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Too Far

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I went too far, and could so easily have ruined a friendship. Certainly, I abused one, but the girl concerned was more of a true friend than I was.


I have always fancied Emily. She is very slim, 28 years old and lives alone. She and I have been friends for about four years now, and although I do fantasize about her sometimes, I have never done anything about it.

Ok, cut to the chase.

She lives in a flat and I was there over Christmas just to say hi, have a drink, usual Christmas stuff. Emily had to pop out to the local shops and I just sat in her lounge and the idea suddenly hit me. In a second, I was in her bedroom and it didn't take me long to find her pantie drawer (complete with a little friend of hers tucked away at the back!) Just handling her clean panties, and knowing she had a vibrator was intensely horny for me, so I went looking for more.

In the utility room next to her bathroom was her laundry basket and in there were the cutest pair of little white cotton panties, stained, and still moist. In the blink of an eye, I was licking her juices, and beating off like crazy. I didn't even hear the door open, but suddenly there was Emily watching me. Of course that meant instant loss of erection and humiliation on an industrial scale.

She didn't kick me out on the spot (though I would not have blamed her if she had) instead she just wanted to know 'Why?' I told her there was no 'Why'. I had abused her friendship, there can be no excuse for that. Instead, she wanted to know why I was doing what I was doing.

Now, I am married, but my lovely wife cannot have sex owing to an accident four years ago. She is confined to a wheelchair and finds sexual arousal agonisingly painful owing to extensive nerve damage, so we don't have sex, or anything like it. I said it was so long since I had smelt a woman that, well, it just happened.

Emily told me there and then that there was no chance on earth of us fucking, and that she felt invaded and insulted. (I can understand that). But she did say, 'I think you should finish.' She took my hand and led me into the lounge and sat me in a chair, dropping her panties in my hand.

Then she sat opposite me. 'From time to time, we can do this, but ONLY if you ask first. I will never have sex with you, or let you touch me, nor will I touch you, but.... we can watch.' With that she just pulled up her skirt and spread her legs. Then she took her panties off and leaned right back in the chair.

Emily, I learned, is not shaved, she has had laser treatment and is totally smooth down there. Her pussy is delightful and she parted the lips so I could see her clit and her hole. I got my cock out and started to masturbate. Meanwhile, Emily talked....

'I was married for one year and three months. Then we just knew we had both made a huge mistake and parted as friends. I do not believe in sex outside marriage, and so since then, I too have been celibate. But sometimes, I masturbate. I love touching myself, and I have some very interesting ways of doing it. Sometimes I imagine myself being raped, sometimes, being fucked by four men at once, and sometimes, Mike, I have fantasized about you fucking me, and not in the pussy! I loved anal sex when I was married, and sometimes I think of you pounding me.' As she talked, she began to get visibly wet but she did not touch herself. 'What I can do, however, is literally talk or think myself into an orgasm. Very useful when I am out in public. I have cum in the local sauna more times than I can remember. Right now, Mike, I am thinking about your cock and imagining you have just licked me out and are about to screw me.'

With that she fell silent. Still holding her pussy lips apart her head slumped back onto the chair and her eyes closed. I saw her pussy contract a little then relax, then it contracted again. I saw her nipples harden and her breathing deepen.

Then, with a series of sexy little gasps, I saw a rhtymic contraction of her cunt and perimeum as she orgasmed. That sent me over and I spurted into her panties.

Knowing we will never fuck is a bugger. Had I played it more honestly, well, who knows. But then again, Emily tells me that we will do this again and that she has a few tricks in store to show me. For example, I have never seen a girl squirt, yet Emily tells me she can do that. I have never seen a girl pee, (a fantasy for me since I was a teenager) Emily says that it is one of the ways she gets off. One of the things Emily likes is being verbally abused, apparently.

'What, like me calling you a slut?' She laughed. 'Oh dear, you will have to do a lot better than that.'

'er, how about you fucking whore?'

'Better, try harder.'

'You filthy little cunt'

'There, see, not that hard, but you will need to think up something else to go with it.'

She also likes what she calls 'fantasy scenarios'. Apparently nothing is off the menu, and I can talk to her about age role play, domination, and she has asked me if I would be ok with telling her about some of the things my wife and I used to do.

So, the New Year looks like being quite interesting.

Before some of you ask, yes, I did tell my wife. She said that she is amazed I haven't done anything before and it is with her blessing that Emily and I will continue our mutual masturbatory life.



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