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Tied Up and Fingered By Boyfriend

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I had been divorced for 3 years when I met my current boyfriend, Dan, and we've been together for 6 months now. Dan is so different from the other men I've been with. Whereas my ex-husband and many other ex-boyfriends were cool and aloof, Dan is compassionate, warm, and caring.

I've always had this fantasy of being tied up. The traditional SM activities like whipping, spanking, slapping and the like don't have an appeal for me, but what really gets me hot is this fantasy of being tied up and aroused but not allowed to have an orgasm until my partner relieves me of the torture of pleasure.

One day, I broached to topic to Dan, and he agreed. We thought of a safe word together that I could use if I wanted the encounter to end. He didn't have any rope around the house, so we used some of his old neckties. It took some time to get me tied properly so I wouldn't slip out of the knots, but once we were set, my heart was beating in anticipation.

There I was, nude and spread eagled on Dan's bed while he started fulfilling my fantasy. First, he started stroking the my entire body lightly with his fingertips. He squeezed my nipples and then moved down to stroke my pubic hair.

He did this for a while before massaging my outer lips. By now, I was dripping wet, and every time a drop of my fluid rolled from my cunt and dripped onto the bedsheets, Dan laughed. Kneeling between my legs, he peeled back my inner lips and gave me only a few soft licks with his tongue. "Baby, you taste really good," he said.

Dan knows that I love to be touched almost every which way, but the only thing that brings me to an orgasm is a firm, circular motion on my clitoris. He began touching and caressing my vulva in all these wonderful ways, but they were ways that would only increase my pleasure without providing me with any release.

He did things like stroke my inner lips up and down, and he ran his finger along the furrow between my inner and outer lips. He rolled my clitoris between his fingers. He moved the hood back and forth over the head, and this one in particular I enjoyed a lot. He would peel open my inner lips and move his finger in a light circling motion on that delicate pink area. Every now and then, he would dip his fingers inside me, and pump them a few times. I was very wet, and I was getting even more aroused listening to the gurgling sounds my wetness was making.

Occasionally, he would bend down for a lick, but it would only be for a few strokes. Sometimes he would blow on the head of my clitoris after giving me a lick, and the feeling really drove me wild. I pulled at the ties on my hands and feet and made urgent noises. I could see that he was also enjoying this.

I could feel my clitoris get even harder than usual, and it was getting extremely sensitive under the touch of his fingers and tongue. Sometimes he would purposefully avoid the clitoris and stroke other less-sensitive areas instead.

I started to beg, "Please, do it! You're really torturing me!" But Dan just smiled. He just placed his fingers on my clitoris without moving them, and I instantly tried to get some relief by moving my hips while his fingers stayed still. He took his fingers away and started caressing my thighs. He put his fingers on my clitoris again, and again I tried to grind my hips into them, but he allowed only very light pressure. I was crying out as if in pain.

"I'm going to make you come so hard," he said and smiled. It didn't take long at all. He brought me to an earth-shattering orgasm. I convulsed, cried out, and pulled at the ties in my out-of-control thrashing. It was really the most intense orgasm I had ever had. After it abated, Dan put his warm hand over my vulva while my breathing returned to normal.

As he was untying me, he asked, "Will you do that for me?" I will describe the continuation of this event in a future story.



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