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To the Farm With Sis, Part Three

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The summer I was thirteen, my family visited our cousin's farm as we had every summer. But the first day of our visit my sis, Jen, caught me jerking off. That was to start a chain of events that made my summer a very interesting one indeed!


The second day of our families trip to visit Uncle John and Aunt Marge and our two cousins was the day I realized my sis hadn't told mom and dad about having seen me jerking-off behind the barn She had shared that little piece of dirt with my cousin, Caroline.

I was feeling pretty good that first morning, and bounced out of bed and headed downstairs. I could smell the bacon frying, and I wasn't going to be late for breakfast. I pulled on my jeans and a tee-shirt and headed barefoot out of Mikey's room into the hall. Mike and I slept in his room; Jen and Caroline shared her's. Caroline and I came out of the rooms almost at the same time, and were squeezed together in the narrow hallway.

Caroline's eyes were absolutey dancing with mischief and delight.

'Like it back behind the barn, Danny?' she said, and spun off, giggling and dashing down the stairs to the kitchen.

Oh, crap!...Jen had blabbed, of course. I had to get her back so bad. I just didn't quite know. 'You're toast, Jen!' I shouted into the girl's room.

My mother called up the stairs. 'What? There's plenty of toast! Come down here before the eggs are cold!'

Jen squeezed past me out of the room into the hall, headed for the stairs. 'That was quite a show yesterday, little bro. Let us know when there will be an encore.' Eyes twinkling, she skipped off down the stairs.

I didn't know what to think. Was I going to be tormented by being teased mercilessly? Or was, somehow, my sister and cousin probing me to see if I would jack off for them both? It was weird and exciting. But for the moment, breakfast was more of an attraction, and I headed to the kitchen for bacon and eggs and toast and the first full day of summertime freedom.


There were chores, of course, but mostly we kids got to goof off and play out in the fields and woods and the old empty barn. There was no livestock anymore, since Uncle John started work in town. Our mom and dad left to go back to our home after spending two weeks; Jen and I got to stay for the rest of the summer, up until a few days before school started.

It was a kid's paradise. Weeks went by. Mikey and I jerked off together almost every night before we went to sleep. Sometimes we did ourselves; mostly we did each other. It felt so great to lay back and let my cousin 'do' me, and I have to say, I really liked playing with his cock, too. We never went farther than hand-jobs, though. We talked about blow-jobs and butt-fucks, but we never tried it, though. I think we were a bit afraid to go any farther than we already were going. We took paper napkins with us to bed; we tucked them away and used them to clean up all the cum we shot, and threw them away outside, discretely, so we wouldn't be given away. Unless, of course, someone had walked into that room right before we went to sleep - it just had to reek of our gobs of boy cum.

The days were great. One of my favorite places on the farm was the loft of the old barn. It was dusty and mostly bare, except for some bales of straw off in one far corner. I climbed up by a ladder of two by fours bolted right into the wall of the barn; straight up I made my way to this hot, dusty, wonderful place.

I went over to the window where my sister, Jen, had gotten an eyeful, watching me jack off the day we had arrived. I looked out over the fields and into the woods. It was like a fort, or the bridge of a ship, overlooking almost the whole farm. The air was fragrant with the smells of the farm - the straw and grass and dirt. I breathed it all in.

'Whatcha doin' Danny?'

It was my cousin Caroline's cute face, peeking over the edge of the loft. She climbed the rest of the way up, and hopped onto the heavy beams of the loft floor.

I had just flopped into the straw, and was looking up into the rafters, all cob-webby and dark in the deep shadows.

'I really like it here, Catty. I like being with you and Mike and your folks. I wish I lived here all the time.'

'Me too, Danny,' she replied. 'I like you a lot.' There was something about the tone of her voice, and I looked over at her.

'I wish I had seen you playing with yourself when you first got here, instead of Jen,' she told me.

'Danny...I really want to see what a boy looks like 'there.' I really want to see the..the...stuff... the...'

'Cum?' I finished.

'Yeah. I really do. Ever since Jen told me about what she saw, and how it squirted out...'

'Oh, Jeez!' I sighed, suddenly embarrased at the whole scenario and conversation. I threw my arm over my eyes. Moments later, I felt Caroline's arm on mine.

'No...don't, Danny...it's OK. I mean, all boys do it, right? Mikey does too...' Her voice grew quiet. 'Girls do it too, you know.'

'Do you really want to see?' I said, looking over at her.

'Yes...I do. I want to see your....' Her hand reached over and touched my now-hard young cock through my pants. She traced its shape lightly with her fingers almost reverently. 'I've never seen one, or touched one.'

I reached down and unzipped my jeans. This was unexpected, but my thirteen year old cock and balls were doing all my thinking right now. The quick jack-off behind the barn that my sister had witnessed and told our cousin about had evidently lit a bit of a fire in Caroline, and I was only too happy to be the 'hose' that helped to put out the fire.

I lifted my butt and slid down my jeans and shorts. My cock and bush and balls were right out there for Caroline to see. My cock was hard, of course, and there was even a little drop of pre-cum glistening at the hole. I took it with just a couple of fingers and stroked it.

Caroline's eyes were wide and staring right at my erect young manhood, taking it all in.

'Wanna touch it?' I whispered.

Without waiting for an answer, I reached over with my free hand, grabbed hers, and guided it to my cock.

'Just like this...' as I wrapped her fingers around the shaft and guided her hand up and down. As impossible as it may seem, her eyes grew even bigger around upon touching my rigid penis. Her hand ran up to the bare knob a bit too tightly, and the friction dragged her hand to a stop.

'You know what really feels great?' I asked her.

She looked at me, questioning with her bright, lustrous eyes.

'Put some spit on your hand, and slick it up and down on the knob, Catty.'

'Really?' She licked her hand and replaced it on my knob.

I shuddered as her hand ran smoothly over my cock, her fingers rubbing that extra-sensitive spot right under the pee hole. It didn't take much of that...

'Oh, god, here it comes!' I hissed as I felt my nuts tighten right before releasing their load. 'Don't stop, Catty, don't stop! Oh, shit!'

I felt an especially powerful surge pump out of my cock as it shot its first squirt - a thin spray that misted all the way to my chin.

'Oh!' was the only thing Caroline could manage to say at the site of her cousin's hard young cock pumping out its milky seed.

Then two thick ropes of cum followed, jetting out after the first spray, and landed on my chest and belly. As I was finishing my throes of pleasure, the sperm pulsed and flowed down my cousin's hand. My cock-head was now super sensitive, but my cousin's light grasp, now lubricated with my own jism, kept a slight pumping motion on just the shaft. There was what could only be described as a look of wonder on her young face.

'Did I make you do all that?' she asked incredulously.

'Oh, Catty...that was so fucking awesome. Thanks. Did you like doing that? Did you like what you saw?'

Caroline's hand was still holding my cock, but not moving so much. She was looking at the deposit of sperm on my belly, and the cum running down and dripping off her hand, her eyes still wide.

'That was fucking awesome, Danny! God, I am so glad you are the first boy I did this with. Does it always make this much...stuff?' she asked.

'Ummm, not always, but that was a pretty fucking hot hand job you just gave me. You're almost as good as...'

I cut myself off as I almost blurted out her brother's name.

'Who?' she demanded.

'No one you know. Doesn't matter....'

I saw my chance to change the subject.

'Did that get you... hot?' I asked, innocently.

Caroline looked back at me as she wiped her hand off on my tee shirt.

'Uh...yeah...' she said quietly.

'Your turn,' I said.

Here was my chance to see a girl's pussy up close and personal. My cousin was hot, and I had just let her jerk me off, at her own request. How could she refuse me? Turn around was fair play, after all.

'What!? Whatta you mean 'my turn'?' she blurted out.

I reached between her legs and ran the backof my hand up into her crotch. It was, indeed, very hot in there. She shuddered and gasped a little at my boldness.

'I mean: it's my turn to look at what you've got between your legs and my turn to get you off,' I said as I looked right into her shiny bright eyes.

Caroline knew I meant it. 'You won't tell anyone, Danny, will you?'

'Why would I do that?' I replied. 'Take off you jeans, c'mon.'

'My top, first, silly.' she corrected me.

She pulled her blouse up over her head and took off her bra, releasing a very lovely pair of breasts, with sweet young nipples, all pink and hard. I leaned over and kissed each of her breasts right on the nipples and she inhaled sharply as I took them, one after the other, into my mouth and sucked on them gently.

'Oh, god, Danny...that's so nice,' she whispered breathlessly. Her hands rested on the back of my head, pulling me closer.

I looked up at her as I licked and sucked her nipples, my hand rubbing her other breast. She was the first girl I had gotten any farther than a kiss with, and now I was playing with my own cousin's breast. My head was spinning, but I really wanted to see her pussy.

'C'mon...take your pants down. I wnat to see your pussy. I want you to cum, just like I did,' I said.

Her eyes never left mine as she reached down and unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her thighs. She was perfect - beautiful and young and very aroused. The scent of her arousal rose up to my nose and it made my recently-jerked-off cock suddenly hard again. My eyes left hers and looked down. I slipped my hand between her thighs and with a little urging, she spread her legs wide to give me a better view, although she seemed somewhat reluctant to do so.

I could only make some guttural noises deep in my throat as I saw her pussy, glistening and pouting. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it thumping in my ears. I reached over and lightly ran my fingers over her pussy lips, so wet and sexy looking. My fingers slipped easily up and down her pussy lips with the lubrication from inside her hole. Caroline reached down and grasped my hand, directed my fingers to the top of her slit, and made me rub her clitty in little circles.

I willingly complied, as I crowded my eager young teenaged eyes as close to her pussy as I could. I was so close I could have licked her, but I just kept doing what she had shown me to do, lightly rolling my wet fingers around and around her clit. The little pearl of her arousal seemed to swell up under my fingers, and she began to breath heavy, sucking in the air in noisy heaves.

'Oh...! Oh...! Ahhh!' Her voice was quivering.

My cousin was reaching the edge of her orgasm, and her hips bucked up and thrust as the waves of her own cumming flooded through her pussy and up into her whole body. I let my index finger drift down to the entrance of her hole as it clenched and pulsed rythmically, and I let it slide easly in.

'Ohhh....yes...yes...put your finger in my pussy!' she gasped, as she reached down to push my hand a bit.

I was only too happy to do my cousin's bidding. In one afternoon she had asked to see my young cock, jerked me off and made me cum, and then taken off her clothes to reveal her feminine beauty to my horny thirteen year old eyes. She had let me see her pussy, let me touch her secret place, and let me give her a wonderful, breathless, orgasm.

As her pussy was throbbing, she let me - wanted me to - fill her tight hole with my finger. I felt the thrill of her sweet, pulsing pussy grasp at my finger as she was cumming. It was something I would never forget. If I had died right then, I think it would have been OK with me. But the summer still had some time to play, and there were more adventures to come.

To be continued? We'll see! ;-)



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