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To the Swimming Pool

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I was sleeping over at my friends place. That day it was really hot outside, so we wanted to go to the swimming pool. I thought it would be better to put on my swimming gear before going to the swimming pool, because it could be very busy at the lockers. So I started to undress in his room. I took off my shirt, my pants and then took off my boxers. I'm not shy, but I never undressed myself in front of my friend. He was a bit shocked.

So I took my swimming gear out of my bag and started to dress again. Apparently my friend also thought it was a good idea to put on his swimming pants and started to undress, but a bit more private. He wasn't walking nude through his room, like I did, but he was standing towards the wall.

I finished putting on my shorts over my swimming gear and looked at him across the room. I noticed him having an erect penis. Somehow I snapped. I walked over to him and told him, Wait let me help you with that and moved my hand to his erect penis to masturbate him. He was a bit shocked and tried hiding his penis and after 10 seconds he changed his mind.

I started to masturbate him for real now and undressing myself again. During that time he came and shot his load over his carpet. After he was done, he started to masturbate me and I shot my load also on his carpet.

We then watched each other, laughed and dressed again. We got some toilet paper and cleaned up the spot. Only 5 minutes after we flushed the toilet paper his brother, who was home apparently, entered his room to ask if he could join us going to the swimming pool. We laughed even harder now and said yes.

Later that night we went to bed and started to talk about what happened that day. I got hard again while talking about it. So I said, I'm ready to go again and we started to masturbate each other again. During that session his brother entered the room, because he heard noises, and was shocked also. So my friend tried to comfort him and asked him if he wanted to join. He almost didn't think about it, but took off his pants and boxers.

I started to masturbate him and my friend and we all came on the same spot we shot our loads before. After that we cleaned up again and got to sleep.

My friend and I did some more wanking together that weekend. It was really fun and I enjoyed it really intense. Hope some more sessions will come up at sleepovers.



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