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Three More Times With Toshiko

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Here are three more stories from my time with Toshi - a wonderful Japanese girl who just loved it (and we all know what "it" is on this site!)


One last set of tales of Toshiko.

i) She thought I was asleep.
Toshi and I were in bed one evening, had turned out the light, and were (I thought) ready for sleep. I was having a little trouble sleeping, and after a while I heard an unmistakable sound a gentle movement of the sheets and an even more gentle panting. For a while I feigned sleep and listened in rapt attention as she went at it. After a while, keeping it slow and quiet became too much for her and she began to go for it more loudly. And listening in silence became too much for me, and I had to start grinding my cock into the sheets. I still wish Id had some more self-control, because she heard me and realized Id been awake all along, and that took the wind out of her sails a bit. We both came and enjoyed it, but looking back, it would have been so much more exciting to have heard her come without knowing I was listening.

ii) Her biggest orgasm
Toshi was one of those girls who had never fucked to orgasm, but wow, she loved orgasms, and we were both quite happy that she got her kicks from masturbation. When she had the biggest climax I ever saw, I was penetrating her, but it was her hand that brought her to the peak. We'd been watching TV in my living room. She'd just had a bath and was wearing nothing but a thin cotton yukata. I was sitting on the floor leaning back against a sofa; she was sitting on the floor leaning back against me. Inevitably I started to massage her boobs through the yukata, and eventually slipped a hand down towards her crotch. She lifted herself into a crouch, and I was able to slip a hand under her ass from behind and feel a very warm wet pussy. Gradually we both lost interest in the TV and began to focus on her strong arousal. As I rubbed at her wetness, she leaned back into me and her head was thrown back and she gazed vacantly at the ceiling.

I was as hard as anything and began to want to be inside her. We got up and went to my bedroom. I lay on the bed first. She straddled me and almost immediately reached for my cock and slipped it inside her. From her face I could tell that it felt good, but she didnt then ram herself down on me and fuck me. She kept me part-way in and began to rub her pussy. Two fingers rubbed away at her crotch - slowly at first, but increasingly frantically. What a sight! Her yukata was open at the front revealing a very erect pair of nipples, her hair was all over the place, her lips visibly dilated. I had never seen her so aroused. Faster and faster she went at it. Her eyes moved from me watching my reaction to her own hand as she rubbed at her o-manko. Finally, her gaze lost all focus and she glazed over and leaned back to reach her climax. It a was a terrific one: she squealed I am coming, I am coming (she always went into English at this point!), gasped, seemed to look straight past me, then buckled forward, still clasping at her crotch as though her life depended on it.

Oh yes, I was still inside her. Was this such a huge orgasm for her because I was there and the stretching of her pussy made it more intense? Or did she just have a big climax inside her screaming to get out that night? Who knows? What I do know is that I have a third story, but for now I have an urgent need to enjoy the memory of these two and will come back to this later!

iii) Sharing a private act
Just masturbating call it having a wank is normally such a private thing that sharing it can be the most intimate thing. So it was a couple of times for Toshi and me.

I was at her familys home, and was still in bed after her parents had left the house. She came into my room to bring me a cup of tea or something and sat down on the stool next to the bed and chatted. I was already in a bit of an early morning condition, and having this lovely girl sitting two feet from me in her pajamas had the predictable effect. I just put my hand down the bed and started stroking myself. Toshi didnt move to help. She just quietly said its OK and watched as I pushed back the bedcovers and, almost as though she werent there, brought myself off.

A similar thing happened a few days later. I went into her room in a quiet house and found her still lying in bed. Like lots of Japanese girls, she had all kinds of stuffed toys and the like strewn around her room, and there was something very sweet, innocent and child-like about her face peeking out from the covers - which only made what came next more exciting. She was in the same state I had been in a couple of says previously, and, as we talked about what had happened then, I could see the covers half way down her bed begin to move. Nothing innocent about her now! The front of my own pajamas now had a huge bulge in it, and I quite unashamedly knelt beside the bed, took out my cock and started stroking myself. Our eyes locked, and as we gazed at each other we both brought ourselves slowly to terrific orgasms.



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