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Trish's Mom is the Real Dish

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My college girlfriend's mom was hot!!


When I was 19 and a sophmore in college I dated a beautiful girl named Trish. She liked to wear tight jeans and revealing tops but she was very traditional. Despite my numerous attempts in the 6 months we had dated she would not get naked with me and the most we did was masturbate each other. When I fingered her pussy once it was only through her panties in my dorm room and I fantasized about how pretty her pussy must have been. Trish always told me I would have to wait when I tried to persuade her to have sex with me and she was so sexy I always agreed. She told me she was a virgin and I believed her. When we were ready to go on Christmas break that year she told me she wanted to introduce me to her parents. I told her that I would make the 2 hour drive to see her and I thought to myself oh great what a boring family she must have since she was so strict and uptight.
When I arrived the day after Christmas I was greeted at the door by her father Dennis who was a tall imposing man. Trish kissed me on the cheek at my arrival and she was giddy and in a good mood. As we sat around the house watching TV her father asked if I would be staying the night. I told him I could drive home later that night but he told me they had a spare bedroom and I was welcome to spend the night. Trish squeezed my arm as we were talking and my mind raced thinking how I might be able to get in on with Trish if I stayed the night.
A few hours later Trish's mom Dolly returned home from the store and I volunteered to help her carry her groceries into the house. I was pleased to see how pretty and young her mother looked and she was very pleasant to talk to. Dolly had long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes just like Trish. I also couldn't help but notice as Dolly repeatedly bent over in front of me how she still had a nice figure with a very nice ass. Dolly was very talkative to me and while we were in the garage alone she told me how Trisha told me I was such a 'gentleman' and how she liked to hear I was not interested in Trisha just for her body. For once I was getting 'brownie points' for being a nice guy. I was concerned however that if I tried harder to get in Trisha's pants that she seemed to tell her mother everything.
Later that night Trish and I went out to the movies and Trish smelt wonderful. She held tightly to my arm and aggressively kissed me in the car. I was getting a hard on in a hurry but I did not want to be too aggressive with her especially since I was staying the night. As we all went to bed that night my bedroom was downstairs by itself while Trisha's room was upstairs on the other side of her parents. Any thoughts I might have had about getting together with Trish seemed to be squashed.
To my surprise I felt a tap on my shoulder that night about 1:30 am and it was Trish getting in bed with me. As I started to tell her this was not a good idea she gently put her finger to my lips to hush me. As Trish kissed me on the neck her hand immediately dove into my shorts and she began to message my cock which quickly jumped to life. She took my hand and placed it between her legs and I was pleased at how wet her pussy was already. Trish then dove under the sheets and began to suck on my cock much to my suprise. Her lips were wonderful wrapped around my hard throbbing cock. As I began to tell her how great it felt she again told me to be quiet by shushing me. Trish not only sucked my cock but she kissed and licked on my balls while stroking me. I could not believe how turned on she was but I was too damn happy to care. After giving me a super blowjob Trish rolled over on her back and gently pushed my head to her pussy. She smelt wonderful and tasted even better. Trish began to moan and groan immediately as I continued to kiss her pussy lips and gently nibble on her clit. I wished that there was a light on in the room so I could see how beautiful Trish was but there was a certain sensuality about having sex with her in the dark. I worked my way up to her tits and I hungrily sucked on her big tits and sucked on her nipples. She held me tight and ran her fingers through my hair. Even though I kept telling Trish how horny I was she only moaned and never said a word.
Next I knew I should go for broke so I asked her if she was ready to make love. She moaned and started to grab my ass hunching me as I searched for her wet pussy. I knew Trish told me she was still a virgin before so I slowly inserted my throbbing cock into her tight wet pussy. Even though I was going slow Trish continued to moan and pull me toward her. I began to start fucking her harder and I could feel my hard cock getting squeezed by her tight pussy lips as she came. She was so wet and warm that I kept pumping my cock into her and she kept coming and moaning. I tried not to come too fast but Trish was so turned on and I was so horny I could not hold back. I picked Trish up completely off the bed and sat up on my knees while she continued to ride my cock even harder. I felt her coming again and I spurted my load deep into her wet pussy as she hugged me and stayed glued to me with my cock still in her pussy. Trish rolled over and I wrapped my arms around her and asked not to leave but to stay with me.
A few hours later after falling asleep with my beautiful girlfriend in my arms I awoke as Trish was again stroking my cock. She rolled over and began to suck me off and my cock sprung to life instantly. This time Trish kept me on my back and climbed up on top of me. It felt so sexy for Trish to take charge and she began to thrust up and down on my hard cock as I squeezed her ass cheeks. This turned her on even more and I felt the now familiar feel of her warm come dripping out of her pussy onto my stomach. Trish directed my hands up to her tits and I held them gently as she rode my cock. She then took my hands and began helping me to squeeze her tits even harder while pinching her nipples. Trish was on fire and I was the lucky one to have her thrashing on top of my cock. I felt Trish begin to turn over and she got on her knees in the bed. I immediately searched around for her wet opening and she took my rock hard cock in her hand and guided me in. I began to fuck her sweet pussy from behind while slapping her on the ass. She moaned and came again but I held back. She took my hands and wanted me to squeeze her tits again. I loved how heavy her tits were now that she was on her knees and as I squeezed them again I felt her come. I could not hold back any longer and I let loose of another monster load of come in her pussy as I fucked her from behind. I could not believe how sexually charged she was and how I had just fucked her not once but twice in the same nice. Before I could tell her how great it was Trish had left my room and I figured she had to get back to her bedroom before her parents had noticed she was gone.
The next morning I took a long shower and got dressed thinking of how lucky I had been to fuck Trish's sweet pussy that I had tried so desperately to get into at school. I immediately started thinking of spring break and summer break and of all the times I could give Trish a ride home especially now that her parents knew I was so good to her.
When I was sitting at the table having breakfast with Trish while her mother Dolly fixed us something to eat I was trying to whisper to her how great last night was without her mother hearing us. Trish just laughed and shrugged her shoulders so I figured she did not want to talk about it in front of her mother. Dolly stated that Dennis had to go to work early this morning but he wanted her to make sure I had something to eat before I left. Trish got up from the table and told me she would be right back. Once she left Dolly asked me how I slept last night and I nervously told her okay. Then as Dolly put some bacon and eggs on the table she leaned over in front of me and I couldn't help but notice her nice firm breasts struggling to stay inside of her robe. I thought to myself wow if Trish stays as firm as long as her mom I will be one happy son-of-a-gun. Then as Dolly placed some orange juice in front of me she bent down and whispered in my ear, 'Thanks for last night big boy.' I almost spit my eggs across the table as Trish walked back into the room and she asked me if I was okay. I told her I was fine and tried not to choke as I realized it was Dolly and not Trish who had just fucked my brains out. This would make sense why she never spoke and why she was so experienced (and horny) when we fucked. All through breakfast Dolly continued to smile at me and lick her lips and I tried to keep my composure.
Trish exscused herself from the table and told us she had to take a shower before she helped me load my car for my trip back home. As Trish left the room Dolly took the opportunity to sit next to me and ask me if she was a good host. I mumbled some reply as my heart began to beat out of my chest. She told me she loved the way I 'treated' her and she was sure some day soon Trish would also be lucky enough to be treated the same way. She promised me she would not say a word about our tryst to Trish but that she was jealous that I was taking my big hard cock with me back to school where she couldn't see it anymore. Upon saying this Dolly got on her knees in front of me and slowly took my cock out of my shorts. She smiled as it began to become hard and throbbed in her hands as she stroked it. She licked around the head and massaged my balls with her left hand. She laughed and said it looked even bigger in the daylight. I could not believe that Dolly was sucking me off only one room away from where Trish was taking a shower. As Dolly continued to suck my cock she started to finger her pussy and I noticed as it fell open she had nothing on underneath her robe. She took her mouth off my cock long enough to kiss me and ask me to fuck her 'one last time'. I was too damn horny to tell her no. She threw open her robe and sat at the edge of the table with her pussy wet and exposed. I leaned forward and placed my hard cock at her opening. She took her hand and inserted the head into her pussy and then I leanded forward giving her the whole length. I could not believe how sexy Dolly was as this was the first time I could see her body. Her tits were magnificent and she had big pink perky nipples begging to be sucked. Her pussy hair was golden and her pussy lips were pink and protruding. I reached down and pinched her clit and this made her come as her pussy lips squeezed my cock. I told her I could not hold on much longer and I heard Trish turn the shower off in the bathroom. Dolly flung her legs up in the air and I grabbed her ankles while thrusting my hard cock in her tight cunt. She whispered for me to fuck her faster and harder and as I did I came deep inside her pussy. Although I only came for about 15 seconds I kept thrusting my still hard cock in her wet pussy as I knew I might never get this opportunity again. Dolly climbed down off the table and I sat back down and pulled my shorts up only a few seconds before Trish walked back into the kitchen. Trish walked me to the car and she told me how much her parents liked me especially her mother. Trish told me her mother usually dislikes her boyfriends becuase she thinks they are too aggressive with her and her mother considers her to be her 'little girl.' I swallowed hard and told Trish I liked her parents and that her mother seemed especially 'friendly'.
Although Trish and I broke up about 3 months later I did receive a letter from her mother after that thanking me for being a 'gentleman' to her daughter and she asked me to stop by and see her again sometime.



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