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Ticking the Box

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My past stories have been well received and I know I have one or two male fans. As always I want to hear what people think of my experiences and perhaps this time some ladies might comment too?


For the majority of my life my sexual fantasies and experiences were 100% straight. They may have occasionally strayed into what some might consider kinky but they were always focused around men. I do not think I was ever prejudiced against gays or lesbians but it was just not for me. Then some things happened that made me think in a very different way.

I have a friend I have known for over 10 years and in that time we have become very close and talk about virtually every subject imaginable. Let's call her 'Kay' for convenience. She is the only person I have confessed my affairs to and she has told me of her similar exploits. One evening about three years ago I was at the pub with her and a few other friends when the subject of lesbians came up. I think it was because two women came in together and one of the crowd make a comment about how they looked. A few of the girls giggled and made rude comments and then Kay rather stopped the conversation by saying something like 'oh come on I bet we've all wondered about it'.

After the embarrassing quiet a couple of other girls chimed in and admitted they might have had the occasional fantasy. As the evening wore on it seemed more and more were admitting to the occasional fantasy until I was the only one who had not. This was noticed and I got teased so to shut them up I actually pretended and said 'ok I might have done occasionally.' I remember blushing as I said it, I am not sure if it was because it was not actually true or that the subject embarrassed me. Luckily the conversation changed and I was able to feel more at ease. Somehow though it was one of those things that would not rest. After the pub we went back to one of the girls houses for coffee and conversation became a bit risque as some recounted some of their recent sexual encounters with men. It was then that Kay brought up what she called 'girl on girl' again by asking: 'ok so who's ticked the box?'.

There was no silence this time and almost at once two of the girls cropped in to say they had. Kay laughed and said 'Me too' and recounted a sorry of getting drunk at college and doing it with a another girl. For some reason I found myself blushing again but no-one seemed to notice.

Not long after that it was noticed to be getting quite late and the party broke up with people getting cabs home. I was strangely horny all the way home and found myself imagining Kay with her friend at college. My husband was asleep as I climbed into bed but I was still very aroused so quietly and quickly brought myself to a climax still imagining Kay and her friend. I remember drifting off to sleep smiling as I thought that now I could honestly answer that I had 'thought about it'.

Over the next couple of weeks that became one of my most common masturbatory fantasies and evolved to where it was no longer an unknown friend with Kay but me. I would imagine her doing to me all the things I did alone, but also I began imagining doing them to her and thinking how she would look as she came. On one occasion I remember inserting my finger inside me then licking it to pretend my finger was her clit. These fantasies always ended in me having a huge orgasm.

As chance would have it I did not see Kay for a few weeks until one day she called to suggest coffee in the afternoon. There was nothing different from one of our usual meetings but I felt oddly embarrassed to be talking to her having had those thoughts about her. Even more embarrassingly I felt myself getting wet and blushing. I did not say anything and nor did she.

A few days later I met my lover of the time for a very erotic evening and that seemed to exercise the thoughts of Kay. The next time I met her there was no awkwardness and my pants stayed dry-well almost dry, they did get a little damp as I recounted something my lover had done to me. The fantasies did not completely disappear and would occasional slip into my masturbatory repertoire, but they were just now one of many.

I think a year or more passed until one day Kay and I were out for dinner-talking this time about her break up with a lover. We went back to her flat for a drink. In fact I decided I wouldn't drive home and she offered me her spare room. It was by no means the first time so my husband was not surprised when I called to say I would not be home. In fact staying with Kay was often an excuse I had used when seeing a lover. After I had called we talked more and then for some reason I still do not really understand I blurted out about how she had shocked me a bit when she had told how she 'ticked the box' with the girl at college. She just laughed and said:

'Why? You said you had thought about it too so what's so shocking about doing it?'

I felt myself blush and replied.

'Well that is the thing. I had not actually really thought about it at all, it's just that all the other girls said they had and I did not want to feel out of place.'

This really made her laugh. I seemed to be on a roll though and kept talking.

'What is odd though is that after that for a while it was all I could think about when I wanked.'

She smiled. We had occasionally talked about masturbation before and I know me calling it 'wanking' like guys do amused her.

'See I told you everyone thinks about it. What did you think about.'

I know I blushed then and there was quite pause before I answered.

'I thought of you and the girl and what you might do.'

Another pause and she asked.

'What do you think we did?'

'You know, the usual stuff. Touching. Kissing.'

'Like this?'

At which point I felt her hand rubbing me between the legs and her mouth on mine. Words ceased and I succumbed to what felt like living one of my fantasies.

I won't describe in detail what happened as this site is meant to be about masturbation not actual sex. As far as masturbation is concerned though I still regularly masturbate to the thought of us together. I would not say we are lovers, just still friends. Friends who occasionally do very intimate things it is true but still friends above all else. I still mainly fantasise and have sex with men but part of me regrets not ticking the box much earlier and wondering how many encounters I missed as a result.

Oh and a post script for readers of my previous stories: it turned out Kay is as smooth as me.



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