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Tree house

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When I was younger, I started getting curious about girls. Anne was the best girl to satisfy my curiosity.


My dad had told me that girls were different from boys. I had tried to imagine a naked kid without a penis, but it just didn't make sense. I was about to find out that Anne's parents had told her more than mine. Quite a bit more ...

Anne came over on a bright summer morning. We played checkers for a while. Anne and I were pretty evenly matched. Sometimes I won and sometimes she won. After two games of checkers, we were bored. We decided to get a snack and climb into the tree-house.

Dad had made some brownies the night before, so we sneaked half of the pan out of the house and into the tree-house. No one was home, so we didn't need to sneak. It just made it more fun. The brownies were gone in ten minutes.

As we lay there looking through the leaves at the sky, I asked, “Anne, what do girls look like?”

Anne looked at me like I was daft. “Like me, silly,” she said.

“No,” I said. “Underneath their clothes!”

“You haven't ever seen a girl naked?” Anne was incredulous.

“No,” I said, a little put out at the incredulous tone.

“Have you ever seen a boy naked?” I asked.

“Sure,” Anne replied. “I see my dad naked all the time!”

“You see your parents naked?” It was my turn to be incredulous.

“Yeah,” she said, a little cautious. “Don't you?”

“No,” I said, trying to imagine my parents naked. I knew my dad was a lot hairier than me, and I knew my mom was a lot curvier than me, but the picture in my mind just seemed wrong.

We lay there for a while pondering. I was pondering how naked people looked. Anne was pondering why my family was never naked. Anne came to a decision.

“Let's take off our clothes,” she proposed.

I looked at her with wide eyes. “No way!” I exclaimed.

“Why?” asked Anne, truly confused by my refusal.

“Um … don't know,” I replied.

“Well,” said Anne, “I'm taking mine off!”

My eyes got even wider as Anne quickly shed her clothes. I stared at her naked body as she stood there. She was flat-chested and hairless, but looked like Venus to me.

“That's what dad meant!” I said as I stared at her crotch.

“What?” she asked, looking a bit embarrassed.

“No penis,” I said.

“Yeah,” said Anne, “I'm a girl.”

“What's in your crack,” I asked innocently, looking at the fold of skin in her crotch.

“Take off your clothes and I'll show you.”

I was already feeling a strange urge to get naked too, so I gave in to Anne's request. Only I turned around and took my clothes off slowly. When I was completely naked (and completely red-faced), I turned around. Anne smiled at my erection.

“Yeah, that sometimes happens,” I said sheepishly.

“It means you like me!” said Anne.

“Huh?” I said. I had no idea what she was talking about.

“It means you like me. You know, like me like me?”

“Oh,” I said, experiencing a bit of burning in my belly. “I guess I do,” I said, realizing for the first time that I had a crush on Anne.

“It gets that way so you can have sex,” Anne explained.

“Huh?” I said again.

“Watch,” said Anne. She lay down on the floor of the tree-house, spread her legs and pulled her labia apart with one hand. She pointed to a small nubbin at the top of her crack. “This is my clitoris,” she said. She pointed further down. “This is my urethra, my pee hole.” She pointed further down. “This is my vagina. That's were the boy puts his penis during sex.” Pointing just a little lower, she finished with, “This is my butt-hole where the poop comes out.”

All this time my boy part was getting even harder, and was starting to turn purple. All I could do was stare at her exposed pussy and resist touching it.

“You can touch it if you want,” she said.

I looked at her face. She was sincere. And she was still holding her labia open. So I knelt between her legs and gently touched her butt-hole.

“Not that,” she said. “My vagina.”

I gingerly touched her vagina. “It's soft!” I said.

“Yeah,” she agreed.

I touched her clitoris. Anne smiled.

“That feels good,” she said. “You can rub it like this.” Anne took my finger and moved it in a circle. So I started moving my finger like she showed me. Anne laid back and smiled. “Keep going, and don't stop,” she said.

As I rubbed her clitoris, Anne's eyes got dreamy. Then her muscles tightened and her back arched. I let go.

“Are you okay?” I asked anxiously.

“Yeah, that was an orgasm. It felt great!”

“Oh,” I said, wondering what to do next.

“Your turn,” said Anne. “Lie on your back.”

So I laid down on my back and spread my legs just like Anne had. She touched my anus.

“That's your butt hole,” she said, then cupped my ball-sack in her hands. “That your scrotum with your testicles inside.” Anne gently let go of my ball-sack and ran her finger along my hard dick. “And that is your penis. Mom said to put my hand around it and move up and down.”

I gasped as Anne's fingers wrapped around my dick. Then she started pumping up and down. I marvelled at the feelings it made. I felt those feelings grow and grow, until it seemed like I would explode. Then I did explode. Or, at least it felt like it.

Anne laid down next to me. We lay there naked, holding hands as we drifted off for a short nap.



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