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'Tossing Off' In An English Pub

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"Tossing off" in an English pubI was in a pub the other night when I saw a few guys fooling around. They were daring one of their buddies to get is dick out. After a while, and a few more beers, this guy stood up, unzipped his jeans and got his cock out. After giving everyone in the pub the chance to see it, he put it away and sat down.The guys continued to dare each other to flash and a short time later one of the other guys completed his dare. He was to walk up to the bar and order a round of drinks with his dick out. This was an amazing sight. He stood up, unzipped his pants, took his cock out and walked up to the bar with it half hanging and half sticking out (he had a semi-hardon). There were women as well as men in the room and everyone was cheering him on. As he stood at the bar waiting for his drinks to be served his dick went fully stiff. He paid for his drinks, put them on a tray and walked back to his friends with his big stiff cock sticking out.The dares were now getting more adventurous. The next guy was asked to stand in the middle of the room and drop his pants to his ankles. This was fucking lovely, a third cock publicly on display in a crowded pub. Everyone was cheering. A guy over in the corner who was sitting with his wife stood up and got his cock out. There were more cheers and encouragement from the crowd. One of the women lifted her skirt and showed us all her knickers. One of the guys in the middle of the room had now taken his shirt off, then his jeans, this his shorts, then he stood on a chair completely naked.Everyone in the pub was now cheering. A woman near the pub got her tits out and several men were now unzipped and were openly wanking themselves. Believe me, Dave, my dick was fucking throbbing. I unzipped my jeans and took it out. I started to masturbate in the middle of the room in full view of everyone. Several other guys had their cocks out and two had pulled their pants right down. There were probably about forty people in the room. At least ten men now had their cocks out (or their pants down). A woman at the side of the room removed her knickers and threw them in the air. Another woman stood up, lifted her dress, pulled her knickers down and played with her cunt.Everyone was cheering and encouraging everyone else to get braver and show more. I noticed a couple of guys at the bar. They were looking over the bar at the two waiters. I walked towards the bar (with my dick out) to see what was going on. As I looked over the bar one of the waiters had his dick and was wanking himself.I have never seen a site like this. At least half the men in the room now had their cocks out and were wanking themselves or each other. Several of the women had their tits out, knickers down and/or their skirts up. I saw three guys leave the room so I followed them to the toilets. In the toilets they started stripping completely. I did the same and we all played with each other's cocks.I found out later that the landlord came in and quietened things down (he actually threw a few people out) but the fun continued in the toilets (both male and female. What a fucking lovely wanking session this was.



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