I take a deep breath, another gulp of wine before settling back on my bed propped up against the corner of the room. I spread my legs. I lightly run my fingers over my nipples, prompting them to immediate hardness. I’m wearing a very stretchy top, one I can pull down over both shoulders. I tug it over, and slip my hand in over my breast.

There is total silence in the room. My right hand travels down to my panties. A few strokes over the top before delving under the waistband. Damn, this feels good! I continue like this before I realise I’m betraying myself. I’ve had my eyes tightly closed so far. That’s not what I want at all! I want to see their reactions...see their faces. I reach up and pull my panties off, chucking them on the bed at my feet next to Helen. Then I take my skirt and top off. There is an audible gasp, I don’t think they were expecting me to strip naked. I feel their eyes roaming over my body. The sexual tension in the room mounts.

Back in my corner, I rub my clit in the small circles she desires. I look at Jane and lock eyes with her. She is clearly and obviously aroused. She is breathing hard and deep and has a flush over her neck. Steve’s erection is tenting his trousers. No need to ask if he’s gay, then. But Helen. Helen, I notice, is staring at me....every move.....every tiny gesture.....she too is breathing hard, and I notice she has her fingertips on my discarded underwear and is lightly fingering my panties. Oh Helen! The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Two fingers enter my slippery twat and I feel my internal muscles as they grip my exploring fingers. Each time I finger fuck myself, I find a different sensation inside. I find my sweet G spot and give myself that exquisite sensation of imminent urination coupled with imminent orgasm. If I squirt, poor Steve is in the firing line. Im close now though. A few deep finger fucks and I’m on the edge. I see no reason not to tell them so, I cast my eyes around the small, intimate group and announce “Oh, I’m gonna cum”.

Steve opens his legs. Such a small gesture, but it is packed with eroticism and I orgasm. I’m covered in a deep red flush on my upper chest which mottled as it reaches my neck and face. I’ve cupped my hand between my legs so any squirt will hit the sheet and not Steve.

I realise, I closed my eyes at the point of orgasm. When I open them, Helen has tears rolling down her face. “That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”, she says. Such a simple sentence, but there’s a wealth of impact behind it. Oh, she’s seen porn before, who hasnt? But this is the first time she’s seen a person really masturbate...masturbate for the pleasure of it....in comfort.

Jane walks over to Steve and says “we can’t leave him like this, can we? An hour later, and Steve has crossed off his number one wish and I am getting low on baby oil!

I’ve also had the honour of giving Helen her first girl/girl orgasm. Although Jane and Steve were busy, it felt like they were very much in the background and there was only the reality of Helen and me. First, we kissed gently. She was tense at first, but then relaxed as I stroked her back and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Like me, she isnt a bra wearer. Her tits, bigger than mine, felt firm and her nipples caused a gasp of pleasure at each touch.

When I got as far as slipping my hand in her panties, I found her already extremely wet. She flopped down on my bed, her back against the wall, and lifted her right leg to let me touch her. It would have been too much to lick her out, I sensed that she wasn’t ready for that. Instead, I lay alongside her, my hand in her panties, rubbing, fingering and maintaining eye contact. I noticed she still had my panties balled up in her hand and from time to time, she almost lifted her hand to her face. Instead, I took the initiative, and put her hand up alongside her face and smiled. She held my panties to her nose and breathed in deeply. Almost at the same time, I felt her cum, an orgasm that just didn’t seem to want to end. At one point, her pink tongue darted out from her mouth to touch the material.

More wine, More smoking, and slowly, one by one, we dozed off.



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