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Tony's Toy

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I know I am not a pretty girl and have had very little sexual experience with guys until I met Tony. It started as online chat more than a year ago and now I have seen him once a week for the last eight months, often for an entire weekend.


We both lied to each other when we first hooked up online. I did lead him to believe I was more attractive than I really am and his biggest lie was about his age. He originally said he was 30 but after months of our nightly chats admitted he was 43. Each night we spent hours online and revealed personal things to each other and our chats became more sexual. I often masturbated while at my computer and he would tell me what he was doing and I would describe how I was pleasing myself. After I gave him my cell phone number we often masturbated while talking to each other. The first time I met him was just after Christmas, but we only had dinner. He lives 100 and some miles away and he has yet to admit it but I think he is married or at least has a steady girlfriend. When I do see him he does stay overnight but always says he has to get back to work. If he stays for the weekend he always leaves Sunday morning.

He is a good looking guy and I think the only reason he keeps coming to see me is that I am so submissive to his kinky desires. He keeps me in a constant state of arousal. He likes to watch me orgasm and the ways he touches me and the things he does to me are incredable. I orgasm so often when he masturbates me I get light headed sometimes. We do have other types of sex but even after I have satisfied him he continues to fondle and masturbate me. I just lay there and allow him to explore my body and it seems I am turned on for hours at a time.

He knows all the right things to say, and I submit to any and all of his wishes. He is often able to humiliate me and I am sure now he does it purposely for his satisfaction. Some of the positions he arranges me in are embarrassing, but I am so aroused when he does it I don't care at the time. I have had my own dildo and vibrator for a few years but he has given me a few other sex toys and uses all of them on me. I never shaved my pubic hair but since meeting Tony I allow him to shave me whenever he likes. That alone arouses me and I can see he enjoys doing it.

I don't think I started masturbating myself until I was around 13, and the older I got the more frequent I did. I probably thought about a guy masturbating me over the years but Tony is the first and only guy who ever masturbated me. I did have sex a few times before, but never have I been more satisfied since I met him. I have learned that stimulation comes in many different ways. Tony will spank me sometimes while we are both naked with me over his lap. He doesn't hit me very hard at all and I never have any real pain from it. While he is smacking my behind he stimulates me by touching my vagina and anus with his fingers. He sits on the edge of the chair so I can reach under his leg and caress his penis and testicles. I often jerk him off while in that position until he cums. If he is here for only one night I can normally make him cum twice. If he stays Friday and Saturday we are usually naked most of the time and I masturbate him five or six times. He is so intent on making me orgasm I beleive he has a fetish for it and can't believe sometimes how often he does make me orgasm. I have never masturbated in any way by penetrating my anus yet I allow Tony to do it whenever he wishes to, which is most of the time. He uses both dildos and vibrators and the sensation of having a vibrator in my vagina and rectum at the same time is astonishing. I get goose bumbs and have screamed with delight at times with it and many of the other things he does to me. He is a master of manipulation and I feel he is using me but am so turned on by him, I submit to anything he wants me to do.

He always denies being married but I am almost sure he must be. I have heard him talking on his cell phone while in the bathroom. I can't hear what he is talking about but once I heard him say he was in a converance room. He tells me to be quiet sometimes and goes into the bathroom telling me he has to call work or speak to his secratary. After he leaves I often feel embarrassment at the things I let him do to me. Its clear to me that he likes to put me into humiliating positions and see my reactions by the many different ways he touches me. The truth is I am embarrassed by him often but to aroused at the time to object or refuse him anything. He is overly attentive to me everytime he is here and I feel he considers me like a toy. If he is married I think he does these things to me because his wife or possibly a girfriend won't allow him. He always insists on undressing me and never wants me to take off my own clothes. He will sometimes stay dressed for a long time while having me naked and masturbating me. He gets pleasure out of inspecting my body and I think he also has a medical fetish by the ways he fingers me or penetrates my anus. I do feel he is taking advantage of me but I am always well satisfied and am excited when I know he is coming for a weekend.



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