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Three-Year Anniversary of Exclusive Autosexuality

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How I celebrated my three-year anniversary of monogamy with myself.


In my last story, I mentioned that this summer, I would be celebrating my three-year anniversary of being exclusively autosexual.  I said that I would be driving across much of the country and back to visit and help out with family.  That road trip ended a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I'd update.

For my one-year anniversary, I went to a resort that was billed as a getaway location for couples, except I went by myself.  I picked out my room because it had a ceiling mirror, and for many years, I have wanted to masturbate in a room with a ceiling mirror.  That fantasy was everything I hoped it would be and more, and I wrote about it here.

For my three-year anniversary, I had an unexpected treat.  While coming back from my summer spent with family, I checked into a small hotel that was in a former mansion owned by a prominent family in that area.  I had no idea this was the case before I made the reservation, but the room I booked had an unusual bathroom.  First, it was very large, almost the size of my bedroom in my modest apartment.  Second, it had a closet in it with sliding doors that were mirrored.  Third, there was an ornate rug and upholstered armchair in it.  

This set-up looked to an autosexual like it was designed specifically for masturbation.  It was just my luck that I happened upon this place.

After a long, luxurious shower, I got myself ready.  First, I moved the armchair so that it was facing the mirrored closet doors.  Next, I took a towel and folded it into a pad to catch my vaginal fluids and placed it on the seat cushion.  Then I got into the armchair, leaned back, and arranged my legs open and spread wide apart with my knees draped over the arms of the chair.

Although I have masturbated in this position with my own armchair and full-length mirror at home many times, it was an added treat that these mirrored closet doors took up an entire wall of the bathroom.  The effect was different from seeing myself in that same position with a mirror that was only about 2 feet wide.  The view was really something!  There it was for me to see: an autosexual woman naked in her armchair masturbatory position, feet dangling, vagina already moistening, getting ready for anniversary sex.

I didn't dive right into touching.  Instead, I savored the sight spread out before me.  My vagina wetted more and more, the clear fluids dripping down across my perineum and into the white terry cloth towel.  I placed my hands on my outer labia and eased them open for a split beaver.  I zeroed in on the sight of my aroused vulva for a long, lingering moment.  Then I refocused my eyes to see the bigger picture of a naked woman before me laid out in that position in the armchair, holding her vulva open for my viewing pleasure.

The foreplay stroke I chose to initiate contact was an uncharacteristically intense one to start with.  I used the index and middle fingers of my left hand to hold my lips open while my fingertips from my right hand started at the vaginal opening and stroked vertically upwards to the clitoris, coating everything in its wake with my own natural lubricant.  Over and over I did this, working myself up into a heighented level of arousal.  For the curious, I have a demo of this stroke on my xtube account.    

Once masturbation in earnest started with my signature circular strokes on the left side of my clitoris, I was already in a frenzied state.  I wanted to make it last, but it wasn't super important to me that it be an epic edging session.  After a respectably long but not extremely long bout of masturbation, I gave myself permission to orgasm.  Slowly, I accelerated and increased the pressure on my stroke and allowed the orgasm to come on its own accord, neither striving for it nor holding it back.  

The girl in the mirror grimaced slightly, her face curling up a second before the unmistakable grunts of orgasm were heard.  Her entire body jerked.  Those feet that had been hanging relaxed on the outside of the chair's arms during her nice, long plateau stage kicked erratically.  The fingers that had once been stroking in slow, controlled circles went crazy, grinding and grinding into herself.  She looked possessed.  

I would be surprised if I had been the only hotel guest to have masturbated in this set-up.  It looked designed for masturbatory fun.



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