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To Niki With Love

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I hope you like this as much as I Loved yours.
With all my Love,


The doorbell rings. I turn and check my makeup in the mirror one more time. I take a deep breath and walk to the door and although I'm very nervous, I put on my most dazzling smile. I open the door and there you are. You're biting your lower lip, its so cute. My dazzling smile turns into my biggest, real, happy smile. You're nervous too. I see in your hands you're darling purse and a bottle of red wine. You come bearing gifts. I reach out to you, lightly grasping your biceps with my hands (do you think it was accidental that I touched your breasts as I did so?) and feel your nice muscles. I pull you to me and kiss you. I hope you don't think me too forward as I kiss you deeply slipping my tongue into your beautiful mouth. We pull back and smile at each other. I say "Hi" you giggle and say Hi back and ask if you can come in. I blush and apologize and say "of course come in". You give me the wine and tell me its for me. I say thank you and ask if you'd like some. You say "oh god yes". As I go into the kitchen I say "make yourself at home". You walk into the living area of my condo.You can see that I've been busy today. The first thing you notice is that I've draped thin fabric over my lamps adding to the subdued lighting. There is soft jazz playing in the back ground. My house is small but clean and tidy. You think to yourself "this is the home of a confident, successful woman. When I walk back into the room with the wine, you are looking at the one of the prints on the wall. You tell me you like it. I smile and say me too. We sit down on the couch and look at each other. All I can think is how beautiful you are and how much I want to touch you.. You're wearing a cute short skirt and top. I'm also wearing a short skirt and a see through top with pockets over my breasts. We start sipping our wine and talking about whatever. I can't concentrate, I have to touch you. I take a big sip of wine, stand up and straddle your crossed legs. I can see in your eyes that you can feel my wet pussy on your upper thigh. I lean forward and kiss you again and feed you the wine I have in my mouth. you drink it down and then I ask "what were you saying?" You answer " I don't remember and kiss me again as you slide your hands up inside my blouse and run your finger tips over my nipples. I make a catching sigh and start to rub my pussy up and down your thigh. You take my nipples in your fingers and pinch them softly at first and then harder and harder when I don't resist. I'm moaning, my eyes are closed and you are pinching very hard now. I'm drinking in the pain in my nipples and the orgasm building in my sex. I moan owie, owie owie as I cum on your leg. I smile and hug you, then I quickly pull back and look aghast at you. I tell you "tonight is supposed to be about you and the first thing I do is hump your leg and bring myself to orgasm. I am so sorry". You smile and kiss me and say I'm sure that it was better for me than for you. I stand up and help you off with your top and your skirt. Underneath you're wearing the cutest matching pair of lacy cheeky panties and and bra set. It's a shame but their coming off. Now. First off with your bra. I love your tits. Perfect little nipples pointing up at my face. I kiss them and nibble them and caress them. They are just a little bit bigger than mine and absolutely perfect. Next I stand you up and slip my thumbs into the waist of your panties and slip them down your silky thighs and calves. I can smell your pussy and that makes me even wetter. The inside of my thighs are soaked. You start to help me with my panties (wait, when did I lose my top?!?) but I stop you and push you back onto the couch. I push your legs apart. You give no resistance. I get my first full look at your amazing, soft, bare… I'm speechless attempting to describe your fantastic pussy. It is so wet it glistens, I can smell it. My arousal is at a 20 on a scale of 1-10. I look up at you and grin. you grin back at me, take a sip of wine and lay your head back giving me full permission to do what I've been dreaming about doing with you. I start by just looking. Your outer labia are pulled back so that I can see your full erect clitoris and its hood from your clit almost to the top of your crack. I can see your inner labia lips. So pink and wonderful. I see your vagina as you slit disappears under your body. I reach forward and touch your inner lips and you jump just a little and giggle. Then I run my index finger up and down the edge of your crack. You seem to like it. A lot. I lean forward and touch your clitoris with the tip of my wet tongue. You taste soooo good. The sweetest cum I've ever tasted. I circle your clit with my the tip of my tongue and your clitoris swells even bigger. Then, as I'm licking your pussy up and down and around and around your clitty, I slip two fingers up inside of you looking for your G spot. Yep, there it is, right where I keep mine. By now your moans are constant. Just as you look as though you are about to cum I back off. Time and time again. Finally you beg me to take you over the top. You say "Please, I can't take it anymore" so this time I don't stop. I'm fingering you deeply as I lick your clitoris as I pinch one nipple and then the other. Your back arches, your pelvis begins to shake, Your pussy contracts around my fingers and you hold my face firmly into your pussy as you orgasm. I feel you squirt. Your juices rundown my face and neck and down over my nipples as the stream of your juices make their way down my body to my panties and my sex. You pull my face up to your own, you kiss me so deeply. You can taste your sex on my lips, a taste you are familiar with. You smile. You say thank you, that was amazing. After a few minutes you sit me up and pull off my soaked panties. You put them in your purse and say "I'll be wearing these home". I don't know if you noticed but when I took off your panties I slipped them under the couch so I could put them on and wear them to bed. You pull me to you and say "lets do that again". I hope you like this Niki. I love you Cami



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