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Three of my best

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1) when I need just a nice, gentle cum, I like to lie where the sun streams in my window. If it's warm enough, I will do this outdoors. I take myself back in my ind to when I started to masturbate when I was 14. Sometimes, I will even put my old school bra on ( which, sadly, still fits) and a pair do white knickers, maybe even tights too. I like to pretend that I am discovering myself all over again. I stroke by breasts lightly through the material, and also between my legs. I let my mind play with the feelings and tell myself how naughty I am being. I undo the buttons of my blouse, and stroke my breasts through my trainer bra. I put a hand under my tights, but over my knickers. This can go on for a long time before I finally let myself cum. It washes over me like warm waves on a tropical beach. Gently. Yet utterly fulfilling. 2) Sometimes though, I need more. I will usually dress in a short skirt and a thong or nothing. Then I go out to the shopping centre. While I am there, I make damn certain people see up my skirt. I may sit on a stool at Starbucks Ina slightly indelicate way, or I may get measured for shoes I don't need, and make sure the assistant gets a good look. I'm even beginning to know which ones like what they see. All the time I am planning my next stage. Will I wait till I get home. Or will I masturbate on the bus? Perhaps I'll do it in the ladies toilets....with other women around me and the unmistakable smell of female in the air. (For men who have never been I. The ladies, which I guess is most of you, it smells like a mixture of pee, but there is also vagina too.) I guess usually, it's the toilets on days like this. I sit there, take my by now very wet thing off and spread my legs. I will masturbate and I always let myself moan. I want people to know what I am doing. Sometimes, (yes, there can be peep holes in ladies toilets too) an eyeball will appear, and on a coupe of occasions, a finger! ) thAt orgasm is much more raw, earthy, powerful. These waves are not soft and rolling..these crash over me. 3) finally, my most perverse way of masturbation. I am not in control of this one because it needs the cooperation of two other people who do not know they are part of it. I've been doing this since I was 17. I need mum and dad to be fucking...not making love...I need to wait for those nights when either mum or dad or both are in the mood for some dirty talk. I have my ways of listening in not hem, but when I hear mum say something like "your cock is fucking huge," I know they will be doing what I need so, in my room, I strip naked and lie on my bed and I listen. Usually, mum stops talking when the action really gets going, and as dad fucks her harder and harder he will start to call her names. That's what I need....because, in my head, he isn't fucking her, he is fucking me. "You cunting little whore....take my cock up your tight wet cunt.......you dirty little cunt slut..." That type of thing. Even better is when they role play and mum is clearly doing the schoolgirl thing for dad. On those nights he takes her cherry which I totally get off on. I mimic every move, but add my own whispered "yessss...oh daddy....fuck me..CUM INSIDE ME DADDY....." those orgasms are violent, shattering and utterly exhausting.



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